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Why Did I Start This Blog?

I had been contemplating starting my own blog for a good portion of the year. I could have started blogging a lot sooner, but I didn’t, and I feel there is an important reason behind that. 330 more words


Getting a new camera!

I’m so excited because today I am FINALLY buying a new camera! Which means that I will no longer have to use my fiance’s S5 camera (which can be a bit hit and miss.) So next post from me will have much better photos because I’ll be using a DSLR! 9 more words


Heal your life workshop with Brenda McMahon

I can’t express how much the Heal your Life course with Brenda McMahon was life changing for me. For a long time I had been stuck in a negative thought process which was not only bad for my health but was also keeping me back in life. 852 more words


Hello Internet!

I’ve been wanting to start this blog for the longest time now, but the thought of writing an introductory post scared the life out of me and so I kept putting it off.  220 more words



All right, guys, I told you I couldn’t promise any regular posting here, and that I most certainly kept … Anyway, it might be a little more posts coming up from now on. 956 more words

Dear Future Husband: Things You Should Know About Me

Hey everyone! I decided to write this because there are people who often enter a marriage to realise they don’t know a lot about their spouse. 533 more words

Random Things

Kia George-Lopez

My name is Kia George (you could call me Goldie Locks), and I am a student on her last leg at the Mayborn School of Journalism. 61 more words