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Why Raw Nutrition?

Why Raw Nutrition? As the name suggests, Raw Nutrition is 100% raw foods, with the goal of providing nutrition in the most potent way possible. That means plants! 53 more words


School Vs. Cats

¬†Ok, so you’re just doing your homework when your cat starts being annoying. (ok well not annoying cats can’t be annoying its impossible) You shoo the poor kitty and it keeps coming back. 189 more words


Its Been a Week...New Things are Coming

Hey guys! It has been about a week since I have posted any thing on here. There are some exciting changes coming to Faerie Rose Press, Moonspinner3 Books, and Elderwood Publications. 563 more words

I’m just a traveler who’s obsessed with the middle ages. I only share what I know, learn and what I’m searching for hours. We can’t truly know what it’s like, but we can imagine it.



Written with love

I’ve always wanted to connect with people from all around the world,i believe a deep feeling of love inspired by our human nature allows us all to relate to one another. 124 more words


What's with the dumb name?

Well for one, I’m not very creative. I like alliteration, and I am a convert to the Catholic Church. I thought about calling this Confessions of Catholic Convert, but then I realized I have no intentions of treating this like a confession. 347 more words

Tidbit of Info About: Green Opal

All of the information is from The Crystal Bible by Judy Hall. All that is written below describing the stone is paraphrased and is not the entire information given in the book. 66 more words