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The Gotten Goat: Bad English

I have to admit, one thing that really gets my goat is when people can’t be bothered to type full words even though they know shorthand and mangled words bothers you. 378 more words



So now that my blog is My Blog again let me catch y’all up.

  • We found out on the 16th that the hubby has chronic exertional compartment syndrome in both of his legs.
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Making a Choice - Drama or Thankfulness?

Yesterday was about as perfect as it gets. For some people the simple events of taking a drive, doing a little shopping, having lunch with a good friend, and driving home would be taken for granted as an ordinary day. 2,738 more words

Personal Experiences

Things I wish I knew.

Alternatively: dear me in senior year of high school.

The things I wish I knew years ago:

  • You’re not straight and that’s so okay.
    • Dad will cheer when you come out, Mom will ask if you’re in love, and your sister will already know.
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Who I am and how I started doing photography, after painting and drawing.

*Since I have a lot of people from all over the world that enjoy and follow my work, I’m forced to write in English. Many of you asked about me, my life and how I got into it. 1,076 more words

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A. Lotus - What Does Your Desk Look Like?

Q: What does your desk look like?

A: It looks like a volcano of papers has exploded :)

…read the full interview here.

A Lotus

the last couple years.

Today I was thinking about the last couple years with this blog and how far I’ve come. I initially started ContagiousQueer a couple years ago after a particularly stressful college semester trying to fight for equality and justice on my alma mater’s campus. 276 more words

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