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Popularity of Fir Trees

One of CLC Tree Services most popular blog posts from last year—in fact our most popular post ever—is 5 Facts About Fir Trees. It has had over 7000 views, 4000 of which occurred last year alone. 420 more words

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New paper published - Light acclimation of photosynthesis in two closely related firs (Abies pinsapo Boiss. and Abies alba Mill.): the role of leaf anatomy and mesophyll conductance to CO2

Abies pinsapo or the Spanish fir has been a long-term study object for Mediterranean forest researchers, plant ecologists and ecophysiologists already since the 1960s. As our boss, Ülo, has had long and fruitful collaboration with Spanish researchers, he usually co-authors at least one tree ecophysiology paper about the Spanish fir per year. 361 more words


Picea Abies - little gem

De Spar valt onder de grote Pinaceae familie. Alleen al aan de Picea abies kennen we 28 soorten toe, maar volgens sommige ligt dit aantal nog hoger. 1,126 more words


What is the conifer species on the cover page?

The cover photo on this blog shows how vivid colors can be for conifer reproductive structures. Purples, oranges, reds, greens and even shades of blues. Conifers do not have flowers but they do have color, variety and complexity as part of their reproductive structures. 22 more words


Wayward Pines: Cycle (the last review--for now)

Oh, Wayward Pines. Oh, where did you go wrong? Was it the fact that you needed a few more episodes? Are you attempting to set yourself up for a Matt Dillon-free season two? 1,078 more words

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Wayward Pines: The Friendliest Place on Earth (really)

I know that I haven’t been on top of reviewing Wayward Pines, but again, I’m getting to last week before tonight’s new episode, so I should get a star for that. 633 more words

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Warm winter, wild weeds

Tennis-man’s garden is nearing its fourth year since inception.  To think this display-case for fine dwarf conifers and Japanese maples was previously an unruly mess of untended overgrowth is almost impossible on a perfect Spring day such as today.   362 more words

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