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Me and Disability

I’ve been disabled my whole life. I just didn’t know it. As I tell people about my Autism diagnosis, I reassure them that nothing about me is any different. 881 more words


Oops I did it again

This blog has lain fallow since my first post, and a lot has happened. Some good some bad. The worst has happened fairly recently (yesterday) and I’m still in a state of minor confusion, but also high-energy (something that usually happens after a big decision, for a day or two I’m all *YEAH LET’S SORT THIS*, but I’m totally ready for a big wave of depression to hit soon, so I thought I’d use this brief spike of adrenaline and energy to update the world, especially as it saves me having to do the awkward *shuffle round and tell everybody awkwardly*). 1,884 more words

Actually Autistic

Diversity in books

I don’t think I’ll be blowing anybody’s minds when I say that there are a lot more white people in most American mainstream media.
It’s true, and I wouldn’t say that it has to be an inherently awful thing; a story can have no minorities present and still be good. 790 more words

Social conditioning and parental expectations

Yesterday, during Monkey’s therapy session, I found myself trying to choke back tears about his upcoming medical procedures and everything that he’s been through already. He is certainly not the most disabled child – he appears more or less “typical” – but he has been through and continues to go through far more than typical children do. 1,175 more words


Trigger warning: stimming involving deliberate physical pain, harassment/discrimination on grounds of disability

The three year anniversary of my secret, unceremonious departure from work passed the other day, unmarked. 2,519 more words


Am I Okay?

Is it silly for me to be so fascinated by a speed radar trailer that i have to take drives to see it at least three times a week, that i have to post picture after picture of it, and that i get so excited to sit in front of it and see how it displays each person’s speed in real time, and how it flashes when people go over the speed limit? 304 more words

On community, society, and self-definition: An Autistic Perspective

Yesterday, in a private (but large) Facebook group I belong to, the mother of an autistic child “got up on her soapbox” to explain that we should never call anyone “autistic,” but rather say that they “have autism.”  Because, she said, “Autism is not his primary identifier. 3,310 more words