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I was for sure the girl dressed as batman in a world of princesses. In the first grade, I used to sit in class bored cutting my own hair off.   675 more words

Growing Up

Being present in abnormal times

You are not abnormal.  You are having a normal response to abnormal circumstances.  I’ve said this sentence a hundred times in my care with and for congregants who were dealing with difficult times. 545 more words


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Freud’s explanation of normal and abnormal behavior (psychodynamic model cont’d)

Normal and abnormal functioning are shaped by three unconscious forces:


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The models of abnormality cont’d

The Psychodynamic Model

Oldest and most famous psychological model

Based on the belief that a person’s behavior (whether normal or abnormal) is determined largely by underlying dynamic-that is, interacting-psychological forces of which he or she is not consciously aware… 20 more words


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There are many different models of abnormality.

The Biological Model

Adopts a medical perspective

Main focus is that psychological abnormality is an illness brought about by malfunctioning parts of the organism… 10 more words


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Cultural views of abnormality cont’d

Ancient views and treatments

Ancient societies probably regarded abnormal behavior as the work of evil spirits

  • This view may have begun as far back as the Stone Age…
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Hello Again ..!

Long time no see !!! Ah.. kaya apa aja kan yah…. lama banget rasanya ga memporak porandakan tempat ini…
Menggores sana sini dengan sesuatu yang melantur ini itu.. 261 more words