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Yoga vs. Pilates

What is the Difference Between Yoga and Pilates?

Yoga and Pilates have become increasingly popular, and they’re often talked about together. You may have even heard that they can  364 more words

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On Yoga

Yoga-I can get into the half pretzel, but I’ve yet to get into the full pretzel, sober. Full pretzels require me to be laying at the bottom of the stairs.


What now ...

Whole City Yoga was the name I chose for my business when I decided to start teaching yoga. The website was the businesses website. Despite what I learned in my first teacher training, (A yoga business can’t survive with teaching as its only source of revenue.) teaching was the only source of revenue. 142 more words

About Yoga

The Complete Yoga Breath

Today I’m focusing on an essential part of yoga that enriches the physical practice in an amazing way: breathing. Changing the way you breathe can totally transform your yoga postures, making your movements more efficient and helping your body to work at its optimum level. 769 more words


What I Need Is More Yoga

Tree in tree pose

When I woke up yesterday morning the light in the room was still dim. The closed door, stained dark walnut, looked like an open portal, a deep black tunnel. 70 more words

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Holiday Sun Salutations

The holiday bustle can make it difficult to make your regular yoga class, not to mention that a lot of studios cut the number of classes offered, or close altogether. 125 more words

Yoga With Paul