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Would You Buy The Cryptocurrency Of A 'Ghost Country'?

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A symbol of a human hand in the upper left corner of their flag suggests “stop”. But if you want to look at it another way, it could — perhaps — mean “hello.”  Abkhazia is a ghost country. 838 more words

Money Matters

RUSSIA: Sochi Enjoys 300 Sunny Days Annually, Nights Are Dark In Sochi

Sochi is one of the southern most places of Russia and the second-largest city of Krasnodar Krai, with a population of 415,000. Located along the Black Sea coast, it’s about 1,600km (995 mi) south of Moscow. 11,444 more words

The best posing Russian girls of the Summer 2017

I’ve always been impressed by how Russian girls pose on photos. They always look so perfect, cute and sensual; they do it so intuitively. Compared with them, I always look crap on pictures. 232 more words


The Abkhaz Dilemma

I have a collection of Abkhaz visas: tiny colored pieces of paper that are not glued into my passport. These are my tangible proof that I visited a state which doesn’t exist on most of the world’s official maps. 476 more words


Propaganda, ruins of war, and beach holidays: my first impressions from Abkhazia

Abkhazia was one of the territories on my Caucasian route this summer. Self-declared independent with Russian support after an atrocious war with Georgia in the 90s, Abkhazia is a land of contrasts. 538 more words


Abkhazia on Brijuni Islands

Abkhazia is a documentary about a group of passionate skateboarders who come to question their own behavior and their relationship to non-skaters, as they record their adventure into a former Soviet holiday paradise, that has since been ravaged by a war of independence. 43 more words