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New Ink..

Hey guys!

So today has been a really awesome day! First I found out that I start my new job on Saturday which is a great way to start the day. 213 more words


I don't wanna talk about Africa…

                                 Part of me doesn’t wanna talk about my trip. 

      I am home from 3 weeks in Africa, and it totally wrecked my existence. 

 But when people ask me, “how was your trip?” something inside me… 600 more words


My name is...

Hey everyone, new blogger here! My name is Susan and I want to focus my blog on all things beauty, fashion and my lifestyle.  Currently, I’m 21 years young and attend a university studying Public Relations.   63 more words



Hello my name is Emma. I decided to start a blog.😺 I can’t promise it will be good or interesting, but I’m trying and that counts for something. 29 more words

30 day challenge - Day 03

“Your views on drugs and alcohol.”

Ok, this one is actually quite a divided answer. And is NOT aimed at hard drugs or addicts. (I will write another post on that later). 288 more words


Day 98: Making Plans Is a Task and a Half...

My schedule isn’t always the most optimal for hanging out with friends, going to late night movies, concerts, art gallery openings, or anything else that may be considered fun for the average twenty something. 197 more words


On to better things

This year I graduated from high school. I could not believe how much can change right off the bat when I left my  repetitive life in high school. 165 more words