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'National Geographic' Reckons With Its Past: 'Our Coverage Was Racist'


((Commentary from: Oldpoet56) During my lifetime I probably read articles within National Geographic Magazines about a dozen times. Because I only read spot articles here and there I never realized that they had been this racist. 1,187 more words



I thought about this word recently, when writing about the story often shared about the origins of the word kangaroo. Obviously the word is now most associated with the native people of Australia. …

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Monday musings on Australian literature: Jane Austen and the Stolen Generations

Yes, you read right, this very brief Monday Musings post is about what Jane Austen might have said – did say in her way – about the Stolen Generations. 285 more words

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Advanced Australia Fair


While sensible people have been proudly celebrating the formation, in tough conditions, by tough people, of the worlds 13th largest economy – the advanced, dynamic democracy that is Australia – the usual bunch of Renta-gimps have been bleating about it, and ‘demonstrating’. 769 more words


Invasion day/Australia day Rally in support of the Aboriginal population

While the PLAN had been to spend the whole day attending a series of events that were scattered around the city through to the massive fireworks display at night, the only thing we managed to attend was a rally in support of the Australian Aboriginals ( 1,657 more words


Making headlines: Was Göbekli Tepe built by Aboriginal Australians?

Most astonishing news are spreading these days again. An article published November 14th in Epoch Times [external link] was claiming a truly amazing discovery already in it’s headline: “Australian Aboriginal symbols found on mysterious 12,000-year-old-pillar in Turkey”. 1,048 more words


Monday musings on Australian literature: Teaching indigenous texts

This post was inspired by an email I received from Reading Australia announcing a partnership with the Broome-based indigenous publisher Magabala Books for a project that was… 701 more words

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