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Prolife Petition Needs Only 21 Signatures to Reach 100!

Abortion providers should be required to be truthful with their clients about the risks of abortion plus the alternatives to abortion. Patients have the legal right to informed consent for any other medical procedure. 261 more words

Prolife Petition Needs 94 Signatures to Get to 400!

Defunding Panned Parenthood is not enough. We need to call on Congress to move the funds to abortion alternatives such as the estimated 13,000 community clinics throughout the U.S..   89 more words

Just Say No to (Prescription) Drugs and to Curses, too!

The very last thing you need is a socially acceptable drug pusher/curse giver.

I had my first experience with drugs delivering my first child, Vann.  It was Demerol and it was terrifying in a situation where I was already in an abyss of fear. 843 more words

Crucial Information On Abortion Options In Grapevine TX That You Need To Know

Your worst fear has just been confirmed. You’re indeed pregnant. You burst into tears. You’re terrified. You’re lost and feeling vulnerable. What to do now? How do you handle a pregnancy that is not in your plan at the moment? 456 more words

Abortion Clinics In Boston MA Alternatives Worth Considering When Faced With Unexpected Pregnancy

Your worst fear is confirmed. You are indeed pregnant! Suddenly you’re bombarded with all sorts of emotions that you never thought you’d feel all at the same time. 501 more words

Safe Abortion Clinic In San Diego CA Alternatives Worth Exploring When Faced With An Unplanned Pregnancy

An unplanned pregnancy more often than not is often very difficult and stressful to deal with. Most women who are in dealing with it usually have to deal with several negative emotions like sadness, anger, betrayal and denial just to name a few. 450 more words

Unplanned Pregnancy And Abortion Clinics In Pittsburgh PA Alternatives

Being pregnant can be one of the most wonderful experiences in life. Well, at least it is for most women who look forward to the chance to pro-create life. 563 more words