Abi Morgan Set To Adapt 'Tangerine' Thriller For Imperative

Abi Morgan, the playwright and screenwriter whose big-screen credits include The Iron Lady, Shame and most recently Suffragette, has been set to adapt Tangerine… 171 more words

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Review: Tiny Dynamite at the Old Red Lion Theatre

In Abi Morgan’s Tiny Dynamite, one of the characters relates an anecdote about a man who throws the remains of a sandwich off the top of the Empire State Building. 652 more words

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PREVIEW | Tiny Dynamite @ Old Red Lion Theatre

No, that P in the title isn’t a typo. Today I’m bringing you a preview of Tiny Dynamite that will be running at the Old Red Lion Theatre from the 9th January to the 3rd February 2018. 243 more words


PREVIEW: Tiny Dynamite, Old Red Lion Theatre

Abi Morgan’s play to  return to London for the first time in fifteen years, directed by David Loumgair. 

During their annual pilgrimage to the countryside, two childhood friends, forever bound by a terrible event from their past, encounter a beautiful stranger who couldn’t possibly exist. 271 more words


Early Throwback Thursday Post-The Hour (2011-2013)

From the perspective of someone watching the news at home on the television, it seems like everything is smooth sailing. But like everything in life once the curtain is pulled back, what appears to be smooth sailing is actually rough waters. 138 more words


The Iron lady (2011)

Director: Phyllida Lloyd

Writer: Abi Morgan (Screenplay)

Starring: Meryl Streep, Jim Broadbent, Richard E Grant, Olivia Coleman, Alexandra Roach, Iain Glen


Plot: An elderly Margaret Thatcher… 521 more words


Playing with political power

Spendour (Now Look Here)

Metro Arts, Sue Brennar Theatre

March 29 – April 8

While civil war rages outside in a snowy Eastern European-ish country, four women from very different backgrounds are bunkered in a lavish drawing room, waiting for a dictator to return home. 407 more words