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So, what is anxiety?

We are all aware that despite the research done and information found, the human brain is far too complex for us to ever truly understand. We do, however, know that with every piece of information entering the brain, there must be an output. 224 more words

Euphoric or Dysphoric? Ramblings… I’m Probably Nuts.

Looking at this post in the daylight I can definitely tell it’s been hypomaniacally induced. Sorry to anyone who read this post earlier, to those reading it now – it could’ve been worse. 1,050 more words

Mental Health

The Color of Panic

“What’s that, Christian? Repeat it.” The stuffed puffin stared blankly forward, barely causing a reflection off of Tunny’s goggles. Tunny inhaled deeply through his gas mask. 1,339 more words


It has been some time since I have been on this blog, remember, I have decided to take a little break from it last time I was here, but now I am back, and here for something a little different from my normal posts; you may actually like this. 647 more words


The Rise Of Psychiatry Has Augmented The Rise Of Madness Through Medicalization

It’s becoming increasingly apparent to me that psychiatry is chiefly responsible and interested in maintaining the existing gender relations, continuing the ‘curing’ of the deviants of society and the restoration of normality. 717 more words


note in a notebook

I leave these notes dotted through my notebooks:

I am deeply, profoundly lonely

I wonder if this is how normal human beings feel, or if there’s something weird about me. 10 more words

Abnormal Behavior from God’s View

Eight weeks ago I started a course in abnormal psychology.  I have learned so much!!  And of course at the end, we are required to write a paper on the very subject of abnormal behavior.  1,593 more words