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an amazing Hot Stones treatment (created by a shaman)

I received this incredible Hot Stones massage / treatment two nights ago and it moved me, seriously, I definitely felt a strong connection to those stones! 637 more words

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some budding posts coming soon

Hello dear readers!

I have been busy with Oral Exams for the past few days – as in this crazy intense massage school is made even more rigorous because during orals we don’t get a breakfast or lunch break. 283 more words

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Pictures from Crestone

Here are various pictures from around Crestone Colorado

I love the snow being blown up into the sky by the strong winds! (Some of Crestone’s 13K+ peaks) Less snow now in March. 341 more words

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News from a Heaven and Earth massage school

Dear friends and family – loved ones!

This is long.. maybe read in increments? <3

I arrived at school on Sunday. I brought so much stuff (being prepared for arctic-like temps which haven’t come around yet) etc. 753 more words

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amidst busy preparation time, PPN Astrology still percolates

I am having the time of my life here in December 2017. Not sure how, but I am getting a LOT done. Prepping for massage school upcoming in January – selling books, packing things, studying Ethics of Touch and Pathology, etc. 314 more words

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marketing what I offer

A few months ago, I was speaking with a loving relative, when I told her about being a rare male in the field of Pre- and Perinatal therapy (PPN), plus offering biodynamic craniosacral therapy, Polyvagal bodywork, spiritual astrology and Tibetan Buddhist practices. 395 more words

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Creating space, ease follows

It is quite amazing how little adjustments can make a huge difference.

Since I returned from Canada, I have gone through my nursing school books and notes and I recycled hundreds of pages which were just sitting on my shelf gathering dust. 400 more words

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