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Day 5 - Lesson Learned

Happy Tuesday!  My birthday is over and my son has went back to Alaska.  I am on day 5 of no sugar again, and I have missed writing! 303 more words

One Day At A Time


Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Na’ilah. Since I was a young girl I’ve loved art. I gravitate towards anything creative, whether it is art, fashion or crafting. 243 more words


I'm your midnight fellow

‘ ตอนเที่ยงคืน…เล่าอะไรก็ได้ให้เราฟังหน่อย ‘

บางทีก็เล่าก่อนเที่ยงคืน ถ้าเรื่องนั้นอดใจไม่ไหว


Day 126 - May days......

Hi all! I haven’t forgotten about you! I feel like a month has passed since I have posted! OH, it has! It’s May! 126 days! Can you believe it? 184 more words

One Day At A Time

Day 120! Choosing...

It’s surreal that it’s been that many days! The truth is, I don’t think about consuming sugary sweet treats any longer.  It’s a part of who I am now, I am simply an individual that doesn’t eat sweets. 251 more words

One Day At A Time

Day 118 - A final word from Rick!

Evolution in Wellness

I recently saw a quote that went “The man who has his health has 1000 dreams, the man who no longer does has only one.” I’m not sure who originally said it (and please let’s all get past the male reference and agree that this applies to everyone) but it resonated with me. 1,175 more words

One Day At A Time