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meditative art

I’ve been having fun painting over the past few months.  Not that I am producing much of any quality.  However, it has been fun to just play.   171 more words

About Kirby

Post PPN training: Mercury Retrograde, expanded mind, realistic capacity

As my readers may know, I recently returned from an edifying and serene and resourcing trip to Canada – British Columbia – where I learned more about pre- and perinatal psychology and birth process work. 760 more words

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the environs of the PPN training were ideal

The setting for the summer intensive is quite idyllic.  Peaceful, fog shrouded mornings, followed by mountain-breeze-filled, sunny afternoons, pleasant evenings with chilly nights.  I will try to post pictures soon. 855 more words

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Day 1, 2 at PPN intensive, Nelson, Canada

If readers are interested, I am going to be slowly going through my journal and detailing what we did each day.  Of course some information about other people’s (participants) turns is confidential, I will just be describing my experience and my reactions and my thoughts on the process. 1,058 more words

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Land of the Goddess

The intensive, or pre- and perinatal (PPN) psychology retreat, was held on very potent and positively-charged land.  Myrna Martin and Ken, her husband, have been farming fruits, berries and veggies on that land for more than 30 years and they have been hosting process workshops for the last 16 years. 661 more words


back in Virginia, many emotions

Now that I am back in Virginia, I am noticing many reactions to not being in a vast wilderness of long lakes, towering mountains, not-so-distant glaciers and amazing people (of British Columbia, Canada). 501 more words

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a little insight arising after PPN retreat

I am back from Canada now.  I have only been home and awake for a few hours.  I will describe the workshop (intensive) more in depth in the coming days.   527 more words

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