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Abraham Lincoln Tour Across America 2014

So every once in a while, folks ask me why The Pres is called The Pres. Well, his sick parents named him after a certain President of the United States. 1,186 more words


History and the Next Great Decision

Do you ever wonder how you would have reacted if you lived during different eras in history?

What I mean is this:

Had I lived in the civil rights era in this country, would I have had the courage and understanding to stand with those who were fighting for equal treatment? 350 more words


Poem - The Suicide's Soliloquy Abraham Loncoln 

Here, where the lonely hooting owl

Sends forth his midnight moans,

Fierce wolves shall o’er my carcase growl,

Or buzzards pick my bones.
No fellow-man shall learn my fate, … 229 more words


Poem - My Childhood Home I See Again - Abraham Lincoln 


My childhood’s home I see again,
And sadden with the view;

And still, as memory crowds my brain,

There’s pleasure in it too.
O Memory! 601 more words


Who owns Lincoln today? Democrats or Republicans?

On the third floor of the Ford’s Theatre Center for Education and Leadership, you will find an exhibit called “Lincoln and the Presidency.” This consists of two statues–Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Dwight Eisenhower–as well as a series of panels on seven presidents and their connections to the memory of Lincoln. 571 more words


Civil War About Slavery—Really? Part 7: Reasons and Conclusions

In Part 1 of this series, we saw several witnesses that believed the Civil War was not about slavery. Most importantly, they were northerners and respectable men. 577 more words

Abraham Lincoln