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I’m not very good at these, so here we go.

Hi, I’m (Classified) and I own the blog ‘LifeLecturer’. I’m 15 years of age (A 15 year old giving life advice?), but regardless of my age I’m told I’m good at giving advice. 332 more words


10 Facts About Me

  1. I was born in 1995
  2. I am a Virgo
  3. I am 5’5 1/2″
  4. I prefer Apple over Microsoft
  5. I have a brother and a sister, both younger…
  6. 44 more words

Beauty Blogger Tag! GO GO GO!

What is your natural hair colour? Do you dye it or go to the salon?

My natural hair color is black. I go to the salon to dye it. 958 more words


The " About Me" Tag

So I thought it would be fun to do the about me tag  (although i haven’t been tagged ) To let all my new followers or just the random passer by get to know me a little bit more.   449 more words


30 Day Blog Challenge Day 6

Day 6… Your zodiac sign and if you think it fits your personality

I never was really into zodiac’s or even understood how stars align within the chart that astronomy has created for us.  531 more words


Just the Beginning

I’ve always loved the idea of sitting and writing my thoughts and feelings. When I was younger I would always want to be like the kids in my favourite childhood films or television shows, they would always for some reason have a diary or journal. 1,268 more words