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Beauty and the Meme

melaniekane’s post [1] on the treatment of Maxine Waters as compared to Kamala Harris reminded me of a trend that happened not too long ago: the “I’m looking for , can you tag him please?” meme. 492 more words

Pop Culture

Autism Post 12: Autism Horns Effect 

I was watching Little Big Shots, and saw there was a six-year-old drummer from Brazil who taught herself drumming. She did everything around drums. She told her story, gave Steve Harvey (the host) a pair of drumsticks, and even said her dream was to be a Super Drummer, in her childlike glory. 342 more words

With You

Dear Olivia,
I’ve been thinking about all the ways you impacted and changed my life for the better. Although my heart continuously aches and I find myself getting less emotional on a regular basis, but more often at random when I least expect it, I’m realizing that this is what life is going to be like. 564 more words

When Ableism Kills

It should be obvious that I’m devastated and disturbed anytime I hear a news story about parents or caregivers killing disabled people, but what disturbs me more than the stories themselves is that news reporters and commenters on social media justify these murders. 381 more words


April Post 11: Autism Portrayals in Media 

Much of the Autism Awareness talk has died down by now. Even the store displays are showing the leftovers from puzzle piece junk, like keychains and stuff.   217 more words


I’m so angry at everyone. Every single neurotypicial fucker in this world.

I’m so pissed of about the fact that I was put into this situation. 327 more words

Getting to the good parts

People have a look that they get when you tell them you’re autistic.  I was baffled by what this meant until I started reading the literature surrounding neurotypical narratives of autism.  2,139 more words