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Turning the Page

In just over a week, I will be finished with my exams and moving out of Larzelere Hall as my freshman year comes to a close. 532 more words

LDR Protocol

Why some of us cannot (simply) educate ourselves

Misogyny. Ableism. Ageism. Vystopia. Health-shaming. These are some of the words that I have come to learn more about in recent years. After a long period in which I hardly found the time nor had the energy to follow up any literature closely, I have recently┬árefound a drive and eagerness to pick up some ‘more serious’ stuff again. 1,606 more words



Specify the goal in detail and also all the specific details of the smaller goals on the way to the larger goal if it is a long duration goal. 182 more words

Common Sense

Commonwealth Games

How inspirational were the Commonwealth Games?

How fantastic was it to see the para-athletes on the broadcasts?

I really loved it!

As someone who grew up with a family member in a wheelchair it particularly had an impact on me. 47 more words

Who was So? What was his influence in the tribe Of Azol? How did his actions affect the future generation of the group that he belonged too?

So his real name was Orshkon this man was one of the five first members of the Tribe Azol and his friends created. Some people believed he was a person of Egyptian decent but most did not know his true nationality. 375 more words

The Soul of the Sun - Genevieve Crownson

This story had an excellent premise and background illustrating a family secret across generations of women within a Greek family. I was drawn to hidden mystery that this secret foretold and enjoyed the characters within it. 482 more words



I don’t have to fly like Superman nor pull a ‘tospring’ like Merlin.

Superpowers are innate, the innate nature of them is not enough. What about nurturing and expression? 139 more words