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The statue Lincoln Walks At Midnight- stands in front of the West Virginia State Capitol building in Charleston, West Virginia facing the Kanawha River.

“Abraham Lincoln Walks At Midnight” was a poem written in 1914 by Vachel Lindsay. 106 more words


The Second Confiscation Act

July 25, 1862 – President Abraham Lincoln issued a proclamation warning southerners to “cease participating in, aiding, countenancing, or abetting the existing rebellion, or any rebellion, against the Government of the United States, and to return to their proper allegiance to the United States, on pain of the forfeitures and seizures” of their property under a controversial law enacted the week before. 1,278 more words

Abraham Lincoln

President Lincoln and the Ford Theater

Here we are at the President Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum in Springfield, Illinois. After seeing President Lincoln’s Tomb I thought it appropriate to show Ford Theater in Washington DC.   178 more words


Lincoln's Battle With God: A President's Struggle With Faith and What It Meant For America (2012)

Stephen Mansfield, Lincoln’s Battle With God: A President’s Struggle With Faith and What It Meant For America Nashville: Thomas Nelson, 2012, 254 pp. $13.31

The sixteenth president of the United States is dearly beloved by conservatives and liberals alike. 546 more words


Post #76. Do What's Right Rather Than What’s Easy (Principle No.3)

Good morning! How are you doing?

So, today I want to talk a little bit with you about the topic of integrity.

At each moment in our lives, we have to essential choices. 480 more words

Human Centric Leadership

What Would Lincoln Do?

This was a fascinating anecdote about the legend of Abraham Lincoln two generations after his death, as told by Tolstoy.

Once while traveling in the Caucasus I happened to be the guest of a Caucasian chief of the Circassians, who, living far away from civilized life in the mountains, had but a fragmentary and childish comprehension of the world and its history.

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Abraham Lincoln's Tomb

In Springfield, Illinois as you enter the cold dank tomb building of Abraham Lincoln you come across this large bronze statue of Lincoln standing. Next we will take off our hats and go into the burial chamber itself.