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I slept in and damned near missed my Doctor’s appointment. I tried to ask him direct questions but I am still shifty or aggressive after all of these years and not  averse to dodginess if it will win my case for me. 506 more words


Liebster Award 2

I’ve been lucky enough to be nominated for the liebster award by the lovely teenagegirlonline! She blogs about lifestyle, beauty and life hacks and you should definitely drop her a follow. 495 more words


#Travel tip (or how to meet TSA staff. Lots.) #WordlessWednesday (ish)

When the TSA staff at airport security ask, “What’s in the suitcase?”, you might have a think before replying, “Mushrooms. Special ones.” 24 more words


Get to know me!

Hello everyone!

Since I just started this blog I figured it wouldn’t be a completely terrible idea to answer some average ‘get to know me’ questions. 461 more words


11 Facts About Me

I’ve been blogging a lot, because lately I have had lots of time on my hands, so yay! Recently, I was inspirated, or inspired, or whatever, to leave something for future me, or my ancestors or whatever, to find, so here we go, 11 facts about me. 181 more words


I Am Not Ashamed To Cry. 

Does it ever feel so good to cry! Once every month about the tine I’m on my period, I get emotional and want to cry. I use music as my energy pulling the emotions from within my soul. 48 more words

About Me

Chaotic Tuesday ...

So Tuesdays are always a little chaotic. Mum collects us from school on her way home from work at 3.20pm and my sister has her riding lesson in Desert Palm at 4pm. 552 more words