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I’m anxious over where You have appointed me to go –
In a very real and ‘immediate’ sense.

Though I somewhat knew what I was signing up for when I put in my preferences, that the worst case scenario would be needing to go to T. 336 more words

Words To Remember

Change is hard, and that's a good thing

It’s been a while – two years to be exact, and a few things have happened in that time. My wife and I travelled to Australia, I started working as a lecturer at Open Window at the beginning of the year, and we’re about to move. 665 more words

Personal Faith

Army of God

The moment you enter the barracks(army’s training ground), you need to forget about the world. Your own ways and everything you learned from the world, is nothing. 338 more words

Personal Views

Weeks With Wings has moved!

I have a new name and face, but it’ still me!

Check out all the old posts you know as well as new ones at… 26 more words

About Life

Word of the day

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Word Of The Day

My Own

My own strength cannot accomplish anything significant
My own knowledge cannot perform any task with excellence

On my own I cannot survive the struggles I face each day… 95 more words

About God

Healing Faith

With my big heart,

I cry out to Jehovah.

Lost with no purpose and over thinking every direction,

I bow before a God most think is imaginary. 131 more words