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What's Wrong With Autism Speaks? A Collection of Resources

April is coming, which means stores will have puzzle pieces everywhere, places will be lighting up blue, and walks for the cure will take place across the country. 3,640 more words


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We're Exterminating "Useless Eaters"

It’s official, Western Civilization has fully adopted Adolf Hitler’s philosophy of exterminating human beings based on their disability. America is a close second to Iceland, where 92% of children prenatally diagnosed with Down syndrome are killed in late-term abortions… 85 more words


Why Indoor Playgrounds are Exclusive Garbage Wastelands

The week before Christmas, I came across an article from Today’s Parent listing the top 12 indoor playgrounds in Toronto.  I was like, cool! I checked out each one to see if any were close to my home. 1,056 more words



This is a blog entry that I started in 2016 and never finished.  Not much has changed in this area.


I was called a genius by my nursery school teacher. 836 more words

I don't want to miss you

I’ve unpacked, I’m almost there.
So close to grasping the source of my frustration.
My shame is turning into rage,
my direction is changing.

We never had a chance, but who am I to blame? 16 more words


Getting the Portrayal Wrong 

I’m remembering a really bad movie I saw last year: Zoolander 2. More importantly, I’m remembering the Razzie award-nominated portrayal of All, the supposedly gender fluid model in an earlier portion of the movie. 527 more words

Talking About Mental Health

Generally, when asking a person how their health is they will reply to you saying that they are healthy, they don’t feel sick, and that their doctor might have given them a clean bill of health. 622 more words