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I've moved!

Thanks everyone for following me and reading my little old blog! Follow me to my new home, 5feetofstyle.com – I’ve got some new outfits as part of the 13 going on 30 style challenge, and will continue to post what inspires me in the world of fashion and style. 10 more words


Don't be "that" person. : A Retail Rant

There is always that one person you work with that either doesn’t know what is expected of them, or they just plain lack common sense. DO NOT BE THAT PERSON! 512 more words


A compliment, or an acknowledgement?

On Sunday I had a bit of time on my own and was doing the grocery shopping. I had no kid asking me for every thing we walked passed. 642 more words

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"Roma Coast to Coast" by Alessio Trerotoli

The flâneur was a literary type from 19th century France: drawing on the poetry of Charles Baudelaire, the figure of the flâneur, connoisseur of the street, has been used to explain modern urban experience. 192 more words


Some People You Meet In Your Life

1. The Eternal Family. Your loving parents, your beautiful sisters, your handsome brothers and all your other relatives. They are the people who were there from the start and are always beside you all the time. 772 more words


my story

Hey there!

I am Ines, a 24 year old Austrian woman waiting for her USA adventure.

Within the last year, I had to deal with a lot of changes in my life, therefor, I lost myself a bit, so I decided to head to the USA to work there as a skiing instructor and to find out what I want for my future life. 102 more words

About Me

Lưu ý content Fb X watch

1, Tiêu đề :

+ Nêu điểm khác biệt, độc đáo

+ Gợi mở, thu hút

2, Body :

+ Ngắn gọn.

+ Giọng văn cần mạnh mẽ hơn. 112 more words

About Me