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Peter Kreeft on Modern Man

I ran across a great lecture by Dr. Peter Kreeft on modern man’s situation.  It is an insightful and interesting talk.  He bases it on six different modern books that he highlights.  160 more words


Why subjectivism fails

We’ve been talking about whether the foundation of morals are objective or subjective. We theists appeal to an objective standard, an overarching conscience, if you will, that inherently guides all healthy human beings. 472 more words


Response to C.S. Lewis Abolition of Man Chapter 3

In chapter 3 of Abolition of Man, C.S. Lewis outlines perfectly the problem of grounding one’s philosophy in an objective reality or in subjectivism. He points out that objective reality is the only way to truly ground an ethics that does not corrupt the nature of people: “While we speak from within the Tao we can speak of Man having power over himself in a sense truly analogous to an individual’s self-control” (75). 453 more words


Reading Response to First Chapter of "Abolition of Man"

In the first chapter of The Abolition of Man, C.S. Lewis briefly brings up objectivity as it relates to attitudes and reason. He says, “… because our approvals and disapprovals are thus recognitions of objective value or responses to an objective order, therefore emotional states can be in harmony with reason (when we feel liking for what ought to be approved) or out of harmony with reason (when we perceive that liking is due but cannot feel it)” (19). 473 more words