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I Don't Seek Formal Diagnosis in Order to Protect my Child

I’m a self-diagnosed autistic adult with a formally diagnosed autistic child. I spend a lot of time pondering if should I seek formal diagnosis. No matter how hard I try to trust the knowledge I now have from reading books and a lot of stories from other autistics, I doubt myself sometimes. 518 more words


Making Your Blog Accessible: Graphic Designing for the Blind and Hard of Sight

Featured image is by Phillipe Put, “blind guy
Image description: Out of focus braille text over an even more out of focus silhouette of what appears to be a white man. 583 more words

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I Won't Stand For It!

To The Staff in the Office Where I Had An Appointment Last Week:

I won’t stand for it.

I saw the look in each of your eyes that I know so well as soon as I entered the office. 790 more words

Communicating Respect

On Being A Hairy Femme by Jen Venegas

On Being A Hairy Femme: Written by Jen Venegas

I have always been a hairy Latina woman, but I started growing out my body hair two years ago. 776 more words


the Tone Argument, is it?

So you’re saying that if an autistic person stays calm, level-headed, and reasonable during a heated discussion, while still maintaining their right to a different opinion, that proves autistic people lack empathy and the ability to relate to other people or understand human emotions.   183 more words

"We're all a little autistic"

(On my mind partly because of this read.)

1.  “We’re all a little autistic.”

Really?  You’re okay with saying that?  Then how about “We’re all a little black.” “We’re all a little female.” “We’re all a little Jewish.” “We’re all a little gay.”  “We’re all a little paraplegic.” “We’re all a little homeless.” “We’re all a little bit PTSD.” 422 more words