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“someday i’m gonna get shot twice in the head when i’m least expecting it,and as long as I did right by my buddies,i won’t care”• hitman #dc

— theodore (@thursday_create) September 15, 2014

“you think your life’s the big story.then you bump into somebody serious.and it turns out, you’re no more’n a chapter in THEIR story”-hitman

— theodore (@thursday_create) September 11, 2014

Why (re)training matters

I read a rather wonderful book recently, called ‘Badass: making users awesome’. I confess that I originally bought it thinking it would help us design a better product through a better user experience. 1,022 more words

New 'Call Of Duty: Black Ops III' Trailer Showcases Cybernetic Modifications

Activision has revealed a new trailer for its upcoming first person shooter video game, Call Of Duty Black Ops III. The trailer showcases specific cybernetic modifications that are available to the player on the battlefield. 126 more words



When birds fly, they stretch their wings all the way out to use the entire span for lift. They reach and pull to make the most of each stroke so their flight is even, and seemingly effortless. 571 more words


Today I Read

as the week can get very challenging,we need to focus on our goals and start fresh everyday.

Almost the Weekend


Charlie's Changing, Part 1-6

Charlie’s Changing, Part 1-5

Charlie walked for a long time before she reached the house. She thought about running back home and sneaking back in her bed before her parents could question. 1,064 more words