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July, Pots and Pandemic

I’ve been having a lot of trouble lately coming up with things to say on this blog.  I guess things to say in general, as my personal journal entries have decreased in number as well.  299 more words

About Me

About Myself

Literature has not always been a passion of mine.

As a child, my favorite thing to do was watch TV and play video games.  We had a brand new Super Nintendo, and my siblings and I played it all the time.  305 more words

About Me

More stuff about Swaz: Philosophy

There are a few major branches of philosophy and I’d like to share my experiences with each of them. Go ahead and critique my views on these branches in the comments, or suggest an insight into these and possible new branches I should consider. 505 more words

About Me


One of the cats got into the chicken run. Not entirely sure how she pulled it off, but she’s the one we joke about being part liquid, so she probably turned into some sort of gelatinous blob and slithered in while we weren’t looking. 126 more words


My Name

in my 1st post i mentioned i don’t use my “given Name”except among family (by given name i mean i was given the name at birth not chose by me) 352 more words

Satisfying a sweet tooth

Like many of you self isolating at home from the COVID-19 pandemic, for four months now since mid March, our family has returned to home cooking, saving gasoline and money that would have been paid to restaurants. 32 more words

About Me

Furry cuffs

A funny mixture for me. Playful and pretending to be hard at the same time. It is like a pink flogger maybe, although I never tried that one.