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The Mission of Theta Healing Hearts...

is to…

…remind you how special you are

…show you how to connect with your core self/soul/god

…inspire you to live your souls true purpose in this lifetime… 85 more words

Energy Healing

The Crux

A family to maintain, a life to earn a living and live vivaciously is what makes my daily chores. So what does this have to do with my training? 645 more words


Welcome Welcome!

Hey there! so let me catch you up on whats going on in our little world! My hubby and I are building a house. It’s in the middle of nowhere and has the most amazing unobstructed view that you have ever seen! 112 more words


-new start-

hello folks its ye-ol’ poopie xD this is something big for me i can’t believe liv chose me and lia over everyone :0 i think it’s because we know how to edit xD lol but maddie ur awesome at it idk why she didn’t pick u too but ur a betrayer u now on tag on enchanted nation instead of o h a n o ;-; this right there i’m trying to edit it but i want it to be gif but it’s hard to do that on gimp i might just keep it png on paint :3 bai guys-poopie


How We Meet

When I knew I needed a service dog the search was on. I started looking for the perfect dog since like May. I looked all the month of May, but I had no luck. 160 more words


Care about me

Everybody is just walking along concerned with his own problems, his own life, his own worries. And were all expecting all other people to tune in into our own agenda. 20 more words