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Letting Go of Self-Hatred Is the First Step towards Solidarity

I was reading Loving Blackness As Political Resistance by bell hooks which struck a chord. It’s not the self-love bollocks appearing in the glossy magazines which tells you to prim yourself up, develop some skills that you can impress people with, buy some goodies and go to a spa, in essence, telling you to hate your appearance, abilities and financial situation all in the name of self-love. 1,434 more words


My Labor Day Nightmare

I had a very tough Labor Day this year. On the morning of Labor Day, I had a meltdown, and my mom told me that I was acting like a crazy person because of the meltdown. 381 more words

When Cure Means Kill

TW: Abortion, Stigma, Autism Speaks, Eugenics

In the United States, there is a rumor about the British, that they urge people to abort an unborn child if that child has Down Syndrome. 490 more words

The Amazing Disappearing Emma

Or “Emma, Emma where have you been?”

Well I’ve not been here or my other blogs as much. Mostly I’ve been on facebook, where interaction is more immediate. 836 more words

Diary Post

An Open Letter to Foundation Fighting Blindness (FFB)

Dear Foundation Fighting Blindness,

Hello! My name is Jessica Naert. I have been a supporter of yours for several years, especially with the VisionWalk. I have co-captained several teams over the years, including “The Way Eye See The World” and “The Eye Catchers,” along with my best friend, Misty Allen.  1,621 more words

Retinitis Pigmentosa

Why I am annoyed by your inspiration

Before I began using my cane and suddenly became visibly disabled I went about my day with little incident. Now, I am inspiration for strangers and it’s exhausting! 203 more words


Beyond Colorlines; Checking Your Own Privilege

What is privilege? To put it simply, this is a benefit that is awarded to some, that others do not have access to. These days, the word privilege is almost equated with the word “White”; white privilege, white male privilege is something that we continue to see and hear and read all over various platforms. 1,047 more words