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Does God Exist ?

No matter what you see or what people may say, you must know the truth about this question that is Does God Exist. This question is one of the most difficult questions that’s pop up every single people’s mind but nobody want to find out the answer of this question. 151 more words


Potter and Clay

You, Lord, are our Father. We are nothing but clay, but you are the potter who molded us.”

I’ve heard this scripture (or variants of it) my entire life, but never stopped to…

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With All My ... Scripture Thoughts

Today I’m sharing a video on a topic close to my heart. It was something that just struck me as I was filming some other videos which I will be sharing in future posts. 66 more words

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With All My ... Scripture Art - Eph. 2:10

Welcome to my first “With All My …” post. In this new monthly series I will share bible studies, adventures in God’s creation, scripture art, and anything else that brings my focus back to God. 837 more words

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The Beauty of Spending Time with God

Last January 2, as I was meditating what the Lord has done in my life for the past 2 years, I was amazed by how God made all things beautiful in His time. 673 more words


Chapter 1: Pagkilala sa Diyos

“Isa lang ako sa madamo nga anga tawo, nga nagapangita sang kamatuoran paagi sa paghalughog sa Balaan nga Kasulatan (Biblia).”

“Sa kabangdanan nga ako isa man sa madamo nga tawo nga nagapati nga tanan kita ginhatagan sing Mahal nga Diyos sang katungdanan nga makapangayo sa Iya sang kaalam, kon gusto naton.” 1,251 more words

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Final Chapter: Ang nabalay ko nga pagpati bunga sang akon pag-research

“Para sa akon, isa gid lang ang Diyos. Siya lang ang may pinakamataas nga Gahum kag pinakamataas nga Kaalam. Diyos nga Espiritu, wala unod kag wala tul-an. 1,551 more words

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