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Most Proud Moment

Fort Jackson, SC (May 2010)

Without a doubt, my proudest moment has to be when I graduated from basic training. See, there’s this thing about me saying things and going after them. 1,192 more words


Unspoken words.

Don’t you feel like there’s always something unspoken between two people ?

I hate unspoken words.
Those are the ones which stay with you; they stay on your mind like a “what if”.

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Hello my fellow readers! Well today has been a rather productive day for me in the fact that I have managed to get through posting the majority of this weeks posts. 215 more words


Introducing: The kidwithavinyl Instagram!

Hey everyone! I recently made an account on instagram under the name kidwithavinyl (link on about page and in the sidebar). If you want updates on upcoming reviews, songs, and bands to be posted on this blog (or if you just want a glimpse into my own collection of CDs and vinyl every so often), then feel free to follow! Thanks!

– Paria


Hello, world!

I’ve decided to make my life a little more interesting by creating, well, this blog. I’ve always enjoyed cruising Youtube watching vlogs featuring other people’s lives, so why not do something similar myself? 207 more words


About Clotho

A blog highlighting what I love most in this life – meeting people with beautiful minds, being inspired by the world around me, playing with language, speaking in tongues, mentioning unmentionables, and making people laugh, gasp, cry or just look at something in a new way!



    Hellooo! I’m Jessica but sometimes I go by my Ghanaian name, Seyiram and I’m a complete novice to the blogging world. My blog will feature a selection of… 172 more words

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