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Damn it rain!

All this freaking rain, and here I was thinking it was summer. That was so stupid of me.

No but there was a storm a couple of days ago, which is very abnormal. 139 more words

My Life

Breast feeding duration determines smoking habits?!

What Drives A Human?

Fixation: Psychosexual Stages of Development- Part 3

This is the last leg of the series of Psychosexual Stages of Development topic related blogs. 843 more words

General Knowledge

The Chosen pen

I chose this particular pen because it fails to write smoothly. Pens are marketed for their smooth application, their fancy grip and their gel ink. Pens are designed to make the experience of writing a comfortable, fast and fluid one. 486 more words


Here I Am

Eeek! My first official blog post.

I’ve been writing for years, most of which started in my senior year Creative Writing course.  My mind was opened in a different way..one that I had never experienced.   258 more words

Post .01

Having one of those days where I feel as if I’m spiraling into oblivion.  Most days like this I would try to hold myself back, but today I just gave in.   75 more words

Lost And Found?

The Most Important Person Ever Born in History Ever

The Most Important Person Ever Born in History Ever

     There once was a man who didn’t like apricots. They were too purple, too lumpy, and far too cluster like. 819 more words

"Am I Normal?"

I would venture to guess that this is one of the most asked questions in the field of sexology, maybe even the internet. A colleague told me when he tells people he is a sex educator, a common response is to want to ask if something they do is normal, or even show off a body part that there might a question about to see if there’s something “wrong” with it.   512 more words