1 / 52 Films by Women - Suffragette by Sarah Gavron

It was gritty, grimy, old school England where women were invisible, taken advantage of and shoved aside for the sake of the dominant gender. And then came the uprising; not the pretty, quiet one that authorities expected, but a physical, violent one. 328 more words


Suffragette (2015)

Suffragette có thể được ví như phim Selma mùa Oscar năm ngoái. Nếu như Selma là tác phẩm vấy máu về con đường dân quyền nước Mỹ, 794 more words


'Little House on the Prairie' to get a big screen remake

Paramount Pictures has given the green light to a silver screen adaptation of popular 1970s show Little House on the Prairie. The film is set to be penned by screenwriter Abi Morgan and directed by Sean Durkin. 84 more words



It is perhaps ironic that this story of women fighting for their inalienable rights is being told on the big screen given that the film industry remains one of the most discriminatory and misogynistic industries in the western world. 671 more words

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Abi Morgan:Hella Mysterious, Badass Writer

Happy 2016 mystery lovers. Most of you will be familiar with Ms. Morgan because she’s an amazing play and screen writer, most recently of Suffragette  817 more words

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The New F Word / National Theatre & Guardian Debate

Here’s another of the National Theatre and Guardian debates – this time launching off from their production of Jane Eyre (that runs till Jan 10 – … 72 more words


Suffragette - The overdue narrative of a female war. (Film Review)

Of all the complex and contradictory feelings I had as I was watching Suffragette, the most interesting was the revelation that the story was long overdue. 998 more words

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