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PSA: Inappropriate Facial Expressions Don't Make Someone a Killer

People on the autism spectrum are often misunderstood because of inappropriate facial expressions or a flat aspect. We are accused of lacking emotion when we fail to show it in our expressions. 422 more words


Perseverance is steadfastly doing something, even when it’s difficult, and the payoff is delayed.

PerSEVERance is a little different. It’s when you sever that task from everything else and pursue it with single-minded focus. 247 more words

Rant: On Veronica Roth & Chronic Pain

So you might be asking, what exactly is strong enough to pull me out of my blogging-block at 12:30AM on a Tuesday? Turns out, ableism. Too much of it, in fact. 1,501 more words


Looking Away From The Murder of Disabled People

When the movie Me Before You came out, people said: It’s just one movie about one man who has a disability. It isn’t meant to represent all experiencing with disability.  708 more words

Burden - A Heavily Loaded Word

Not long ago I found myself delving into a Twitter discussion with author Michael Grant about representation of autism in literature, and in his Gone… 1,079 more words

The Problem With Disabled Inspiration Ads 

I have seen those ads or Public Service Announcements where a kid facing a challenge – let’s just all call him “disabled” for short – is, I don’t know, running with blade prosthetics or doing a flip in a wheelchair. 548 more words

Behind the Mirror

A lot of people struggle with identity – there are a staggering amount of films, books, phrases, songs dedicated to it, all trying to figure out the self. 1,841 more words