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You Can Stop Killing Children

If you work in the abortion industry, And Then There Were None can help you transition to a life free of the slaughter of innocent human beings. 20 more words


Tomi Lahren banned off of the Blaze for good... predictable Glenn Beck... that guy's a freakin' loser!

So Tomi Lahren has gotten banned/fired off of The Blaze network for good. For what? Just for having one liberal view, really? Tomi having one liberal view while this fraud named Glenn Beck has many liberal views. 197 more words


Never Give Up On Those Scheduled To Die Today

Great change requires great commitment. What if someone gave up on you?


Will You Help Lift A Stone?

Millions of us have been lifting stones to end the human atrocity of abortion over the last four decades. The more hands at work, the faster the mountain will move.

We need your help.


When Did YOUR Life Begin?

Many people support killing children in the womb yet most of them believe a woman’s choice to abort her child must be taken away at some point. 581 more words


168 Anti-Abortion Bills Have Already Been Introduced In 2017

Here’s a look at 90 of them.

Joseph Silk, David Brumbaugh, Matthew Hill, Mark Chelgren, Justin Humphrey, and Brad Klippert—just six of the many legislators who have introduced anti-abortion bills so far in 2017. 2,012 more words

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