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The Trump administration stresses abstinence as birth control

From this article: “The Trump administration has published its new plan for fighting teen pregnancy and its message to teens is clear: don’t have sex. 73 more words


The Underlying Message of 'The Visitation'

During the Annunciation, the Angel Gabriel informs Mary that her cousin Elizabeth is in her sixth month of gestation, letting her know that though barren and advanced in age, the birth of Elizabeth’s baby, like Mary’s, would be a miraculous event. 590 more words


Life is Good (by Steve Hall)

I love hearing my husband Steve preach and teach from God’s Word. Over the years I have grown by listening to his wisdom as he teaches, and also by watching him live so humbly as a servant of the Lord. 81 more words

Devotional Thoughts

CEDAW re Northern Ireland abortion laws: grave and systematic violations of women’s rights

Many thanks to Professors Claire Pierson of the University of Liverpool,  Kathryn McNeilly of Queen’s University Belfast and Fiona Bloomer of Ulster University, founding members of the Reproductive Health Law and Policy Advisory Group, … 610 more words


Chile: Constitutional Court abortion decision - now in English!

Congratulations and thanks to the legal translators* of the landmark 2017 abortion decision in Chile.  In this 294-page ruling, the Constitutional Court of Chile upheld the constitutionality of new government legislation that would remove the criminal prohibition on procuring an abortion on three grounds:  when there is imminent risk to the life of the mother, in case of fatal fetal disease, and in cases of rape.  265 more words


Argentina: Historic opportunity to legalize abortion

Many thanks to Mercedes Cavallo, a doctoral student at the University of Toronto’s Faculty of Law, for updating REPROHEALTHLAW subscribers about current developments in her home country of Argentina, based on the  Opinion piece she published in Clarin, a Spanish periodical, on March 10, 2018.  286 more words


Alfie Evans, His Father And The Culture Of Death

I’m only going to write very briefly on this, as I’m about to pray a rosary for little Alfie.

There has been so much vitriol towards the Evans family in England. 177 more words