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“Milk the Deceiver”- My Thoughts of Vegetarianism

At the tender age of 11, I decided to turn vegetarian as I came to believe that killing animals for the sake of palate pleasure and basic convenience in the face of a death-free alternative was morally wrong. 1,420 more words

Abolition of Slavery in England

We in the United States are very proud of the war we fought that brought about the end of slavery at the cost of around a million people’s lives. 276 more words


Lydia Maria Child (1802-1880)

Narrative of Joanna, An Emancipated Slave, of Surinam. Boston: Isaac Knapp, 1838


The Oasis.  Mrs. Child, Published by Benjamin C. Bacon, Boston, 1834

Onlangs werd er op een veiling in New York een bijzonder boek geveild: … 761 more words

19th Century Books

Abolitionism in Question(s): Part Two

Deborah H. Drake and David Scott, The Open University

  1. Can prison abolition work in large urban centres and inner cities with high crime rates and where ordinary people are fearful of being victimised?
  2. 1,545 more words

Happy Birthday, Julia Ward Howe!

Julia Ward Howe, poet and activist, was born on May 27, 1819, and lived a long life ever dedicated to social reform.

She’s best known as the author of the… 484 more words

Written By Amy Cools

The Taste of Injustice

I cannot help You.
Your shattered Howl wasted against the concrete nerves of your oppressors
Perpetual your crippled pleas, fading-
fading fast into the depths of the Godless heavens… 104 more words


ARTICLE: Webb on Slave Narratives and the Sentencing Court

Webb, Lindsey. “Slave Narratives and the Sentencing Court.” SSRN Scholarly Paper. Rochester, NY: Social Science Research Network, September 28, 2016. 139 more words