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Inspiration Porn: links on the subject

This is a constant work in progress with newer articles and finds posted to the top of the page.

 One PWOD activist chastised me for using the term “inspiration porn” because it detracted from and minimized the damage and injury of “real porn” , but inspiration porn IS real porn. 238 more words


The Problem with Prescription Exercise 

Awhile ago, I saw an article about doctors prescribing exercise to treat various conditions. While I’m not exactly opposed to the idea of discussing exercise as a way to maintain long term health, I’m concerned about what implications the idea of prescription could have. 418 more words


My Very Recent Experience with a Hate Crime for being Deaf

Growing up mainstream and moving around like I did I had–like many Deaf and Hard of Hearing people– a lot of issues with hearing peers bullying, mocking, making fun of and abusing me for my Deafness. 819 more words


Reblogged: The murder of disabled children is often excused

See this article by Carly Findlay. Trigger warnings for discussion of violence, murder and suicide related to disability.




Stimming, a word propably derived from stimulation, hence also called self-stimulating behaviour. Not just tics, but a whole set of possible technics to stimulate yourself, your mind and body in a positive or preventing kind. 730 more words

Daily Routine

From Everyday Feminism: 6 Ways Your Social Justice Activism Might Be Ableist

One of my transplant friends had this article posted to her social media page.

I actually really like it & think it makes so much sense. 169 more words

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Media Talk 2: Responses to Clinton campaign ad by disabled people

This year the Clinton campaign featured a number of people with disabilities in their ads (here and here for example)— quite possibly more than any candidate during any Presidential election. 2,659 more words