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Unintentional Silent Treatment

I was doing so good staying up to date here, and then…well.. errm … life and time got away from me. Not in a negative way though. 175 more words

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You and Your Plastic Brain

Our brains are plastic in the sense of the dictionary definition: “capable of being shaped or formed”. In biology, plasticity refers to the capacity of living things to mould themselves to new conditions. 1,478 more words


Sluggish beyond belief

I recently purchased a series of Yoga lessons from the Daily Om & the Jillian Michael’s 30 day shred videos on Amazon. I am not overweight at this point, but my energy is completely down the toilet and I know this is due in part to my lack of physical activity. 124 more words

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Been doing OK

Sometimes being OK beats the alternative. I’ve had a number of pretty rough weeks in a row, a lot of high level anxiety and low level depression. 126 more words

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Some days get away from me

Friday wasn’t bad, Saturday was actually really good & Sunday was a really up and down experience. Monday found me in a sick pit of anxiety riddled depression and feeling physically ill. 91 more words

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TGIF I guess

What do you say when you are asked, “How are you today?” and you really aren’t bad, but just centered squarely in “eh, ok”? It seems to me that not bad / not great moods are lumped into the bad category. 32 more words

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Tanking, I blame the sugar

More and more my practice of ketogenic dieting is proving beneficial not only in regulating my weight, but also in reducing the severity of my brain chemical upsets. 23 more words

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