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Hello and Welcome...

I’ve decided to begin my new journey into the cyber world with a reliable home for my writing. There are currently six different titles, two of which have been self-published.   101 more words



Hello Everyone, you’re welcome to naijagadjetspecz. here we set to provide you with info on the latest specifications, prices and the best information on all electronic gadgets, ranging from mobile phones, computers, printers and every electronic gadget you can think of.. 21 more words


Cook @ Heart💕

Remember those days in our childhood when we used to gather cans used by our mothers in the preparation of meals to make our own inedible foods in our own fireplaces (bukyia as we call it in Ghana)? 261 more words


I am finally on summer vacation and now that summer is here, we’re for sure all going to sweat! Despite the heat, it’s very important for me to stay fresh so putting perfume is a must! 296 more words


Things Are Happening!!!

I’m out here doing the most….so make sure you subscribe, follow and like. Or also buy stuff. That’s also totally fine…

These are pencil shavings.


17 products any owl enthusiast will be excited about

Owls are arguably the coolest birds. Whether you like these mysterious creatures because they’re nocturnal, have binocular vision, cool feathers or just awesome looking cartoon characters, we get it. 271 more words


What is Strawberries & V?

Strawberries are my first successful outdoor plant that produced fruit, and V is my first cat to whom I am allergic. The brand Strawberries & V pays homage to my two inspirations. 310 more words