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In Which Tris Continues To Be Special: Allegiant Chapter 17

Allegiant Chapter 17: Tris

After Tobias’s nighttime adventures in the last chapter, Tris wakes up as some of the Bureau employees are finishing their night shift, and has an adventure of her own to, like most things in… 1,236 more words


Insurgent, a LitFlix

David and I got to go see Insurgent recently and it was interesting. It has been a while since I finished reading the book, but I remembered a lot of the important points and often watching the story played out in a movie will bring back those memories. 714 more words


Personality Spectra

Throughout this blog I have often touched upon my pet theory of personality spectra. The theory that peoples personalities and opinions exist on a multitude of various spectra. 523 more words


Everything Is Explained (Again): Allegiant Chapter 15

I’m seriously losing track of how many “the truth is revealed!” chapters we’ve had in Divergent. Get ready for another infodump! [Ariel says: This time with even truthier truth!]  2,836 more words


These A**holes Don't Even Have a WALL Around Their Stupid Dystopia: Allegiant Chapters 11 & 12

I use Spotify a lot these days, and – like probably 99% of the people who use it – am a free user. I don’t particularly mind the ads; it actually sort of reminds me of listening to the radio and getting to zone out from time to time, but in a good way. 1,502 more words


The Faction Quiz

Last week I blogged my book reading on Veronica Roth’s Divergent series. While this week in the US is the premiere of the much awaited sequel, Insurgent. 245 more words


Meet The Allegiants: Allegiant Chapters 7-8

No, we’re still not done yet.

Chapter 7: Tris

After the riot, Christina points out how last-few-Harry Potter-books this is all getting.

“I didn’t really want to bring this up, but I can’t stop thinking about it,” she says.

1,346 more words