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When everyday ableism becomes internalized

Recently a fellow disabled friend and I were discussing how people treat us. We both agreed that when someone says something supportive, we burst into tears. 338 more words

Shoes and humanity

My (early) contribution to the ‘Walk in our shoes’ flash blog

“Every time media reports about the abuse and/or murder of an autistic child, we are told not to judge. 421 more words


on being blue

INFINITE JEST pp. 503-601 (notes 209-245)

You know what, im starting to like it.

It only took 500 pages, and strangely enough as my enjoyment began to increase it’s become harder to read, or maybe that’s just my stamina lowering. 1,459 more words

US Lit

how it hurts 11.24.15

Pain is like a toddler today, pulling at my shirt from several directions demanding my attention. Different kinds of pain. Gnawing ache, the tugging cramp of overworked muscles, pounding head, tightness so intense it feels like its suffocating, sharpness of light piercing into me. 412 more words

Being in pain at work

Several years ago, I texted someone I’d been dating for a few months, talking about how hard it was to get shit done at work while I had a migraine. 593 more words

The University of Ottawa yoga controversy: a disabled person's response

The recent wave of media coverage of the cancellation of a yoga class at the University of Ottawa is a perfect illustration of everything that is wrong with mainstream media. 856 more words

Destroy the Joint versus women with disabilities

Destroy the Joint is an Australian feminist … movement?  Hashtag?  Group? that took its name from Alan Jones’s complaint that women were “destroying the joint” by turning up to things and doing their jobs and having opinions, and also, at the time, being Prime Minister. 642 more words