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Nail Polish Polka

Everything forever a mystery.

What a wonderful thing adding to a colour – something to mean.

A brush upon pearlescent.

Surface so pure.

An aesthetic to please none but the weary pools of lost endeavour. 223 more words

Joe Dreyer

About That...

I don’t have resting b*tch face, this is just my face.


About That...

At the gym after a hard set and your trainer’s like, “Alright, ten more reps!”


Happiness Challenge: Share 3 Things You're Looking Forward to This Year!

My darlings, how’s your day, your week, your year going? If there’s one thing I’ve learned from interviewing dozens and dozens of psychologists and happiness experts for magazine stories over the years, it’s that if we don’t have things to look forward to (goals, ideas, big (or little) plans for the future), our happiness can quickly tank. 372 more words


About That...

When you daydream about being a millionaire and what you’d buy, most people talk about mansions and cars and designer clothes.

Meanwhile, I’m over here like, “You mean I could pay off my student loans? 9 more words