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The Great Falling Away - What is it?

As we get ready to celebrate Passover (March 30-31) and Easter we should be reminded that as the Lord came once, He will come a second time, and that time is near. 1,426 more words


Timeline for the Lord's Coming

We are now almost 20 years into the 21st century, and beginning in 2010 all kinds of strange happenings began around the world. This says nothing of the signs in the stars and constellations that also began happening – signs that were predicted thousands of years ago in the Bible. 1,179 more words


Watch and Pray

As trouble builds in the world, especially over Jerusalem, and as many heavenly signs are appearing, such as Blood Red Moons, Blue Moons, Rev; 12 signs of Virgo etc., many are wondering anew about the coming of the Lord that has been long predicted. 802 more words


Bloody Scourge



Tuesday of the First Week in Lent

And Jesus went into the temple of God, and cast out all them that sold and bought… and overthrew the tables of the money changers and the chairs of them that sold (Mt. 265 more words

Christian Life

Oath of Allegiance and Changes to the Mass - Setting up the Infrastructure for the New One-World Church


Priests beware –
  • An article by Fra Cristoforo on 03/01/2017 announced that there is a (secret) …
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Errors And Truth

Justin Timberlake’s Superbowl Halftime Worship Service to the Abomination of Desolation

The Twin Cities are an awesome place to visit. The people there are friendly, everywhere you turn and everyone you talk to, has that quaint Minnesota accent, ‘you betcha, don’t cha know’. 1,813 more words


Does the Bible provide much information on Jesus’ Second Coming?

There is more prophetic evidence about Jesus’ second coming than any other prophetic event in the Bible. 805 more words

End Times Prophecy