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Persistence + Perseverance + Perspiration = Walking Again

See my right knee?
It’s the one on the left.

I’m standing on it.

It still aches, particularly after walking on a rocky beach from the Kingscote Jetty to the bird-house at Reeves Points, then up 75° incline – with my amazing 5yo son Jai alongside me, my Canon 7D and new zoom lens. 468 more words

About Me

Living with constant pain

While my pain and problems are nowhere near as severe as other people I know, it affects me just the same. The frustration and depression from not being able to work, and being unable to enjoy activities like I used to, weighs down on me some days, so much so that there are days when I just cry from frustration. 315 more words


Gee Oh Dee

Okay so I wanted to elaborate on something from my post a ways back..

Check out that post here.

In it I talked about The Universe. 336 more words


First blog post - A little about me!


I’m not totally sure how to even start this post off so bear with me while I ramble. I guess starting with my name helps! 267 more words


5 things I wished to be when I grew up

I’m turning twenty-five next month. I am at a stage now, where I question my life. My thoughts have been philosophical and shit for me lately; I am officially and truly a twenty-something, but slowly approaching thirty something, which is a bit weird to me as everywhere I go, when there are no kids involved, I am almost always, the youngest something. 557 more words

About Tara

By Tara

Hello everyone!! I’m sure all of you know that I love reading (surprise), but I’ve decided to reveal a little bit more about myself in this post. 838 more words

An Intro...

Hello! If you’re reading this, then you have somehow managed to stumble across my blog! It feels weird to actually be saying that. I have always talked about starting a blog but always make the excuse that I am too busy or have nothing important to write about. 782 more words