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Trying to remember the 'old me'

If you haven’t seen the featured image on this post then here it is again;

This was me in 2011 the night before I flew away to Norway for 6 months of volunteering, an impulsive but life-changing decision that I would definitely do again. 469 more words

Mental Health

Tooth Pain

My teeth hurt, so let’s take this as an opportunity for self reflection and self criticism.

Why does tooth pain make me have a little bit of an existential crisis? 519 more words


Fun Dining With Friends

This weekend has been pretty magical! It was full of friends, omelettes, and interesting experiences around the city. My dear friend Britt was in town for a girl’s night; a kind and thoughtful suggestion made to her by her husband Tom. 782 more words

About Me

A little 'bout me!

Well, you can call me Steampunk Preacher. Why? Because I want you to. No, really, I chose that title to embody what I am about and trying to convey. 150 more words

Tooting the horn of which is mine that was already tooted

I’m not going to go out of my way to post reviews of my work, either positive or negative, on this blog, but it is remarkably distracting and simply neat-o that the first review Brothers of Blood has been given is one that is both favorable and in the freaking dearly departed newspaper. 97 more words


How it began - an introduction to my life in France

I came to France in 2012 when I was 20, I was considered to be an economic migrant. I thought my work chances would be better here that they were in the United Kingdom and although life was hard I can say it was much more rewarding. 781 more words

Stay the Course

Children are not a distraction from more important work. They are the most important work. – Dr. John Trainer

On the same night my daughter told me I was “the best Mama ever,”

444 more words
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