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Hello All,

Welcome to San Diego Space Case, a blog dedicated to the constant happenings of the San Diego music subculture as well as calculated thoughts on the contemporary music landscape in general.  242 more words

About The Man

On writing

Anyone who knows me would say I can’t shut up.  If the term “throw in my two cents” was applied to my life literally, I would be too broke to have an opinion on anything.  71 more words

About The Man

Johnsson's first name

By Billy-Bob

Every now and then, after a gig of Johnsson and the Fulltones, people (mostly girls) come up to me with the following question: “Hey Billy-Bob, what is Johnssons first name?” 143 more words


A word from the man.

Johnsson hardly ever speaks. Johnsson wants his guitar to do the talkin’. Today, as we launch Johnsson into cyberspace, he wants to share some words with y’all. 613 more words


Who am I? (Part - I)

Speaking about the Self is something that I never mastered, may be because I’m shy; anyway I’ll give it a shot hope this time I can do it right and…who does :-) 290 more words

About The Man...

On the inner workings of the human mind:

I strike my lighter with my index finger. I don’t know if this is a quirk or a deformity. I’ve only witnessed this phenomenon in 2 other people, one being my brother. 104 more words

About The Man.

on cancer:

So it’s difficult to breathe, my bones hurt and I’m tired all the time.  I don’t know if it’s the cigarettes or the air in this goddamned state. 251 more words

About The Man.