G-Force (Street Fighter Fan Fiction) - Chapter 1: Adoption

Here, we’re introduced to two eleven-year-old brothers, Majestic and Chris, destined for greatness, but uncouth, young, wild, and naïve. Bursting with talent, they audition for a movie where they meet child superstars, Ken and Ryu. 298 more words

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Father's Day on the Lake

(or: Confessions of a Bonafide Landlubber)

   I went fishing on Father’s Day in a fancy lake boat. I have ridden around in bass boats, canoes, & row boats, but I am not an experienced boater by any stretch of the imagination, and this fine boat stretched my imagination. 965 more words

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Get to Know Me!

What’s up! If you’re reading this, you must be a great person, because I would never sit down to read about a nobody on the internet. 551 more words

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It’s supposed to be an easy question. The kind of ice-breaker you pull out at a college party or a casual business meeting. So, where are you from? 784 more words

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Take a walk with Me-ow?

My desk sits next to my front door, allowing me to bask in the sights and smells of warm spring and summer days while I write. 691 more words

Adventure Time

Mutton Busting


    I love Mutton Busting. If we would have had sheep when I was a kid, my bros and I would have ridden the poor buggers to death. 326 more words

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