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Aboriginals stagnated for 50,000 years as hunter-gatherers and missed the agricultural revolution

Australian Aboriginals are regarded in a very romantic light these days but the reality is that they are an example of a human population which, whether for cultural or genetic reasons or both, missed the agricultural revolution which swept the world between 10 and 15,000 years ago. 630 more words


Monday musings on Australian literature: Reconciliation Day in Canberra

Today, 28 May 2018, we in Canberra celebrated our inaugural Reconciliation Day Public Holiday. We are the first jurisdiction in Australia to have such a public holiday*. 818 more words

Australian Literature


We have a history in Australia

Of our fighting men,

Stories are told, again and again

Of these soldiers and their woes

Of Simpson and his donkey… 128 more words


'National Geographic' Reckons With Its Past: 'Our Coverage Was Racist'


((Commentary from: Oldpoet56) During my lifetime I probably read articles within National Geographic Magazines about a dozen times. Because I only read spot articles here and there I never realized that they had been this racist. 1,187 more words



I thought about this word recently, when writing about the story often shared about the origins of the word kangaroo. Obviously the word is now most associated with the native people of Australia. …

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Monday musings on Australian literature: Jane Austen and the Stolen Generations

Yes, you read right, this very brief Monday Musings post is about what Jane Austen might have said – did say in her way – about the Stolen Generations. 285 more words

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Advanced Australia Fair


While sensible people have been proudly celebrating the formation, in tough conditions, by tough people, of the worlds 13th largest economy – the advanced, dynamic democracy that is Australia – the usual bunch of Renta-gimps have been bleating about it, and ‘demonstrating’. 769 more words