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25 Years Later...Above the Law's Livin' Like Hustlers Reviewed

Above the Law
Livin’ Like Hustlers

j3 says:

From the jump-off, Above the Law’s Livin’ Like Hustlers is a record that cannot be denied. Coming out of the Ruthless camp, flanked by Dre and Eazy, Above the Law certainly had the right components for greatness, but, also, it’s Cold187um and KMG’s mic performances that help take this from just another lazy superstar-endorsed crew record to, perhaps, one of the greatest gangsta rap records of all time. 520 more words

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The Breaks: Quincy Jones' "Ironside" (1971)

Hip hop had a way of finding that one single-second sample that could help set the tone for an entire recording and today’s sample featured in our The Breaks segment is no exception. 129 more words

The Breaks

VIDEO: Above the Law's "Untouchable"

A sting or vice operation in 1990 was like two dudes rolling into a house party in a freaking Chevy Corsica. In 2015, this would’ve been forty dudes in SWAT gear showing up in a tank. 18 more words

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AUDIO: Above the Law Interview with Chuck Chillout, 1990

I wouldn’t say this is the most insightful audio snippet in the history of rap radio, but Chuck Chillout does his best to keep Above the Law and fam on task when, either, they could care less or are just not good at interviews. 52 more words

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VIDEO: Above the Law's "Murder Rap"

You know, if dude didn’t want a murder rap, he might wanna consider a name other than Cold 187um. But, besides that, here’s the video for the first single from  49 more words

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