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Approaching the Nursing Profession from an Alternative background...

As many of you readers know, I am presently in nursing school.  And if you have been reading my blog for some time, then you would also know that I have quite a long and devoted history of practicing and receiving and championing (when it is legitimate) complimentary and alternative medicine modalities. 752 more words

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Just to be clear: about astrology

To clarify…

That last post about nursing school and astrology is an example of how complex my relationship to astrology is.  I love it.  It usually causes me to be anxious before a new client.   338 more words

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Glad to be entering nursing, no longer sure about astrology

I have never felt that I was an extremely confident astrologer.  Sure, I’m a Leo Rising (Pisces Sun with Neptune in my 5th house), so I fake it just fine.   586 more words

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Becoming a nurse

I am about to order scrubs for my nursing school clinicals which start in about a month.  And for the past three semesters I have been taking heavy science classes in preparation for nursing school.   286 more words

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Another layer of Libra Hades Moon, in the 3rd

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I want to start out this post by saying that I love my parents dearly and by doing some deep psychological and process-oriented work on myself, I understand my parents better and I am so grateful that they gave me the chance for this precious human rebirth. 1,723 more words

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Yesterday was a rough day for me, seen through my astrology chart

I was wondering what was going on in my chart after being turned down for federal financial aid for my upcoming nursing school.  When I found that out, it was like I had been punched in the gut.   472 more words

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in case you were wondering where my blog posting went...

I have had my head in the books as it were.  I am studying Anatomy and Physiology in order to get into (and do well in) nursing school.   159 more words

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