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Everyone's an Aboriginal

We discriminate positively,
And your origin – that is the key
Which may unlock a chest
That has wealth manifest –
All depends on that family tree.
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MOONDANG-AK KAARADJINY 'The Carers of Everything' - Noel Nannup Karda

“As the spirits wandered they suddenly realised that they were all going to become real. They did not know where, when, how or why. The spirits began to speak with each other. 40 more words


Dr. Cornel West & a Theory for Change

Originally produced on http://alltogethernow.org.au/atn/news/dr-cornel-west/

“Justice is what love looks like in public.”

What could you expect from an Evening with Dr. Cornel West? He is a man who is a theologian, philosopher, poet, author of 20 books, and a love warrior. 474 more words


beDevil (1993)

beDevil(1993) directed by Tracey Moffat is an experimental feminist film. Tracey Moffat is an Australian Aboriginal raised by white parents so her films are often about being a person of color and a woman in Australia. 442 more words

25th edition of the First Peoples Festival

Présence autochtone, the 25th edition of the First Peoples Festival, is currently taking place at Place des Arts in Montréal, and is definitely worth checking out. 295 more words


Algonquin Black Indians

N. E. Annual Pow-Wow of Algonquin Indians. Providence, R.I. October 14, 1925.” The image was vaguely familiar so I spent some time looking through my library and lo and behold, it was published in 1975 in The Narragansett People by Ethel Boissevain, pages 76 & 77. 51 more words