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Subtle Exclusionism

Most people are able to recognize overt instances of sexism, racism, ageism, ableism, homophobia, transphobia and class discrimination. But even well-meaning folk sometimes struggle with identifying the less overt, more insidious systemic oppression present in society. 502 more words


Dear Doctors,

When I was still in-utero, my measurements did not add up; my femur was disproportionate to my head circumference. It was a mystery as to how big I actually would be. 1,088 more words


You Don't Know Me

So, autistic parent who thinks that just because I don’t act EXACTLY like your child, I’m not autistic enough? You don’t know me! Person who thinks I am a dismiss-worthy weirdo? 225 more words


I live in a world that fears my skin color and doesn’t want to understand how my brain works.

Source: What It Feels Like To Be An Autistic Person of Color in the Eyes of the Police


Beach and her research colleagues found that physicians-in-training who read the stigmatizing patient chart notes were significantly more likely to have a negative attitude toward the patient than those who read the chart containing more neutral language.”

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Ableism, Defined

From Wikipedia: “Ableism /ˈeɪblɪzəm/ (also known as ablism, disablism (Brit. English), anapirophobia, anapirism, and disability discrimination) is discrimination and social prejudice against people with disabilities. Ableism characterizes persons as defined by their disabilities and as inferior to the non-disabled.” 500 more words


Stop Using Ableist Slurs - Including Mental Health Slurs

Toddlers have a more sophisticated sense of humour than people who throw around ableist slurs.

Arguments about free speech have permeated most political discussions since 2010. 409 more words