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It Rains Pennies From Heaven

Graham filled his bottle with coins. The final coin went in on a rainy Tuesday morning. Not regular rain. We were under a flash flood. He said the coins were for babies. 426 more words

Lele Marie

Crucial Information On Abortion Options In Grapevine TX That You Need To Know

Your worst fear has just been confirmed. You’re indeed pregnant. You burst into tears. You’re terrified. You’re lost and feeling vulnerable. What to do now? How do you handle a pregnancy that is not in your plan at the moment? 456 more words

Abortion Clinics In Boston MA Alternatives Worth Considering When Faced With Unexpected Pregnancy

Your worst fear is confirmed. You are indeed pregnant! Suddenly you’re bombarded with all sorts of emotions that you never thought you’d feel all at the same time. 501 more words

Safe Abortion Clinic In San Diego CA Alternatives Worth Exploring When Faced With An Unplanned Pregnancy

An unplanned pregnancy more often than not is often very difficult and stressful to deal with. Most women who are in dealing with it usually have to deal with several negative emotions like sadness, anger, betrayal and denial just to name a few. 450 more words

Unplanned Pregnancy And Abortion Clinics In Pittsburgh PA Alternatives

Being pregnant can be one of the most wonderful experiences in life. Well, at least it is for most women who look forward to the chance to pro-create life. 563 more words

Planned Parenthood (just making a little extra money to help women, I guess)

Women, if you need help, steer clear of Planned Parenthood, please.  Find help at facilities that care for you and your baby.  Places like Confidential Care for Women… 28 more words

Life Lessons

Providing a Place of Refuge

Many times in our battle to end legalized abortion, those who are pro-life (or life advocates) are often accused of not helping or providing for those women who are pregnant and need resources. 246 more words