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World Refugee Day

I come from an enormous family. We can barely count first cousins, let alone more distant relations. But after I got married, I was stunned to sit down to dinner with everyone my father-in-law was related to. 388 more words

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It takes some time to get used to a new role. Sugaring is no different here. A common understanding is that all is required is simply being nice and making Daddy comfortable. 385 more words


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I started blogging in 2018 after I had my first baby, Julianne. I wanted to share, not only parenting hacks, but also lifestyle, fashion, and travel tips that I learn along the way. 55 more words

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As the summer between my junior and senior year of high school begins, I decided to start documenting “my journey” into adulthood. This website will be a place for me to talk about trips, ideas, books, food, adventures, anxiety-ridden fears, my personal beliefs, and anything else that comes to mind. 73 more words

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One Week.

I have been blogging for one week.

And today I realized, that I have yet to introduce myself. I mean, I’ve shared some poems, so that’s probably a little more intimate than a “Hi, my name is..” post, but I have barely started to share my voice. 895 more words


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About Olivia and The Blog

Hi and welcome! My name is Olivia Hansen. I am currently a high school student in Florida and love all things relating to makeup, travel, and fashion. 38 more words

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About Me

Well hello there! My name’s Caroline-otherwise known as Alpenglow Girl. Thank you for checking out my blog!

I created this blog with the hope of creating a community, a community of like-minded individuals that seek out happiness wherever they are, whether that is from the top of Mt. 230 more words

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