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Monday musings on Australian literature: Explorer's journals (1, Edward John Eyre)

I have delved before into Australian explorer’s journals when researching posts, but I must admit that I’ve never read one right through. However, I don’t think that prevents my sharing some of the things they have to offer … 1,377 more words

Australian Literature

What Is The Australian Outback?

Some of the Internet websites I’ve read, as well as travel brochures for overseas, just get the whole Outback thing completely wrong.

For an Australian, the outback is a place (with a blurry transition line) west beyond the Darling River in NSW (some 1000km from Sydney), west beyond Longreach in Qld, in the majority of South Australia, the central and southern parts of the Northern Territory, and the northern, central and eastern parts of Western Australia. 665 more words


Why am I writing this?

I am born and bred in Australia. In fact, I’m a fifth generation Australian. As a photographer and an historian I’ve had the privilege to travel and live in many different places in this country, from the north to the south and from the coast to the outback. 179 more words


celestial compositions

     women see more than men
your aunt speaks like she’s in prayer
     women see more than men, know more of the world than men
it’s a sort of secret, mangoes heavy around you, like jewels in the moonlight… 284 more words

Words of the Week 16/2016 - Aboriginal Australians

Words of the Week 16/2016

Aboriginal Australians

Aboriginal Australians are legally defined as people who are members “of the Aboriginal race of Australia” (indigenous to the Australian continent—mainland Australia or to the island of Tasmania). 90 more words



I think many people are questioning the type of people who rise to leadership positions in any society. Some of them do so by force, inflicting brutal regimes on their people. 482 more words

Monday musings on Australian literature: Blak and Bright

I should have written about the Blak and Bright last Monday, as the Festival was held last weekend, but unfortunately I only heard about it – my inattention, I’m sure – a few days ago, via an ABC RN program (which you can… 726 more words

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