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SUNDAY: OCTOBER 23rd, 2016


As you go through the day, be intentional about what you want out of life. Whatever it may be, believe in your heart that you are able to have it. 71 more words

God's Very Own

Going Wild (Going Wild #1) - Lisa McMann

4.5/5 Stars
Date Reviewed: 16 October 2016
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You are Worthy, Blessed & Highly Favoured!

Do you love yourself?  I mean, really, really love yourself.  The kind of love where you get up in the morning and you know that today is gonna be a good day because you the shit and whatever you set your mind on, will be accomplished?   295 more words


Dancing with Light

I am back home, curled up in my big chair, after traveling across the country to perform my new show “Blissfully Being”. I never travel alone. 995 more words


When They Go Low; We Go High

I have danced around announcing my preference in this presidential campaign, but the time has come to announce my vote FOR Hillary Clinton and NOT against Donald Trump. 139 more words

Brian Jackson: Production Journal 1

During these two weeks in production, I took it upon myself to work on some of the environment models you’ll be seeing around our game, as well as some models that will have interactions with our characters: the hunter and the bear. 231 more words

157 - Each According To His Ability

    With the parable (Mt 25:14-30) of a master going away on a journey and leaving his servants with responsibilities, “…To each according to his ability.” Mat 25:15b (New American Bible), Jesus admonishes us not to be lazy. 336 more words