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You’re playing sports with friends or participating in a summer camp when all of a sudden, someone recognizes you. “Hey, I’ve seen you at youth group,” or maybe, “You’re the girl who goes to that Bible club, right?” 385 more words

About God

Mixing Ice Cream With Horse Manure...

One of the things that finally drove me away from organized religion was the political side of it. Maybe the pastor was not the leader of this but he certainly didn’t try to contain it either. 392 more words


I'll glide this open sea

I love roads, how they wind and shift yet keep you on course. I love images like these…

…how roads seem to stretch on forever. There’s something striking about their dichotomy: they’re at once mortally concrete, yet heavenly infinite. 641 more words

About Life

Lilies of the valley

Okay…found another poem

Don’t speak words of condemnation

Decrees upon your life

Speak of plenty, running over cups of redemption

Let the day’s own trouble not be your sorrow… 36 more words


His word

Okay…not dated. Maybe circa 2003?

His word is a lamp unto my feet

lighting my way as needs be

in a world full of thieves… 123 more words


Wicked Theology

When I came across this post a while back it got my immediate attention as the topic is probably one of the primary reasons that more and more people are declaring themselves spiritual but not religious.   499 more words


Hold on

another poem about God…written in 2000…(beginning to suspect…became a christian in 2000!)

Hold on in the thick of things

When Life metes out the blow that rings… 98 more words