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Chullin 111a: Kashering Meat Without Salt

Chullin 111a: Perhaps the reason it was allowed to cook the heart and liver was because they dipped them in boiling water, so that the blood was cooked inside the meat and was thus unable to come out. 323 more words


Speaking Lori

I had so much fun world building in Beyond the Next Star. On the planet Lorien, the inhabitants speak the language Lori. Be sure to flip to the back of the book for a Lori dictionary – after you read the book, of course! 31 more words

Love Beyond

Talking about my personality, DAY 1 of challenge

According to the American Psychological Association, personality is a characteristic pattern of thinking, feeling, and behaving. As far as I know about myself my thinking, feeling and my behavior it’s pretty decent ;) 221 more words


Pedestal Sink Salvage

On Friday, July 3, I headed to Menlo Park to salvage pedestal sinks from the historic (i.e. old) Stanford Inn.  It is a quirky vintage hotel near Stanford University that is being demolished in a week.  424 more words


Before you can grow, you must know...

You are a combination of every small experience and encounter you’ve ever had, all tiled together to make the floor of your personality: your beliefs, values, hopes, and dreams.  69 more words

Podcast: Gabriel Garcia Marquez - Of Love and Other Demons


Hello, and welcome back to the Radio of Resistance, where your mind refuses logic and your imagination takes fly.

Truthfully, I wanted to discuss Albert Camus’s “The Myth of Sisyphus” – Oh, there will be so many things to discuss, so many things to say about Albert Camus and Sisyphus that there’s almost nothing to discuss at all. 2,185 more words