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Native Pow wow song remixed 

When I first heard the song it was the original version the classic Pow wow version by Black lodge singers – Puppy love – the song was really catchy “do you really really love me because I really love you because there is no more puppy love hey yah..” … 74 more words


Canada's History Magazine: The Unpaved Road

My article on strengthening North America’s indigenous languages was published in Canada’s History Magazine in its Dec-Jan issue! Doing a media project on this topic was something I was aiming to do for a while and after many detours along the way it has finally happened. 12 more words


Jan 4th, 2015 - 1:12 am

As an angsty 21 year old, I have a lot of challenges and obstacles that present themselves.

Lately I’ve found that being active controls my chemical imbalances (haha), that cause mood swings and bouts of depression and anxiety. 158 more words


jan 2nd, 2015

She was the type to thrive in silence. Later on, she could regret the times she stayed silent rather than spoke up. How many times could she come to terms with the silence? 307 more words


Oh it's so shocking blah blah

Why are people shocked that Aboriginal kids die 5.2 times more than their non Aboriginal counterparts?

Most will live in substandard housing, be the object of racism, have one or both parents self-medicating via alcohol or other drugs, leading to vicious addictions, maybe a parent in jail, at least an uncle, cousin or Aunt. 215 more words



our ancestors respected their kind domicile
Mother Earth’s abundant refuge
light, birdsong, their time pieces
a morning musk offered forecast
rustling leaves identifying the day’s temper… 54 more words


Wax Warriors Record Label Release - BASSHEADZ

December 4, 2014

Wax Warriors Record Label (WWRL) was created to contribute to the solidarity of Aboriginal Peoples in Canada. In order to achieve their mission, WWRL has started promoting and distributing Electronica made by young Aboriginal Producers. 330 more words