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Didi, I Want to Learn the Harmonium and Roam Around Freely: Samhita Barooah


During a visit to the Kishori Mandal at Apne Aap Women Worldwide’s Uttari Rampur Centre in Forbesganj I met some lovely girls. 1,692 more words

Bad Ideas

King's Survey: FreedomFighterTerrorist

In which we try to unravel one of the great riddles of American History

Kids, the facts of the situation are reasonably clear-cut. I’ll try and dispatch with them quickly. 1,589 more words

Jim Cullen

Wake Up Church! An Open Letter From Abolish Human Abortion

Dear Church, I am standing in front of YOUR local abortion clinic.Behind these walls thousands of human beings have been dismembered and destroyed by surgical instruments and chemical poisons.From this parking lot, thousands of women have been led to the slaughter to sacrifice their unborn children in a misguided attempt to preserve their own lives.Within these walls works a man who “lies in wait for blood”.A man who “makes the fatherless his prey”. 1,132 more words


Dec. 2, 1859: John Brown

On Dec 2, 1859,  in Charles Town, Virginia, John Brown is executed on charges of treason, murder, and insurrection.

John Brown, born in Connecticut in 1800, was an abolitionist  who believed that armed insurrection was the only way to overthrow the institution of slavery in the U:S. 157 more words

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The Liberator

Masthead of The Liberator, August 13, 1831

Blood and Water: American Adoption Stories - Harriet And Ellen: Interracial Adoption in Antislavery Children’s Literature (1856)

Sources: Lois. “Harriet and Ellen; or, The Orphan Girls” (1856; repr., Cincinnati: American Reform Tract and Book Society, 1865), v. This novel was first published in 1856 and reprinted in 1865. 415 more words