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Hi lovelies,

I’ve been away for a couple days which is why i haven’t been able to post recently but i’m now back and got lots of ideas to post! 76 more words


Week 31 

Tadaaaaa!!!!!! Here are this weeks Photo a Day pictures I posted😝👍🏻

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Day 124: Do Not Be One Of Those People!

I worked a closing shift tonight at the cafe and it was honestly one of the best I’ve had in a long, long time.

The person I was working with was really quite sufficient at their job, the day wasn’t so busy, and everyone was pretty much just wonderful. 370 more words


The Official re-launch of Morning Coffee with a Splash of Truth!!!!

Guys… I’m back!!! I’ve tried (and failed) to get this blog up and going for about a year, and it just never happened. So now, after a lot of research on why blogs fail, and what can be done to make sure that doesn’t happen, I’m back! 389 more words

Me, Myself and I

I’m Eunice Rean Samonte, 20 years old from Philippines. I love to take photos of my travel, places I find interesting, food, kikay stuff, and most especially my face (my camera roll is always full of my selfies but I always end up sharing none of them) I’m a kind of perfectionist, I don’t want to settle for something “okay” that’s why I always give my 200% effort in everything that I do or something that is given to me. 483 more words


Dear Mr. Forever

Dear You,

I’m writing, for once in my life, with intent.  I’m writing because I know you exist, because I refuse to believe otherwise. I’m writing to tell you, this premature, much too serious “I love you”. 299 more words


Dreams Deferred: Love on my Me first

I spend to much time waiting for things to happen.

Whether it be academic success, professional aspiration, or romantic intentions, I often take the laid back approach. 168 more words