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Plot Twists, Starting Over and Ruth's Story: Part 2

The other night, my family and I rented the new Star Wars. The silent ending to the movie screams the question: Who is this girl Rey? 731 more words

About Ourselves

Plot Twists, Starting Over and Ruth's Story: Part 1

“Sorry!” I didn’t really mean it. I just read what was on the card.

And yes, I smiled when I sent my brother back to start. 409 more words

About Ourselves

Because He Lives

I’m so thankful that because Jesus lives, we can face the future.

Resurrection Sunday is tomorrow. My hope is that you have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ as your Savior… 16 more words

About God

Places in Laketon

The Jolly Cook

A popular bakery in town, famous for their Level 29 fruit pies. It is run by bakers Haril, and Harrel, who are half-orc twins. 80 more words

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The Party (Overview)


The Party’s resident Rogue. She is 5’6”, 114 pounds and a tiefling. She has a sharp temper, hates children and loves reading. She is very impulsive, and is determined to worship Bill Nye the Science Guy.  368 more words

About The World

Hurry is for Hamsters

Do you ever feel hurried? I mean, hamster-on-a-wheel hurried?

That little fellow scuttles as quickly as he can. And gets absolutely nowhere.

Sometimes, we’re like hamsters. 329 more words

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Don't Sweat the Small Stuff

Your car won’t start. Your computer crashes. You drop your cell phone, and the screen cracks. You mess up someone’s order. You buy the wrong product but since you’ve thrown away the receipt and already opened it, you can’t return it. 604 more words