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Translation: Slava in Ukraine. Surkov's Hacked Correspondence (Part I) - Originally Published by The Insider

The following is a translation of an article by The Insider (@the_ins_ru). Commentary and notes from Impasse News are contained in blockquotes.

Yesterday, Ukrainian hackers published a full collection of correspondence from the inbox of Putin’s aide, Vladislav Surkov. 1,265 more words


Explainer: Viacheslav Chirikba resigns as Foreign Minister of Abkhazia

On 20 September, Viacheslav Chirikba announced his resignation as Minister for Foreign Affairs of Abkhazia. Subsequent statements by him and President Raul Khajimba present diverging accounts of what happened. 862 more words


What to Know about Traveling in Georgia (and Abkhazia)

When I think of a place called Georgia, usually Georgia state in the US is the first thing I think of. Some haven’t even heard of the country Georgia, and those who have, have vague ideas about where it is. 856 more words

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The Capture of Sukhum - Part V

Dear Readers:

Today we shall finish this historical piece from PolitNavigator, written by Russian journalist Alexander Rostovtsev.  The material covers events from 1992-1993, namely the capture of Sukhum, the capital of the Abkhazian Autonomy. 1,543 more words

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Abkhazia: Gegsky waterfall

Abkhazia is de faccto independent, partly recognized country – former part of Georgia. It is squeezed between Caucasus mountains and the Black sea. Gegsky waterfall… 87 more words


The Capture of Sukhum - Part IV

Dear Readers:

Today we continue working our way through this piece by Russian journalist Alexander Rostovtsev.  Where we left off yesterday, the August 1992 war between Gruzia and Abkhazia was in full swing, with the former side employing aviation and heavy artillery (bequeathed to them by the Soviet Army); and the latter armed with hunting rifles, Third World type rocket launchers, and captured trophey artillery. 940 more words

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The Capture of Sukhum - Part III

Dear Readers:
We have been working our way through this piece, by writer Alexander Rostovtsev.  Yesterday we saw tensions between the Gruzians and Abkhazians leading up to a series of clashes and wars, starting in spring of 1989 and continuing on into the 1990’s and beyond. 1,114 more words

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