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May 27th, 2020 - TOO MANY PICKLES

Happy heat wave day #3!!! Today is the final day of this cray cray humidity. Hallelujah. I will say, I got a pretty sweet tan from these past few days. 195 more words


Body Positivity & Me

I had a much different blog post in mind for today, but after seeing allegations of JK Rowling’s continued fatphobia in her new story to listening to my family yet again make blasé fatphobic comments, I can’t take it anymore. 2,225 more words

Body Positivity


Just like everyone else, I am adjusting to the ‘new normal’ in this COVID-19 world.  It’s interesting.  And heartbreaking.  And scary.  And exhausting.

There are millions of people providing their insight and fears and ideas during this time.  2,265 more words

About Me

About Me

Me enjoying the pre- Coronavirus summer at Reading Festival

Hi there to anyone who’s found this page! I thought I would start this blog with a post about myself and the type of things that will be posted on here. 129 more words


Question of the day.

Hey people! :)

What fictional character does everyone else love, but you despise?

My answer:

I can’t think at the moment about a particular example that I would really really despise but there are a lot of fictional characters that people seem to like and to be oohing and aahing about while I find them boring at the very best. 25 more words


Quote -The worst thing about being blind, is having no vision -Helen Keller

I would like to tell you all, my story, an introduction if you will. My name is Julie Woss, I have been battling bi-polar disorder, OCD, and severe anxiety disorder. 132 more words


Under Construction

Hey everyone! If you are new to my site then things may not exactly seem simpatico. I’m working on it! I can’t believe I let others dictate my voice for so long and make me feel as though I had to adhere to their standards of what I should produce. 229 more words