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A Struggle I Don't Talk About

I have a confession to make. I suffer from depression and anxiety. No, I’m not formally diagnosed with them, but I’m sure that I have them. 936 more words


February Blues and Other News

So February came accompanied by the usual illnesses. For me February seems to be the worst month for catching germs (those little critters!). I think it’s a combination of things, the weather is wet, dull and cold, but there are also changes happening as spring slowly appears. 961 more words


A Science Fiction Character With A Hidden Visual Disability Changed My Life 

I fell in love with Jason from Battle of the Planets in 1978, when I was nine years old. That year, my friends and I ran around yelling “Transmute!” as we jumped off playground equipment, trying to emulate those brave cartoon orphans battling hostile invaders from foreign worlds. 1,152 more words


Question of the day.

Today my question for you is:

What’s your biggest screw up in the kitchen?

My Answer:

I am not very experienced in cooking, in fact, I’ve never prepared any meals completely on my own. 213 more words


Real Life

I am off to assist my Mother for a few days…

But I hope to do a bunch of reading and come back with fresh reviews!



10 Facts About Me

Hello everyone! This week I wanted to write more of a personal post because I realize most of you do not know me well and I want that to change! 181 more words


a little bit more about me.

  1. I am extremely clumsy.

I’m always running into walls, dropping things, tripping over my feet, doing something along the lines. My first job, I was a server (I am so appreciative of them) and I didn’t have non-slick shoes, so as I was walking out of the kitchen with two full drinks to bring to customers, I slipped and fell to the floor while the drinks went flying. 679 more words