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The attempt to make Lincoln into just one more racist is part of the now common attempt to introduce a noxious equilibrium between minds and parties: liberals who struggle with their own prejudices are somehow equal in prejudice to those who never took the trouble to make the struggle.

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Ex Parte Merryman

May 25, 1861 – Pennsylvania militia seized John Merryman at his Maryland home for suspected secessionist activity. This provoked a controversial legal dispute between the president and the U.S. 907 more words

Abraham Lincoln

From Independence Day to Lincoln: 6 of the best presidential speeches in film

This year marks the 20th anniversary of the iconic sci-fi thriller Independence Day hitting our screens and with it the anniversary of Bill Pullman’s legendary speech, as President Thomas Whitmore, which rallied the troops in the face of an alien invasion. 344 more words


What Happened In The 1860 Presidential Election That Could Repeat Itself In 2016

He was one of our nation’s greatest presidents, but Abraham Lincoln’s road to the presidency was anything but great and that history lesson may teach us something about this year’s presidential election. 981 more words



Slavery and Religion


Anthony E Gallo

In God We Trust or God Will Determine the Victor?  Did the Union or the Confederacy have God and the Bible on its Side? 3,316 more words

The Fall of Alexandria and Ellsworth's Death

May 24, 1861 – Federal forces invaded northern Virginia and captured Alexandria, and a promising young officer became one of the war’s first casualties.

When Virginia voters approved secession on May 23, President Abraham Lincoln declared that the people “thus allowed this giant insurrection to make its nest within her borders,” and so “this government has no choice but to deal with it, where it finds it.” Lincoln authorized General-in-Chief Winfield Scott to send some 8,000 Federal troops across the Potomac River to seize Alexandria, a largely pro-secession town, and Arlington Heights. 789 more words


Back in Bronze: The Lounging Lincoln

Work on the Lincoln statue continues, as the H.T.P.C. team spent the early part of May fitting, welding, and chasing the bronze castings.  Challenges ensued with the wax patterns, as they became distorted during the casting process.   301 more words

Abraham Lincoln