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The Right to Bare Nipples but Not Wear a Scarf

Humans are such painfully confusing creatures to me some days.

I have never been male, so I can’t imagine what it is like, but when you are born a woman, people constantly police everything about you. 656 more words


Confessions of an abolitionist

This is a guest blog by a friend. I think it contains valuable insights in the process vegan/animal rights activists go through in terms of their emotions, their relationships with omnivores and other vegans. 1,471 more words

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Brain Transplant for Blairites: The Labour Party Conference and Jeremy Corbyn

The British Labour party conference, held in Brighton this week, demonstrated the close affinity of newly elected leader Jeremy Corbyn with the party’s rank and file. 1,070 more words


Business Idea

I often play a shopping and fashion game on Facebook called Mall World and Fashion Designer.  They interest me not so much because of the shopping part and not even so much because of the products available, but because of how they must operate on a financial level; it the game Fashion Designer for example, a person can buy their own design.   149 more words


The Heteria and the Pornocracy

During the height of the Roman Empire, women from a class called the Heteria – imperial concubines, essentially – kept the Legion officers company while attending the Circus Maximus. 113 more words


Immigration reform, human trafficking, and charter legislation in Canada

The Great Satan once told me that refugees should be considered foreign investors temporarily obstructed from their material wealth, and that by delaying in accepting refugees, Canada was giving up the opportunity to have essentially the first draft. 230 more words


Sludge to oil

I’ve recently been doing research into alternatives either to oil itself or to the type we produce from the Tar Sands or sell to foreign interests and I discovered that we could end our reliance on the Petrodollar and end our dependency on a non renewable source of energy. 125 more words