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Jeremiah 2:32-35 ~ Scriptural Thoughts by Eudora

Jeremiah 2:32-35

Can a maid forget her ornaments, or a bride her attire? yet My people have forgotten Me days without number. Why trimmest thou thy way to seek love? 966 more words


Buttressing Pro-Choice Abortion Quarrels

There are many arguments in favor of abortion access. Make use of them to deny your adversary the ‘pro-life’ tags; pro-choice advocates are not ‘anti-life’, so it’s a misleading tag. 226 more words


Texas makes move to take out Planned Parenthood from Medicaid

The hearing began in the capital this week in a plan that the senate has to remove Medicaid from Planned Parenthood. Employees of the nonprofit began to discuss an issue that started the debate as far back as 2015. 281 more words

Shocking History of Abortion in Adventist Church! [Adventists and Abortion Series] Video by Andrew Michell, Comments by Nic Samojluk

New Revelations Connected with Abortion and Gambling

This new video created by Andrew Prolife Michell contains dramatic revelations that might surprise many Adventist members. These new discoveries are the result of hard work and the providential guidance from above. 661 more words


Weekly Devotional 1/18/17: When Is 'It' a Baby?

This week in history takes us back to the infamous Roe vs. Wade Supreme Court decision concerning abortion on demand. There’s been millions of children murdered since that fateful day in 1973, and the God who gave them life is not pleased. 592 more words

An Unanswered Question


How did you decide to become a pro choice activist and what shaped your views on abortion?


As a child I was very anti choice. 367 more words


8 to 5 Ep13: Tomorrow

Happy Wednesday! Always a pleasure to spend time with you every week. Aside the fact that nobody acknowledged my heartfelt apology, I am doing just fine. 1,995 more words