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We Go High

Have you ever logged onto Facebook, looked around for a while, put it away, and then felt better about your life/ yourself/ the state of our country or world? 1,086 more words

Something's... missing...

In the immortal words of John Mayer (who I adore), “Something’s missing/ And I don’t how to/ Fix it…”

Well, I mean, I could list things missing from my life: money, a job/ purpose (the latter, now that I’ll be on disability), daily social interaction, mental challenges/ exercises, spiritual fellowship, energy, etc. 622 more words

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The NY Times Book Tag

It’s been a while since I’ve done a book tag!  I was tagged by the lovely AdobtaBookAUS about a month ago (THANKS!!) and it’s about time I get around to it!   752 more words


My debuts as an exchange students

Hi everyone, here is a little update on how things have been going for the past few weeks!

As you probably know, I left for Berlin at the end of September, to be an exchange student here for a year through the Erasmus program. 790 more words

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You know that saying, “If you want to hear God laugh tell him your plans”? If it’s true, and I think it is, I am responsible for many LOLs throughout the day. 1,251 more words

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Affording health insurance

I have been spending a lot of time trying to rationalize the increase in health insurance premiums that I’ll have to pay in 2017.  The new rate will be more than double the rate for 2016, and more than 5 times what it was before affordable care act was passed. 1,956 more words

Labor Market

Finding a Soul Sister

You know when you meet someone and you just click? Like you’ve been friends for years but you’ve just met? You open up about things that you haven’t talked about with anyone, feelings, thoughts and worries. 556 more words

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