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Embodiment and the Buddhadharma

This might be a little sacrilegious…  but I want to share these thoughts nonetheless.  I want to preface what I am going to say with the fact that I am, deep in my heart, a Buddhist practitioner.  955 more words

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An update on transitions, 2017

Hello to all my dear readers, seasoned and new!

I have been slowly and delicately describing my transition from old self – feeling stuck in certain areas of life and not doing anything about it – to new self: making necessary changes and reforms with mindfulness and kindness to self. 460 more words

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Consciousness and moving forward

I had a much better day today (than yesterday).  This could be the effects to two (different modalities) bodywork treatments in two days.  It could also be that I spent time with more good company today as well. 411 more words

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artwork December 2016

kirby_lion kirby_circles

I did some adult-coloring-book-esque painting and coloring on a canvas recently.  I think they both turned out pretty good.  The art took me 30 – 40 hours per piece.   19 more words

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further thoughts on winter retreat 2016

If you have not read my previous post (yet) I would recommend doing that as this is a continuation of that thread.

One of the questions or recollections to ponder after doing the 8 Jhanas practice is, what insights arose?   783 more words

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Winter Retreat 2016

Every winter, my friend and mentor and bodywork teacher and coach, Janet Evergreen hosts a retreat for 10 days at her Sanctuary space.  Last year, I was going through a tough stretch and I did not make it to much, if any of that retreat, which I would later regret. 824 more words

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Asking for donations to keep this blog going

Hello my dear readers,

I have been more active in blogging in days past, but I hope to continue to post juicy articles on Astrology, Emotional-process-oriented bodywork, Craniosacral therapy and the Buddha-Dharma.   141 more words

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