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My heart has cried out time and time again to write this blog, but in my hesitancy to discuss controversial topics on social media, I’ve kept my thoughts to myself. 863 more words


Are you a "Cafeteria Catholic" Like Tim Kaine?

Archbishop Joseph Naumann, the Catholic head of the Kansas City archdiocese stated in the archdiocese newspaper that Democratic Vice Presidential candidate Tim Kaine was a “Cafeteria Catholic.”  He selected what was politically convenient for him. 845 more words

Try These Simple Actions to Avoid Foothill Abortions

Foothill abortions occur thanks to the Pajahuello tick that makes its home in the foothills of Nevada, California, and Oregon says the California Cattlemen. The tick carries a bacteria that makes calves weak, causes failure to thrive, and more commonly causes death. 199 more words


"Show Your Solidarity with Korean Women" leaflet #blackprotest #repealthe8th

A “Show Your Solidarity with Korean Women – Decriminalization of Abortion” leaflet picked up at a Dublin Protest. It unites the Irish Repeal the 8th struggle with that of the Black Protest movement in South Korea and RAZEM in Poland.


A Consideration of Abortion and the Christian

Abortion and the Christian

by John Frame

At first glance, the question of abortion seems a fairly easy one for Christians to answer. The Bible forbids mur­der; abortion is murder; therefore, the Bible forbids abor­tion. 1,980 more words


Not a Political Issue

We see politicians taking the abortion issue very seriously. Some are pro-life, some are pro-choice. Let me just shed some light on this issue.

1. It is not a topic that should sit in the hands of a money-hungry politician. 239 more words


You Say You're Pro-Life - But Are You Really?

I don’t do politics. Politics is ugly. Especially this election, yeesh. It seems, that one of the major divisive talking points is the pro-choice vs pro-life argument. 1,215 more words

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When you say you are pro-life, please explain and define exactly what you mean. I cannot add anything else. This article leaves you reeling. The transformations of the fortunate children who were adopted serve to mitigate an ounce of the pain. If this doesn't make you think hard, nothing will. Transformation