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Why I Can't Be a Shiny Aspie

TRIGGER/CONTENT WARNING: Discussion/Use of functioning labels,  

 Well, if it isn’t another method of discrimination I’ve just learned about. The Shiny Aspie has come to minimize the perception of autistic suffering.   389 more words


Dr. Stephen Hawking and Ableism - How the Passing of a Genius Opened a Floodgate of Well-meaning but Poorly Worded Tributes

ABLEISM – defined as discrimination in favour of so called typically abled people , it is discrimination and social prejudice against people with disabilities. Ableism characterizes persons as defined by their disabilities and inferior to the non-disabled… 457 more words

Planning Self Care, Part 2

Now, I decided to type my answers to the above questions in, because my printer does not work. It hasn’t for months.

I would like to hear of some tips from you guys about caring for oneself during World Autism Month/Day besides the ones I have posted here. 50 more words


Opinion | The real Down syndrome problem: Accepting genocide; Washington Post

Agusta and Lucas, two children with Down syndrome, are examples of “things” that were not “ended.” — George Will in the Washington Post

Will makes the case that Iceland is conducting genocide, with France and some other developed nations not far behind it.

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Liberal Religion

A Person First

I first heard about person first language when I was in graduate school. The concept was familiar to me long before that. The idea that it was much more respectful to refer to “the woman who was blind” rather than “the blind woman” just made sense in my mind. 840 more words


Refusing To Fight (or Self Advocate): The Consequence

From my own experience functioning within the Autistic versus Allistic extended family dynamic-

Autistics with their own families are prone to get hung up on the naïve romanticization and idealization of the value of extended family bonds, which are exploited by abusers who, in truth, care nothing about family.

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