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Baby Murder Is A Victimless Crime, Or Late-Term Abortion Is Baby Murder

Why is it that ‘baby murder’ is considered the vilest of crimes, even by those of us who dismiss abortion as a victimless crime, because fetuses lack sentience? 109 more words


Happiness... Sharing it here because not sure family will quite understand ... And don't want people laughing right in my face:)

Absolutely love the “likes” and support I have received so far. There was a time, long again, when I let myself consider the flattering idea of, “What if people admire me so much that I believe I am amazing and actually accomplish something in life?” 425 more words

Checking In

Colorado State Representative and Wacko Televangelist Gordon Klingenschmitt Says That Brutal Attack on a Pregnant Woman Is “The Curse of God upon America” (VIDEO)

By Elaine Magliaro

Last November, I wrote a post about Gordon Klingenschmitt, a far-right Christian zealot and anti-gay televangelist also known as “Dr. Chaps,” who had been “swept into office” in Colorado with just under 70% of the vote. 470 more words

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Ohio State Representative Teresa Fedor, Democrat, stood up in front of a room in Ohio State government, a room filled mostly with men, and just revealed the most painful thing a woman can reveal about herself – rape, pregnancy, & abortion – and, there was at least one man in the room who laughed at her. 172 more words


Retroactive Abortion

Retroactive abortion

If abortion was retroactive
How many folks would be gone
If parents could choose a do over ?


Session 2015: Lawmakers Have Lots Left To Tackle After Break

ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — The Legislature has reached its spring break before grinding its way to the May 18 mandatory adjournment.

Once lawmakers return in early April they’ll concentrate on shaping a new two-year budget, but there’s much more hanging in the balance. 1,116 more words


We Are The Pro Life Generation

Hey everyone who is reading this! Are you ready to follow a blog all about pro life and the abortion issue? If so, that’s great! I am writing here to save the millions of babies(40-50 million) who are murdered in their mothers wombs each and every day here in the United States. 274 more words