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A bright future

Kegworth AS are proud members of the Angling Trust and we now actively working with the Trust to bring more improvements to the fishery.

Things to look forward to in the near future: 123 more words


Sell Out Snippets

Chef Dominic does such a good job writing his snippets posts, and he makes it look so easy. I’ve tried writing in a similar style before, and it’s a lot harder than it seems. 1,357 more words


My Blog, My Rules!

Some people believe in Science, while some people believe in faith and religion. I believe in both and I believe in neither. I believe in Belief. 563 more words


Personal Writing Milestone

I had always wanted to write an epic Trilogy collection of Fantasy and/or Sci fiction stories. I finally finished that dream yesterday and I finished compiling the third collection on this very morning .I was happy that I was be able to do it but it went a different way that I originally wanted. 264 more words


waiting on something beautiful

It feels like I’ve been waiting for beauty for so long that I must have forgotten what it was. What is it that I’m even looking for to begin with? 336 more words


Bonjour! Start Here.

Welcome to my journey of learning French. I first started learning French in high school; I took two years of classes and then as time went on, I forgot most everything I once knew as I had no way to practice or use it by myself. 73 more words