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Моят първи пост

Здравейте читатели ! Това е моят първи блог. Казвам се Доротея и съм на 21 години.Започвам този блог вдъхновена от една бг блогърка.Съвсем случайно попаднах на нейната страница и страшно много ми хареса.Въпросното момиче е https://mademoiselleaia.com/ . Силно се надявам моите постове да ви бъдат интересни и полезни .Отворена съм към нови запознанства и приятелства. Бих се радвала да помогна на всеки с каквото мога . В страницата ми ще пиша неща,които са ми интересни и са ми направили впечатление. Този блог го правя с цел забавление и бих разбрала всеки , на когото не се хареса .

[Day 78] First Friday at Cal

Yesterday was a very good day.  

At 2:30 AM in the morning.  I went to the kitchen to cook my noodle, but I forgot to bring my Cal ID so I could not go back to my floor.   349 more words

About Me


I am tired of a lot of things in my life. Most are manageable, however one thing is getting old. I just want people to leave me alone (yea I understand, I am putting something up on the internet and I want people to leave me alone. 111 more words


Hi, Hello, Im Laura! I thought I might start by introducing myself – that way all you crazy cats will know what sort of mayhem you might be getting yourself into by stumbling across this, my internal monologue. 125 more words



Hi friends! Welcome to my blog. My name is Aubree. I am a wife a new mom and a full-time nursing student. I met my husband when I was in high school and we got married about 2 years after I graduated; however, we were not high school sweethearts (more on that story another day) we welcomed our daughter in to the world March 2017 and our lives have never been the same. 140 more words

About Me

Ink and Toilet Paper Art

…..that’s right, toilet paper

As part of Carla Sonheim’s on-line class, 365: 2017 Year Long On-Line Class we were shown how create drawings using liquid ink and toilet paper. 127 more words


Weekly Musing: What I Like About You

Readers have favorite types of characters. They could be characters opposite our own personalities allowing us to live vicariously through them. They could be like ourselves, but do and say things we… 533 more words

Weekly Musings