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A Night in Cam Girl Land

Last night I had occasion to chase a rabbit into a part of the dark web I have never hithertofore entered; the land of cam boys and girls. 612 more words


Inside the Birdcage - September 4, 2015 - Thoughts on the Current Refugee Crisis

This week saw the horrific death of Aylan Kurdi, a refugee child who was lost at sea along with the majority of his family, and the already shifting winds of Canadian foreign and domestic policy altered their course as the international refugee crisis (particularly that of the Syrians) took centre stage on the campaign trails of our three major parties. 329 more words


Bird: Abolitionist? Anti-abolitionist? Segregationist?

When writing about Sheppard Lee, most scholars focus on Bird’s anti-abolitionist politics and the figure of Tom, the Virginia slave. This attention is warranted because 1) Sheppard’s transformation into Tom is by far the most dramatic in the novel and 2) written in 1836, the novel’s scenes of plantation life were published during a boom in both abolitionist and anti-abolitionist pamphlets and journals. 762 more words


Anti-slavery petitions

Like many Quakers, the Corsons of Plymouth Meeting were active in the abolitionist movement and the Underground Railroad, and at least one member of the family was involved with the American Anti-Slavery Society. 364 more words

The Death of Aylan Kurdi - The Boy on the Beach

This morning, the Internet was broken by the image of a little boy drowned to death on a beach off the coast of Greece.

His name was Aylan Kurdi, and he was part of a family who were fleeing persecution. 207 more words


August 29 - Inside the Birdcage

I have been encouraged to put my skills to use for myself, and will henceforth ry and keep my thoughts dedicated to creating worthwhile content and making sales.   185 more words


Psychology of a Caliphrate

First, the Islamic State – hereafter called the D’aash – and the other terror cells don’t just exist in a vacuum. We already already know that they fund themselves through the sale of portable antiquities they seize from heritage sites, and that they fuel their campaign of fear and power by televising the demolition of larger religioius sites. 540 more words