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“I’ll never say I am proud of myself until the day I die”. Interview with Malik Jefferson, a star of American college football

Looking to learn more about American football I was extremely fortunate to meet another Longhorns team player Malik Jefferson. This ambitious young gentleman is ranked as the No. 1,531 more words


Callejeando 2016 postales-postcards


Do you want to buy one of the postcard from my last project ‘Callejeando‘? It’s easy! Just pick one of the 9 different photos, and contact me at hana.muv@gmail.com or use  159 more words


Lights they come
Dark that flows
In the tear and the sew
Sees that she knows.
Wrinkles that run
And nevergaze fun
She waters her tatters…

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"Keep fighting and success will happen". Interview with Brandon Hodges, a Texas Longhorns football player

Having set the goal to meet an actual Texas Longhorn football player (see my previous post) I was extremely lucky to reach out to Brandon Hodges and ask him some of those intriguing questions I got after attending the game in Austin. 1,633 more words


It comes like a rain
And stays like a wet sunless land
Every step in damp sinking sand
Walking with fever that keeps us warm…

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Book Giveaway! Listen, Love, Repeat

How many of you find that listening and loving come naturally? Before you answer, take a quick quiz with me:

  • T/F: I always actively listen when my friends are talking with me, instead of anticipating how I’m going to respond.
  • 780 more words
About The World

AMERICAN FOOTBALL – the flagship of American culture

Originated from soccer and rugby, American football has definitely surpassed the underlying sports by its popularity. I have never met an American who would not follow a college game every Saturday or who would not crush into the bar to support one of the NFL (National Football League) teams during the championship! 485 more words