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Film Review : Obvious Child (2014)

IMDB Score – 6.8
Rotten Tomato Score – 90%
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Directed By – Gillian Robespierre
Starring – Jenny Slate, Gabby Hoffmann, Jack Lacy, Richard Kind, Polly Draper, Gabe Liedman, and David Cross… 767 more words

Film Review

Sneaky Sneaky

“Our pride is killing us as much as all of those things we haughtily refrain from doing would.  But, somehow we consider it righteous to be proud of ourselves.

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Abortion Surpasses Powerball in US News & World Report’s Latest Ranking of America’s Best College Savings Plans

The results are in. Terminating your pregnancy is now the best way to assure you can afford to pay for your child’s education costs in the coming decades, this according to the recent rankings released by US News & World Report, the company famous for its influential annual rankings of “America’s Best Colleges.” 829 more words

Oh My. The End Must be NIgh

Just when I have been thinking that Americans have become so polarized that agreement on anything is impossible, I see this headline (H/T New Advent) 453 more words


Supreme Court Busy These Days As It Should Be!

Since they have already done so much damage to this country through some of their rulings, it is time they act as Constitutional Judges and make some Constitutional decisions. 348 more words

Supreme Court

Why Did The Dems Have To Use Illegals To Get Elected?

There really is only one reason why Barack Obama has decided to unilaterally allow illegal immigrants to this country a path to citizenship, a path to avoid getting deported, and a path to avoid jail time. 524 more words


Thus Saith The LORD!

Matthew 22:21
. . . Then saith he unto them, Render therefore unto Caesar the things which are Caesar’s; and unto God the things that are God’s. 1,280 more words