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Funktionsmaktsordning, hjältar och vårdpaket

Jag är i ett skov/bakslag/allmänt uselt måelnde men rekommenderar lite läsning. Svd hade en väldigt läsvärd artikel för några dagar sedan om Christine Bylund där vi bl a kan läsa… 133 more words


Disabled People Don't Exist to Make You Look Good

I have already discussed the issue of inspiration porn on this blog before. What I was discussing last time was the use of images or videos of disabled people doing everything from the mundane to highlighting actual achievement. 889 more words


What Kids "Get"

Content note: social class, classism, art, accessibility

Poor Kids Get Art!

That was the thrust of the piece by Rachel Lu in response to First Lady Michelle Obama’s remarks… 769 more words


The Only Things I'm Positive About #AutismPositivity2015

By Kerima Çevik

My husband and I took a moment to watch our son asleep this morning. He was wrapped in a tangle of sheets, unwilling to release his firm grip on a tiny piece of plastic that looked to be a lego piece. 874 more words


In Autism: I Crash Because I'm Spoonie

Sometimes my own spooniness (if you are unfamiliar with spoon theory, you can read about it here) is such a part of my experience that I forget about it. 1,076 more words

Following Christ

Abusing PTSD: Snapshot

Remember when I said my parents were the Dursleys, from Harry Potter? I wasn’t exaggerating.

They take CMU’s side and don’t see that there was anything to be upset about. 2,540 more words

essay canon dispatch no. 8 -- "On Being a Cripple" by Nancy Mairs (80's)

If you only got time for one of the essays in the CNF Canon, make it this one.

One cant predict link rot, and the only place where i can find the 1983 essay is  2,279 more words

Book Report