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Sewer Your Unwanted Pregnancy Out From The Womb Using MTP Kit

Stella was a divorced mother of Maria (17 years). She got separated from her spouse 5 years back after fighting a legal fight for 2 years. 521 more words


Aborting A Child Now Becomes A Simple One With Family Clinic

Women should consider certain important facts when they approach an abortion clinic. This will help them to reduce risks and other issues effectively. Nowadays, there are many family clinics that offer family planning programs with advanced techniques for controlling the birth rates to a larger extent. 220 more words


Family Planning & Abortion Clinics in Tucson,AZ

https://fpamg.com – Symptoms says that you may be pregnant? You have to find an accurate answer as soon as possible. Contact our abortion clinic today to schedule your appointment – (602) 553-0440.


Liberals attempt to calm fears of faith-based groups over summer jobs program

OTTAWA – Faith-based organizations are welcome to seek federal funding to create summer jobs for youth, the Liberal government says, but it has not budged from a new requirement that recipients demonstrate they respect a woman’s right to have an… 702 more words


Susan G Komen's crusade - to give you cancer?

The Susan G Komen foundation for the cure is one of North America’s largest charities dedicated to curing breast cancer.

A wonderful cause and a noble ambition. 233 more words

Danielle Smith: Abortion edict exposes federal government to charter challenge

My position on abortion doesn’t really align with either side in the polarized debate, but I’m prepared to hear arguments from both sides.

The Liberal Government apparently is not and just whacked the proverbial hornet’s nest with its decision to discriminate against pro-life groups in the Canada Summer Jobs program. 637 more words

Justin Trudeau

Moral Support: Stand for Life; Support Unborn Child Protection Act

Moral Support:

Stand for Life; Support Unborn Child Protection Act

Dear Stand4Life Supporter,

I’m asking you to follow President Trump’s lead.

The White House issued a statement in support of a House bill that would make it illegal for any person to perform, or attempt to perform, an abortion of… 159 more words

Judeo-Christian Culture