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Universal Design for Learning: Success for all Students

A topic that a recently grabbed by attention is universal design for learning, and how my implementing UDL can allow an equal learning opportunity for all students of all abilities. 467 more words


I said No

“No” used to be the hardest word in my vocabulary.

I would say “yes” to anything and everyone and then regret it.  I had trouble with the follow-through and/or admitting I couldn’t do it.   188 more words


Logic Versus Emotion & A Tribute to Leonard Nimoy

As Spock once said, “Logic is the beginning of wisdom, not the end.”

I firmly believe that to be true. To be able to think logically is important. 760 more words

Let go & Listen...

More often than I care to admit, I bump into a problem that shakes the very core of my being and challenges the heart of my belief system. 563 more words


Our abilities, talents, skills and expertise are nugatory if they can not be used, harnessed, employed, cultivated and channeled to better the lives of others”… LinkfordBiz


Prayer for Today

Lenten season challenge: Read the scriptures that are referenced at the bottom of each prayer every day during this Lenten season!

February 26, 2015

Father, over the course of my life I have allowed some of my dreams, gifts, talents and abilities to die on my spiritual vine. 139 more words