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Inconsequential Tissue

You don’t know me and really you don’t want to.  The counselor you go to tells you that it’s the best choice.  She tells you that you are young, your life is before you and nothing should get in the way of it.   236 more words

Everything Written So Far

One of the things I love the most about being on a college campus is the potential for an exchange of ideas. 

My favorite freedom protected under the First Amendment is the freedom of the press. 1,061 more words

A Man's Voice

I felt outraged at what women had been doing to men for all these years. But things were slowly, gradually, turning around. At least there was that. 731 more words


A Striking Hypocrisy

These devastated mothers lost their preborn sons and daughters to the heartbreaking tragedy of miscarriage. They were so affected by their loss that they tattooed permanent memorials to their children on their skin. 218 more words


"Sexual liberty should win"

Upholding sexual liberty is the most important goal of the die-hard social liberal. There are many examples of this.

1) Chai Feldblum, now commissioner of the EEOC, said this about the supremacy of sexual liberty in an interview with  338 more words