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Acknowledging the Achievements of People with Cerebral Palsy

Though cerebral palsy is usually a debilitating condition, there are many people who have gone to accomplish great things in an equally wide variety of fields and endeavors. 105 more words


Inchcock's Abilities Revealed by Dr Duncan Robertson!

Here They Are:

* The ability to lose things, animal, material and imaginary!

* The ability to get the wrong end of the stick!

* The ability to avoid winning any raffles, games, lotteries, hearts, or even coming as high as second! 563 more words


Kauilapele's Blog - Corey Goode 9-1-15 - Transcript of Cosmic Disclosure - Awakening the Pineal Gland

by kauilapele

I viewed this episode on Gaiam TV couple days ago, and found it quite illuminating. Essential information for many of us who are on our way rising up in vibration. 715 more words


MTV and ANW on the PVR

Okay, enough acronyms for one post!

On Monday night, Kay and I were both exhausted and in pain so we made a light dinner and looked at what had recorded. 914 more words


Dr Jill Ammon-Wexler - 85% Chance YOU Are Traveling Out-Of-Body - by in5d.com - 9-1-15

by Dr Jill Ammon-Wexler,



Are you interested in ESP, spiritual or metaphysical insights, enlightenment, healing, contact with a higher level of intelligence, or simply a new experience? 891 more words