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A normal day?

Right, I am just going to say it….
Today my girl has been normal, the day has been normal.

What does that mean anyway? 313 more words

2016, September 28 - 1976 - confusing

directions lose sense (5)
in reverse, in a mirror, (7)
or when upside down (5)


What's normal anyway?

What is normal for a spider is chaos for a fly

A Pinterest inspired artwork pinned on my office desk. Questions the entire idea of norms and what is socially acceptable. 152 more words

Four Years Ago Today

Four years ago today

You finally had the last say

But still you plague me deep inside

Never really able to hide

Words so harsh they made me cry… 41 more words


What parts of the brain make our personalities so unique?

Since everyone is different in their own way, psychologists have debated how to characterise personality. The most popular approach has so far been to use five dimensions: openness to experience (curious or cautious), conscientiousness (organised or careless), extraversion (outgoing or solitary), agreeableness (friendly or detached) and neuroticism (nervous or secure). 68 more words


Hitting the wall

Well here goes…blogging. BLOG-ing. Not really my style. I’m more of a pen to paper gal, but you know, one has to get with the times (get with the times? 1,240 more words