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About Me

I am Alex Simmons. I am a 15 year old who has always had a passion for writing. I am a published author and am quite of some of my works. 24 more words

The Lord’s Love is Enough?

I’ve only been saying this phrase (NOT questioningly) about eight times a day. I get stressed out and I remind myself that the Lord’s love IS enough. 603 more words


The Muffin Man

I’m not much of a dessert person. All those fancy, restaurant-quality dessert photos, that people post on social media, don’t impress me much. I don’t care for your squiggles of chocolate sauce, wiggles of caramel, and plops of whipped cream on top. 1,767 more words


ABC tag!

Age: 38 Books: Currently reading groomed by casey watson Colours: pink is my favourite Dream: To just enjoy life Everyday start with: A cup fo coffee Flower: tulip, sunflower, or daisy! 146 more words


Picking up not packing up.

I am disconnected. Disconnected from myself. So I’m going to pick everything up and put it where it needs to be. Then I’m going to hold it all together with a pretty ribbon while I deal with everything else. 480 more words

About Me

The Next Steps

I had an awesome conversation with my sister today about the blog and have sharpened my vision for where I would like take the blog next. 131 more words

About Me

This Time

I was just about going to sleep but I slept for like 12 hours today, so my eyes stay awake until now.

There are something that I would like to share, it became a habit when something important happened in my life that I have to write it down. 429 more words

About Me