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Xenophobia: An Act of "Othering"

The term xenophobia is traditionally used to describe fear of literal foreigners from distant countries. I think it can reasonably describe any process by which a person or group of people are perceived as “the other.” 203 more words

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#AbleismExists because...

  • Because I shouldn’t be all too familiar with the confusion people face when they resize someone can have a visual difference and be intelligent.
  • Because the fact that I have a decent job and apartment isn’t extraordinary.
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The speed radar trailer is gone now

I am going to bed now. I am tired, depressed and feel like things are never going to get any better for me, that they are just going to keep getting worse and worse. 545 more words

Call for Stories: Artists with Disabilities in SF Bay Area

Call for Stories

The Disability Visibility Project (DVP) is super excited to partner with the  Contemporary Jewish Museum for a listening party and panel discussion focusing on artists with disabilities on… 318 more words

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I'm not an #Ableist but...

It’s time I quite literally wheeled Stella out again. The world needs a replacement for the blunt but very funny woman she was. This is the woman who got drunk, fell out of her chair & broke her wrist. 275 more words

Assimilation is not Accommodation

This experience is very recent as well, as it happened just a few weeks ago and inspired me to start documenting my experiences in graduate school through this blog. 708 more words

Marginalized Blogging