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Dialogue with Australia


This is a dialogue with UNE, by which I mean the University of New England (in Armidale, New South Wales), my Alma Mater in Australia. 1,008 more words


A for Aboriginal

A clip from the first indigenous TV show on ABC-TV 1973


This goes in Folder A for Aboriginal (as in Australian Aboriginal).

There is an interesting thing about how we think / how we thought about the indigenous populations of places (or entire continents) which have been taken over by… 1,018 more words


Ellen van Neerven, Heat and light (Review)

It’s silly I know, but I had a little thrill at the end of Ellen van Neerven’s Heat and light, because not only was the last story set in a place where I spent six of the formative years of my childhood – Sandgate on the northern edge of Brisbane – but one of the characters learnt to swim in the same pool there that I did, and her brother has a beagle, just as we did. 1,065 more words

Australian Literature

(White) Australia Day

In light of the nation taking the opportunity presented by our assigned national day yesterday to drink excessive amounts of alcohol, consume excessive amounts of barbecued meat and pavlova, and gad about in budgie smugglers and cork hats the only day of the year such garments are deemed acceptable, I’d like to reflect about the best and more importantly, the worst things about the country I live in. 616 more words

Aboriginal Australians

Demagogues and Demographics: Why Compulsory Contraception for the Dole Can't Work

Something of a stir has been made recently by the former Labor minister Gary Johns, when he publicly suggested that those on the dole should not be eligible to have children without losing their benefits. 724 more words