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Abortion: On the fence.

This is such a controversial topic and like many I once believed that there was only one way to feel about such an action, and that was dead-set against it. 1,621 more words


Stacey Dash goes in on Planned Parenthood

Stacey Dash isn’t buying Planned Parenthood’s assertion that they help African-American women. She claims that Planned Parenthood cannot make such an assertion because of her claims that African-American women are being affected in a “disproportionate” way by abortion. 180 more words


Abortion and Adoption

The abortion debate has been a hot-button issue for a long time. To recognize the fact that this issue could possibly shut down our government, I thought I would talk about it today. 796 more words


Who should be the Republican Nominee?

After two debates, fifteen candidates are still standing, and many conservatives are still tossing up several candidates. There are still more than three months until the Iowa Caucus, but the Fox News debate was already two months ago. 4,198 more words

The Law Of God

I believe ...

Here’s what I believe:

I believe millennials are defined. The media, social commentators and cultural experts have already lumped the young adult generation into one group, calling it this one word. 701 more words

The Pin Drop

Oregon Genocide

I have opened the window to write a new post probably over 100 times sense my last posting. I have thought that I felt the need to write something, but it all feels like it is blurring together for me. 1,905 more words