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Van Helsing: Final Cut Thoughts

The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing III was a gigantic disappointment. It introduced us to six brand new characters to play as, but it was lacking in just about every area of the game. 252 more words


May 18, 1896: More Wolfbane, Van Helsing?

What’s in a title? Had a certain Gothic horror novel been published under its original title, The Un-dead, would it have achieved legendary status, becoming the iconic depiction of the most infamous character in supernatural fiction? 270 more words

Wretched Richard's Almanac

Hellsing: Abandonment

Well, it’s certainly been a week and a half! A lot has happened in the ‘real life’ arena, not all good but hopefully it will all come good in the end. 533 more words

Writing - Kates Stuff

Vampire S to V

So it’s Day 6 of our Vampire A to Z over here at Baby Gates Down.

We’re down to the last eight letters. Hopefully, if I’ve left you wanting so far, I can satiate whatever your vampire fan craving might be in the next two days. 971 more words


"Zu Ende" aus "Dracula Das Musical"

“Zu Ende, Zu Ende,

Dein Spiel is aus.

Warum gibst du nicht freiwillig auf?

Kommt aufs selbe hinaus.

Zu Ende, das weist du nur all zu gut!

27 more words

Literary Lacunae: If you can't find the book, write it.

I spent a lot of years complaining that the books I wanted to read did not exist. And amazingly, I then proceeded to spend years… 654 more words

Books In General

Not The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

Penny Dreadful Review.

The dominance of public domain characters have been in full swing for years, with popular characters like zombies, vampires and drug addled detectives scouring television and popular media, it is clear that writers either can’t come up with original ideas, or just like cashing in on other peoples work. 306 more words