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Our Jewish Roots

In the midst of our live study at Calvary Community Church, I am reminded of the importance of understanding our Jewish roots.  Thus, over the next few days I want to share a portion of that study with you.   561 more words



“There was a fight between the shepherds of Abram’s livestock and the shepherds of Lot’s livestock… So Abram said to Lot,

‘Please, do not let there be any bitterness between you and I, or between my shepherds and yours, since we are relatives.  175 more words



Now, the fact that YAHWEH has midwifed your transition to a place doesn’t necessarily mean there’d be no challenges there. Even the children of Israel who were promised and taken to a land “flowing with milk and honey”, didn’t quite find it literally so. 1,396 more words


"What are you doing, Lord, and how do you want me to take part of it?"

The seemingly gentle reminder for us to have a Great Commission mindset became more than an encouragement for me. It was one of God’s ways of answering my apprehensions. 655 more words


Isaiah 63

Isaiah shouted, I see a man, coming from Edom way! His clothes are all spattered with red, so I ask him, What’s all that then? Were you treading grapes for wine? 102 more words

Old Testament

An Ancient Promise

I was reflecting on Christianity’s Jewish heritage and I couldn’t help but acknowledge how amazing it is that I believe in God. My native culture and environment could not have given me this faith let alone knowing him at all. 695 more words

Bible Study

The Hospitality of Abraham: Cyril and Maximus

So far in this short series, we have followed the development of the Church’s understanding of the story of the Hospitality of Abraham. In this post we will wrap up our discussion of the patristic dialog with Saints Cyril and Maximus. 796 more words