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Thoughts of the Absurd (1)

There are never enough silly and whacked out things said on Internet.  In fact, the boundaries of what is said by people that think they have something intelligent to say are practically non-existent. 333 more words


Having children is not what gets in the way of women's careers.

I saw an article today about how many pro-choice advocates claim that having children hinders women’s careers, but it gave evidence to the contrary. There are plenty of women  out there who have made having both children and a career work. 92 more words

Abortion leads to ableism.

So, I’ve read several articles lately about doctors pushing for abortions of babies with Down Syndrome and other disabilities. Suddenly, I realized that when the Left is guilty then of ableism and hypocrisy. 128 more words

Dem Strategist: Demanding “Purity Test” On Abortion Will Purify Us Into Irrelevance

A pro-Life Democrat is like a snowman in the summer. No one can be sure how it got built in the first place, or even if it is really a snowman – but everyone can rest assured that if it is a genuine snowman it won’t be there for long.

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When abortion is the man’s choice -64% of women feel pressured into abortion by their partners.

The following post is a re-post from LifeSiteNews and is by Sarah Terzo April 25, 2017 Abortion is touted as a woman’s choice, but according to one study, 64% of women feel pressured into abortion by their partners.

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What women know about sex (and eggs)

One of the best-known stories from the ancient Greek medical texts tells of a slave entertainer who became pregnant but didn’t know what to do about it. 609 more words


Democrat Leaders tell their Party...You can be Pro-life, but you WILL Support Infanticide/ Abortion if you want to be a dim-o-crat...

How do they get away with calling abortion “women’s reproductive health?”

If a woman kills her baby…she’s NOT reproducing…and stabbing a baby in the head with scissors…is NOT health… 260 more words

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