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Ableism and #ADA25

Disclaimer: I am writing this as a physically abled and neurotypical person whose life is not directly impacted by ableism. I cannot write about the experiences of people who do have disabilities and are in fact impacted by ableism and I can only amplify the words of those people. 622 more words

Personal Ramblings

Not an Isolated Event

I don’t believe in isolated events, much. We’re all interconnected, we all operate on the same universal system. We perceive, we process, we develop thoughts, we act on those thoughts. 739 more words


'Aspies' versus 'People with Asperger's'

If someone addressed you as an ‘Aspie,’ how would you respond?

No idea?

What if someone called you ‘Blackie,’ ‘Homie,’ ‘Trannie,’ ‘Chinky,’ ‘Queerie,’Jappie’ ‘Downsie,’ ‘Womanie,’ ‘Muzzie,’ ‘Jewie?’

Troubling thought, isn’t it…

A Trip to Walmart When You're A Broke & Broken Woman

I was good and
didn’t buy any junk food
no cookies or cakes
nothing sweet at all
In fact I didn’t buy food
I bought cat litter… 291 more words


Happy Birthday, ADA!

This week marks the 25-year anniversary of the passing of the Americans with Disabilities Act. As others have noted, the law was ground-breaking not only because of its international ripple effect, but because it recognized disability not as an issue of health, but of human rights. 303 more words

Scars & Appearance

Spectrum Proposal

Since I read Shades of Slander by Alanna Whitney, I’ve been thinking about ways to change perceptions of autism from that traditional (and very inaccurate) idea of a sliding scale of “functionality”. 909 more words


The Long Defeat

There are things people tell you when you have a painful chronic illness to keep you from falling into a depression over your circumstances. They say, “This too shall pass,” altogether ignoring the “chronic” element of your condition. 1,337 more words