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So if you couldn’t guess from the title, this is me writing about something that I’m feeling today. Most of the stuff I put up here is written over the course of a few days, then edited before posting. 525 more words


Real revolutionaries:

  • Know it doesn’t just happen in the streets and work to find ways to be fully inclusive
  • Don’t avoid difficult conversations on issues of marginalization: class, racism, sexism, ableism, agism, Palestine, settler colonialism, indigenous rights, antisemitism, Black lives matter, Say her name……
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Ableism and the War on Drugs

CW: police misconduct, the war on drugs, racism.

I’ve been upset and dismayed, but not surprised, over the last few days as reports of the  828 more words


The Autism Costume 

I have been trying to find realistic portrayals of autistic women on television and in movies. Trouble is, I can’t seem to find them. This troubles me. 488 more words

Frustrerande kommentarer del 9: Vi har jobbat med barn i 20 år, vi kan det här

Det var länge sedan sist men nu är det dags för den sista delen av inläggsserien om frustrerande kommentarer som funktionsnedsatta elever och deras vårdnadshavare får höra i mötet med skolan. 926 more words


Everyday Inquisitions

It’s a rare thing indeed when someone who presents as *Abled asks me about my disability. Occasionally, it’s all about the method and context of the enquiry, not the actual person asking, allow me to expand. 690 more words

Opioid Crisis

Good day, readers. I am back from writer’s block. I have decided to speak about an issue that has affected my family in a big way:   534 more words