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Normal but Secretly & Weirdly Ambitious

My life appears on the surface as a normal, almost mundane life. And it is on the surface. I am just anotger housewife who homeschools our kids. 351 more words


Breadth or Depth? Skills in RPG Games

In fantasy RPGs like D&D or the various OSR clones, a character tends to grow in depth in their particular skills: Wizards learn more spells, warriors get better at striking foes dead, thieves* get better at thieving, and so on. 476 more words

An Explanation And An Invitation

Originally my blogging platform was Blogger.com. I used it for years. Then I began to get frustrated with its limitations. WordPress offered more so I moved here. 119 more words


Free-hand Drawing

Drawing have always been easy for me, but I only enjoy doing it from time to time. However,  I have never actually practiced for al long time. 27 more words


Adobe Illustrator

I have more than one year of experience making mostly cartoon style images. You can have a look at some of my work here.


Adobe Photoshop

I’ve worked in several types of projects during my degree.

  • Image edition
  • Digital painting
  • Graphic design
  • Asset correction (for game engine)

Here you can see some examples of these