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10 Quick and Effective Ways to Drive Me Crazy

30 day writing challenge, Day 6: List 10 Pet Peeves

I am pretty sure that I have already written a post sort of like this, but in an effort to stick with the writing challenge and because I think I only listed five last time, I am going to do it again. 626 more words


The Creative Blogging Award

Well, my fellow bloggers and people who simply like to read things that a random teenage girl writes while in her pajamas at 6:50 pm, I have exciting news for you. 453 more words

About Me

15 Facts

30 Day Writing Challenge Day 5: List 15 interesting facts about yourself.

     I feel that I should preface this with the statement that I am not that interesting, so rather than interesting facts, they will probably just be random. 546 more words


The Beginning of a Long Road

I’ve been thinking about launching this blog for many months now, but, until today, have always put it off for one reason or another. As much as I thought my first entry  should be utterly earth-shattering, I came up with no such content.  501 more words

Personal Finance

Sakura-Con 2015

This weekend I got to go to Sakura-Con! (Click here for more information)

I had a blast with my boyfriend and four closest friends. 652 more words


The Calm Before the Kaboom

Hey everyone! I hope your week is passing quickly and you have some fun plans this weekend! Don’t forget Mother’s Day is approaching! Sunday, May 10th! 393 more words

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