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Bipolar Thoughts x1

I wonder
how it feels

to be


what it’s like

perpetual damage
to your

-Trista Daniell


Physical life is only a small part of spiritual life

The normal and abnormal phenomena of day-to-day physical life will only become clear to us once we learn to understand the spiritual life behind the physical life. 32 more words



What is normal?
When we see someone walking down a street, alone, talking to themselves or undressing in public or screaming randomly, we would all automatically think it was… 156 more words

Why loners kill people

Had he simply killed himself, as so many postings after the incident said he should have, Katou would not have been grieved or even missed. … 60 more words

The Vulnerable Parts

As I venture into the beginning stages of being an entrepreneur and all the things that go along with that, I have been able to observe several ways that I hold myself back from people.  534 more words


Trying to find normalcy

Normal isn’t a word that I have ever much related to. As a child I never felt this need to fit in that I know is hard for so many other children. 456 more words

Punch you in the face! young kids learn violence from superheroes

Lots of young children are into superheroes and many parents think that the superhero culture will help their kids defend others and be nicer to their peers, but a study shows the exact opposite. 189 more words