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Lesson 1: The Arabic Alphabet: Alif, Ba, Ta and Tha

Learn to read and write any Arabic word in only 7 lessons!

In this lesson we start with the first four letters of the Arabic alphabet… 545 more words

Adam and Eve and the Golden ratio

Adam and Eve and the Golden ratio

It once came to my thought to calculate the abjad numbers of the words “ADAM” and “EVE” in Arabic which are ADAM=آدم and EVE=حوا . 146 more words


ا ب ج د ه و ز ح ط ي

ك ل م ن س ع ف ص

ق ر ش ت ث خ ذ ض ظ غ

Bahasa Arab

Arabic script - Why are you so great?

If it weren’t for the loveliness of the Arabic script, I wouldn’t have bothered learning Arabic. True story.

I decided to learn Arabic for the rather unconventional reason that I used to see it everywhere in China, a country where Arabic isn’t the spoken language. 691 more words