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It's a very very mad world

It frustrates me that It’s 2015 and we live in a very controlling world with very little say in what we are allowed to do. 359 more words

Clinton-appointed judge rules that pro-life license plates are "patently offensive"

Here’s an interesting story from The Daily Caller. (H/T Mary from Marin)

It says:

A new decision by the Second Circuit Court of Appeals holds that New York’s state government has the right to ban “Choose Life” license plates on the grounds that such a statement is “patently offensive.”

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Are You Paying for Boko Haram Abortions?

Janet Benshoof, President of the Global Justice Center, believes that abortion will cure what Boko Haram is doing to women and girls. In a recent… 412 more words


Anyang’i Please don’t Die

Anyang’i please don’t die,
If you do, at your funeral who will cry?
We’ll either be obliged to hire nyalenda professional mourners,
Or you’ll only be mourned by the colossal summer latrine flies,

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It Makes Me Bitter

We were driving one day and started talking about our medical history. I have no idea how we ended up on the topic, but somehow we fell into an old conversation. 689 more words

Recurrent Pregnancy Loss

Some Concerns on Infant Salvation

Whether infants who die are redeemed or condemned is certainly a knotty problem and one that deserves to be treated soberly. Here, I will not attempt to tease out the various issues and reach a conclusion. 469 more words