Four Years Flew By...

Hello my blogging community and followers!

I guess time really does fly when you’re having fun. And when you disappear for 10 months. 

I know, I know. 165 more words


My Top 5's

I know everyone has viewed their WordPress stats and all that. So I thought I’d give a shout out to those that help make this blog happen by reading and commenting. 546 more words


Happy New Year and Resolutions

It’s a new year!

Which pretty much means it’s just another day.

Now that we’ve gotten Christmas out of the way and spent quality time with… 445 more words


Last Post of 2012 with Shout Outs!

Video of me trying to give shout outs without getting distracted:

If video isn’t embedded in this post, then I don’t know how the fuck to do it. 59 more words


Programming Note

I won’t be posting Ask a Bitch! this weekend because I got people to see and places to be. Hope you all have a good one. 65 more words


Fan Mail Sequel

Another meme from a fan. Thanks again!

Don’t forget to check out my facebook page for more memes. But only if you want more awesomeness in your life.


Meme Lovin on My Facebook!

In my quest to find the PERFECT pictures for my posts, I have stumbled upon quite a few Memes. And I love them!!! So I am dedicating my impersonal Entertainer Facebook page to making memes with dating jokes and what’s going on with my dating life. 66 more words