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Week 7 - Parting Ways

Welcome to week 7 of our study, Why Israel Matters.  This is a summary of a live study we’re doing each Sunday morning at CalvaryPHX in Phoenix AZ… 711 more words

Bible Study

How many conclusions do you jump to?

How many conclusions do you jump to? How many little pieces of things do you hear? How much do you decide the way something is just by your brief glimpse into it? 96 more words


Negotiating Business

Some have had a hard time negotiating business and even cut off contracts and people because they don’t know the rudiments of it. In Genesis 23:15, we learn a simple rule that many today ignore or refuse to acknowledge, and it’s the reason why many nations have not progressed. 260 more words


Life from the Dead!

You’re back…and I’m so excited for today’s lesson that I’m jumping right out of my skin!  If you’re new here and have no clue what I’m talking about, we’re in the midst of a Bible study called… 767 more words

Bible Study

# Abraham Lincoln

One of the most essential elements that have shaped my life is the stories my father used to tell me. Before sleeping, he would sit with us, and tell us stories that really fascinated us. 344 more words

Devotion: A Providing Presence

The tension of fatherhood is that we as men feel pulled by two major responsibilities. We want to be present to our families, but also we want to… 496 more words