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Hello brave reader!

This is a blog intended mostly for my own personal growth and development of ideas. As the sidebar suggests I have several issues very close to me that I would like to investigate further and wanted productive encouragement to write about these ideas instead of just thinking about them. 17 more words




Female. 18. Art lover. Trends. Quotes. Attitudes. Aspirations.

Dancer. Idealist. Friend.

Future business career

Building an empire.

Passions: Tennis, Writing, Reading, Going out, Traveling, Modelling, Having fun, Sharing opinions & Talking, Organizing, Planning Events, Leading. 26 more words


A Little About Me


My name is Pauline Cepeda and this is a little piece of my world.

I’m 19 years old with a passion for writing, traveling, and seeing the world through not only my eyes, but also through other people’s eyes. 46 more words


The Background Story

The Fates, the child, and the cock-up.

I’ve come to discover that bacon itself most likely started turning up in the 17th century in Europe. Check out a cute little write-up about it… 171 more words


Courageous Seeds

Planting seeds is not just for farmers or windowsill gardeners.

With every thought, and with the thoughts before the thought, we plant seeds.

New moon days are auspicious days for planting seeds. 603 more words


Why Graphic Design is My Major

Todd Rhoda teaches “Intro to Web Application,” and he and his wife also own their own web site developing firm in New York. He comes twice a week at night to teach the class since his job in New York keeps him very busy but he loves what he does and wants to teach it to others. 1,512 more words


Field Notes

Welcome to one man’s journey.

This life of ours is a journey. We are constantly moving, changing, exploring, learning, and growing. We maneuver through the circumstances life brings with a certain balance of meticulousness and caution as well as recklessness and bravery. 98 more words

Field Notes