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Glass Kimberley Point by Karl Lee

Today we had Karl Lee for the day, demonstrating and producing various pieces for three different research projects including my own. I tasked him with producing a Kimberley Point from the second piece of modern 6mm plate glass found at Chorlton Water Park. 166 more words

Experimental Archaeology

The point of today

This is the first series of removals from a 7mm fragment of plate glass from Chorlton Ees. After doing the same on the other side I used a hard hammer to get it into shape, my large pressure flaker to thin it and then the small flaker to finish it. 60 more words

Experimental Archaeology

My Canada, 86/150: Operatic endeavours

The thing I remember most about my first opera was the stuck dragon.

This was a production of Mozart’s The Magic Flute and we high-school music students came by the busload to the then-called O’Keefe Centre in Toronto to see this master work. 912 more words


I think I have just passed my Kimberley Points 'A' Level

I can’t seem to stop myself at the moment. This was a large piece of 6mm plate glass found at Chorlton Water Park yesterday. It was from near a blown down tree but I think the glass is modern. 274 more words

Experimental Archaeology

Australian Bush Poetry, Verse & Music

Yesterday, Ally and I were blessed enough to be invited to watch a show written and produced by a friend of ours.  It was a truly wonderful presentation filled with poetry, songs, dance and focused on telling the tale of Australia.  458 more words

National Engineering Month: Indigenous Perspectives on Engineering and Systems Thinking

This past March was National Engineering Month in Canada, and an organization that I volunteer with, Engineers Without Borders (EWB) Canada, invited me to write a guest blog post on the importance of diversity in engineering. 155 more words


Where Did the Days Go?

As badly as I was looking forward to the holidays, as quick it is over. I can hardly believe that everybody is stressing about their midterms already, and all I am anxious for is my practicum that starts in about two weeks. 401 more words