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Singh reiterates support for Fredericton abortion clinic fighting to stay open

NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh visited a Fredericton abortion clinic Saturday that is struggling to remain open because New Brunswick does not cover abortions performed outside hospitals. 622 more words


GOP confirms fierce opponent of reproductive rights to federal bench

It’s not just the quantity of Donald Trump’s judicial nominees who’ve been confirmed by Senate Republicans; as regular readers know, it’s also the quality that’s striking. 509 more words

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The Democratic Party is Anti-Christian


This is the two party platform as to what they believe in. The Democratic party is pro-choice. God is pro-life. Therefore the Democratic party is not in compliance with God. 155 more words


Abortion: Staying Classy

Who had access to abortion services prior to the Roe v. Wade decision in 1973 was in many ways a class based issue. Contemporary researchers were aware of the discrepancy of abortion access sought to explore how class affected one’s access to abortion and in turn how access to abortion dictated one’s future class status. 747 more words

Abortion: The Responsibility of Physicians

Prior to the legalization of abortion, physicians were often forced to choose between upholding the law or upholding their oath to do no harm. By refusing an abortion a physician was likely condemning a woman to non-medically trained abortionists and who often left with women with sever bodily harm. 982 more words

For Women, Republicans are the Enemy; Why Vote for Any of Them?

Let me begin with a personal statement. In general, I would like to believe that most women who experience an unwanted pregnancy would choose to cherish the life their unborn babies. 414 more words

Abortion bullshit Part 1 - Slutty women are to blame

There’s so much absolute woman-hating bullshit written about abortions, it’s hard to break it down into meaningful chunks but I’m going to try. First up is the idea that women are responsible for abortions through their own slutty sexual behaviour. 536 more words