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Feminism, part V

3. Trans* people + gender stereotypes

A close friend and I talked about trans* people quite a while back, and it’s got me wondering since then if it was “unfeminist” that many trans* people who express their gender identity (be it femininity or masculinity) do so by subscribing to gender stereotypes. 1,384 more words

Dear Miss Baltimore

The social worker cleared her throat and introduced herself as being from Baltimore Maryland. I had the strong urge to whistle or cheer, my family being from that area, but the force of the tension in the room pushed me smutheringly down into my chair, so I just gulped and nodded and smiled at my friend sitting next to me. 303 more words


Liberal feminist independence and my struggle against internalized ableism

As a disabled person, I have often trouble letting people do things for me. It’s a part of my internalized ableism.

The things I need are always changing. 747 more words

Reproducing History - Honi Soit, March 2015

As a younger white, middle class feminist I used to almost relish the fact that abortion is still technically illegal in NSW. It was a fun fact to fling out at not-so-dedicated (or time-rich) friends and even at my mum; after all, it was a reminder that my cause was still relevant and tangible, because, you know, reproductive autonomy is a serious right, right? 724 more words


The Wheelchair Accessible Hy-Pee-Thetical Universical Supposition.

Before you even ask: Yes, I did struggle with a title for this one. But let us go forth, regardless!

Feminism, which I’m sure you will agree, is a wonderful thing. 1,953 more words

Disability Related

And the Name of the Drug That Might End Dwarfism Is Vosoritide

(Image by Marosh used under CC license via)

Pharmaceuticals company BioMarin announced last week the first results of their clinical trials for the drug BMN-111, now named vosoritide by the World Health Organization. 1,956 more words

Scars & Appearance

Ableism And Being An Activist/Advocate

On Friday, June 26th, 2015, great news had surfaced around the United States. It is now legal for everyone to marry whomever they want to regardless of the sex. 370 more words

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