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Autistic? Parents of Autistics don't know what it's like to BE Autistic 

On twitter today I came across a thread about a new show, Atypical. Now, I personally am not even remotely interested in this show: it might be about an autistic character but I know it isn’t for me. 1,038 more words


Ableism handlar om mer än uppenbar diskriminering

Den senaste tiden har jag fått intrycket att intresset för ableism har ökat i svensktalande kretsar. Det är verkligen på tiden. Jag har twittrat en hel del om ableism men inte haft kraft att formulera sammanhängande inlägg här men nu gör jag ett försök. 302 more words


Let's talk about the fact that a doctor recommended murdering a patient

Trigger warning: this story contains discussion of eugenics and violence against disabled people.

Last year, a doctor at Labrador-Grenfell Health in St. Anthony, N.L. told Sheila Elson that her 25-year-old daughter Candice Lewis was dying, and offered to kill Lewis using Canada’s assisted dying laws. 674 more words

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Remembering Sagamihara

Today is the first anniversary of the Sagamihara massacre. Mostly when I speak about Sagamihara – which I do a lot – people don’t know what I’m talking about. 804 more words

Ableist* Attutudes

How is it that I’m not functionally disAbled until the moment I leave my home? (Not that it’s a Bad thing I’m a very Proud Radical Crip) I have had to make so many modifications to my home and personal environment over the years to make my life possible (occasionally I have invented where there are no modifications available, or affordable). 140 more words


Autism Reality Show: A Reality Show No One Wants, But One We Need 

I Just read an article about a TV show concerning an autistic character. According to the review, it is simply the same “Experts because they know someone autistic” who gets a LOT of autism wrong. 202 more words


Ableism and Autism

I’ve been writing a lot of posts recently but within each post I get to a point where I stop and pause. There’s one topic that reoccurs within discussions about autism and I’ve not felt ready to go into it fully. 2,072 more words

Actually Autistic