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Am I Normal?

This is something I wrote 2 years ago. I was going to write about what is supposed to be normal, and I felt this post is the right fit for it. 786 more words

Secret Obsession Part Two

Though, perfectly still, my insides stir.

My heart pounds hard against its inner cage as my blood rushes through me in a maddening maze.

My face, deeply flushed, doesn’t even feel connected to the rest of my body, as my inflamed cheeks pulsate, rhythmically, to my heartbeat. 77 more words

Embracing the Abnormal

The world will always have a million things to tell you, trying to convince you that its way is correct and when I say the world I mean everyone. 264 more words

Uhh....so, I'm here to write for you!

I suppose it’s about time. 

There have been a lot of to-do things I’ve put off doing, having a consistent outlet for writing being one of them. 357 more words

Construct Abnormality

A short story about Pronouns

‘I suppose you could say that it was inevitable’


‘Well…that they would all die!’

They both laughed. 4,137 more words


Are You All Mad?

I’m not quite sure how it happened, but I’ve amassed 500 followers.  Normal people would thank their followers and be humbled, yet proud.  I’m not normal. 145 more words

As I See It...

I am a Bald Woman

Being a bald woman sucks. Having no hair doesn’t suck. Actually, quite the opposite. It’s simple. I had hair for 21 years and it was always unruly, hot, crazy, often dirty, difficult to manage forest-like hair on a lot of my body. 528 more words