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The ultimate fauxpology

It was Sorry Day in Australia this week, the day we recognise the impact of the forced removal of children from Aboriginal families. I’m gonna argue its Sorry Not Sorry Day. 588 more words


My Dad's Indigenous Glass Mosaics

I put this together this week, this Video is dedicated with love to my Step Dad Nick Spitzmacher, the artist of these beautiful mosaics. This is one of his later creations, before he left this planet in 2013. 27 more words



"I believe when you've been stuck too long in one spot,
it's best to throw a grenade and jump. And pray."
- Robyn
Dir: John Curran… 53 more words

Review - Alfie's Big Wish

Alfie’s Big Wish, by David Hardy

About: This is a sweet little kids’ tale, about loneliness and finding a friend, set within the context of nomadic Aboriginal culture. 108 more words

Picture Book

Letter to the Young Person Who Pinched my Book


I forget your name. We met only once and it was a couple of years ago. You were a new waiter and I was an old coffee drinker. 572 more words


How do you feel?

How do I feel? That is such a foreign concept. How. Do. I. Feel.

How… The beginning of a question which implies I know the mechanics of something. 139 more words


'They wore their culture for all to see' - The Cultural Frontline - BBC World Service

Artist Tiriki Onus is reviving the traditional Aboriginal craft of possum skin cloaks. The cloaks were important cultural artefacts for his ancestors and his is the first in over a century to be made only from entirely traditional techniques. 14 more words