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Plato, Aristotle and the Abolition of Man

I’ve recently posted a handful of quotes from The Abolition of Man by C.S. Lewis detailing the subtle shift in the aim of education from the classical to the modern periods.  74 more words

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More Wisdom From the Abolition of Man

During the course of the past week or two I have posted a few quotes from C.S. Lewis’ Abolition of man that seek to capture the… 360 more words

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Lest We Abolish Human Nature

Another quote vital to the central logos of the Abolition of Man.  By the way, Hillsdale College faculty recently compiled a list of the ten most influential books, and yes- you guessed it,  116 more words

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"The Abolition of Man" and Morality

Winston Hottman and Professor Bill Watson discuss the practical implications of C. S. Lewis’s classic, The Abolition of Man.


To download audio right-click the following link: … 6 more words


The Abolition of Man (3)

Final C.S. Lewis homage. I am amazed by the penetrating contemporary insight of this 1947 book, first delivered as talks in 1942…

“To some it will appear that I am inventing a factitious difficulty for my Conditioners. 498 more words

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The Abolition of Man (2)

More from the Genius of C.S. Lewis (see the first quote here) –

“I draw the following conclusions. This thing which I have called for convenience  454 more words

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To: C. S. Lewis

Dear Jack Clive Staples Mr. Lewis Mr. C. S. Lewis,

I hope that it isn’t awkward to you that I use your initials in addition to your name, or instead of your full name (which I imagine might be even… 799 more words

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