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Food As Medicine: Sorrel

History and Traditional Use

Range and Habitat

Garden sorrel (Rumex acetosa, Polygonaceae) is a wild, perennial herb characterized by slender stems supporting bright green, spear-shaped leaves, with distinctive backwards-reaching lobes.1,2 Sorrel grows in patches that average in height from 20-36” and produce small red-brown flowers, which bloom in early summer and produce tiny, hard fruits.3 Sorrel is easy to cultivate and grows best in cool, temperate climates, as well as grasslands, coastal dunes, and cliffs.1 In addition to  1,720 more words



Hello, and welcome! My name is Emilee, and this is Fine Line Mama, a space where I hope to explore and learn about motherhood and life as a graduate student. 81 more words


Memoirs of Love 一路繁花相送 by 青衫落拓- Interlude

Xin Di didn’t expect, a thirty old man heard her confession that she is a 28 years old virgin, will be scared off and run. 2,775 more words

Chinese Novel

How to Use Cryptocurrency.

There are people who understand the basics of cryptocurrency. However, some do not know how to use, store, buy, and sell cryptocurrency, which is very important because using cryptocurrency has a lot of benefits.  2,099 more words


Day 4: What about me makes me special?

When I woke up this morning the first thing I did was check to see what gratitude challenge I was going to tackle today (I’m a day late). 286 more words


So it begins...

Hi!  I’m Mandy, and Welcome to my blog!  I am a high school student living in Tennessee using this platform as an outlet in subjects such as style, literature, travel, and anything else in life to inspire others and to express my passions.   20 more words

What does Anonymous mean?

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What does anonymous mean?

What is the anonymous activist group, internet organization about. Who is in charge of Anons, Anons are participants of the Anonymous Movement. 115 more words

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