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Days of Revolt: All Life is Sacred

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In this episode of Days of Revolt, host Chris Hedges sits down with legal scholar, animal rights activist, and longtime vegan, Gary Francione. Francione begins by unpacking criticisms of the vegan movement, specifically addressing the structures of power that control the means of food production and access. 78 more words


Harriet Tubman on Slavery is the Next Thing to Hell

Harriet Tubman (1822-1913) was recognized as a hero in her own day. An escaped slave, she repeatedly went back to the south and led other slaves to freedom, saving thousands. 876 more words


When Your Rent Depends On Someone's Mood - the Hot Waitress Effect

I recently made the decision not to eat at my usual place after I had a couple of …less than pleasant…  encounters with another patron there.   633 more words


Who really runs the world?

Today I read an interesting article about commonly held notions regarding the illuminati and secret societies. As someone who studies occult activity, I found the article highly intriguing; the writer is correct when he says fear of the illuminati is dangerous. 167 more words


Thoughts on the Oxfam Report

The Oxfam report, which reports on the state of economic inequality around the world, recently revealed the information that approximately 62 people control the majority of the world’s wealth, but that the one percent at the top actually only really account for maybe seven people.   222 more words


The Silent Genocide

The other day my mom asked me about my opinion regarding Autism Speaks.

You should first understand that I spent most of my life completely unaware that I had autism, and it was really only after learning that this was the case that life began to make any sense at all.   515 more words