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Ireland: "Citizens' Assembly" makes radical proposals to legalize baby-slaughtering

Ireland’s Prime Minister Enda Kenny is coming closer to his objective of destroying the moral texture of Irish society. Two years after the constitutional referendum that re-defined marriage as a union of “two persons” (thus opening it to the absurd notion of a “marriage” between persons of the same sex), his next target is the abolition of the constitutional protections for the right to life of the weakest and most helpless members of society, unborn children. 253 more words


Reminder: March for Life Saturday 20th May

This year’s UK March For Life will be held in Birmingham on Saturday 20th May. In this 50th year of the Abortion Act in the UK, it is time for us to make our pro-life presence felt. 71 more words


Sinn Féin and abortion: time to choose a side

Note: most of this was written on an iPad Mini on an airplane, so please excuse lack of hyperlinks and fadas.

It is more than a decade ago, and Dublin Sinn Féin are holding a full members’ meeting to discuss party development. 1,139 more words


WATCH: Pro-Life Teens Cursed Out by Public School Admin: ‘I Don’t Give a F*** What You Think Jesus Tells Me”

A recent video that demonstrates the courage of those in the pro-life movement is quickly going viral. The video which can be seen below is already closing in on 30,000 views despite only being posted two days ago.

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Huge Win for Pro-Lifers! Trump Appoints Anti-Abortion Leader Yoest to Top HHS Post

During the campaign, many conservatives wondered if President Donald Trump was truly a supporter of the pro-life movement. Trump had, for example, irritated many pro-lifers by saying Planned Parenthood – the nation’s most prolific killer of the unborn – “has done very good work for many, many — for millions of women.” Trump had also…

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Donald Trump

Does his opinion matter?

I would like to touch more on the reading we did called “Are Moral Voices Gendered?” by Eric Plutzer .I think it is important to bring up such a controversial topic such as abortion, in order to bring awareness to the many sides to the topic. 222 more words

Life Begins at Perception

Science has produced another marvel. It has created an artificial womb that can be used to provide a more suitable environment for preemie babies who cannot stay in the mother’s natural womb. 635 more words