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Who is My Name Is Not Sir?

My Name is Not Sir is a pseudonym that came from using the phrase on an almost daily basis during my years as a language and literacy teacher in a mainstream college. 122 more words


Pay what you want

MNINS didn’t invent this system, I only found out about it the other day, thanks to a Life Coaching session with Chris Edwards.

Here is some information about how it works: 15 more words


Owning My Own Business with a Mental Disorder

I am still learning the ropes of owning my own Sole Proprietor Business. There are still some small things I need to register for, but they shouldn’t interfere with what I have going already with the Etsy store. 591 more words


On Being Me ...

On Being Me …

I recall reading that in 1870 about 40% of people in the UK with my family name lived in Lancashire, and as I came from there myself it didn’t seem anything out of the ordinary when I was growing up.   867 more words


The Lost Princess Studios!

Hello, and welcome to The Lost Princess Studios! My name is Sebastien, and I’m the owner/head manager of the studio! I want to thank you for taking a moment to check out our website and some of the cool projects that we have in the works! 80 more words


Think Fast

Yesterday I was thinking about gorging on donuts. Today is different, and that is because tomorrow is Yom Kippur.

It’s the Jewish Day of Atonement, and one of the High Holy Days. 632 more words



One: Be confident. Be proud of who I am.

Two: Give everything an honest effort. Don’t start what I won’t finish.

Three: Seek to understand rather than memorize. 98 more words