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Commercial Breaks

People have been fascinated by that which they don’t understand since the beginning of time; it’s simply human nature to want to solve problems and figure out the processes behind how things work. 453 more words


Concept Art

As many cryptids haven’t been “proven” to exist, artists who wish to create cryptid artwork definitely have more leeway with their pieces.  They can base their artwork off various reported sightings, but make it their own at the same time. 287 more words


How about the wind chill Mr. Carson?

Wind chill? Why it’s so cold out!

How cold is it?

It is sooo cold, the abominable snowman is staying indoors.

Mr. big, furry, warm blanket, Mr. Carson.

Barry Aulis

Quote of the Week: Happiness

The greatest happiness you can have is knowing that you do not necessarily require happiness.

–William Saroyan


This quote from William Saroyan caught me off guard when I came across it, mainly because it captured in a few words the lesson I had finally gleaned from years of  seeking this elusive beast called happiness.   294 more words


Word of the Day - Skookum

Today’s word is skookum.  Another amusing sounding word.  Anyone from the Northwest is probably familiar with it.  It refers to something large, powerful and impressive. I’ve actually read references to Sasquatch. 134 more words


Stages of a Snow Day for a New Parent

Stage 1: Denial

If you are a teacher, principal or anything relating to school, when you hear the forecast predict snow you immediately turn in to an eight year old!  744 more words

Nine Months

Can you get a better 9 month “birthday” than a snow day?  Not in this house you can’t!  I CAN NOT believe that this little monster is nine months old already!   175 more words