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The Promise 2: The Hunt Begins

I wrote and posted this elsewhere a good few years back.


Firuhza didn’t enjoy living life predictably. He and his wife were one of the wealthiest people in Caravel, the thriving city in the heart of a desert. 7,658 more words


Poem - The Suicide's Soliloquy Abraham Loncoln 

Here, where the lonely hooting owl

Sends forth his midnight moans,

Fierce wolves shall o’er my carcase growl,

Or buzzards pick my bones.
No fellow-man shall learn my fate, … 229 more words


Matthew 1:2

Matthew 1:2

iBoS: LIFE GIVER Engender Joyful Assurance, Kindle Approval, Restore family in Celebrated ONE-ness.

Magiera: Avraham fathered Iskhaq, Iskhaq fathered Yaquv, Yaquv fathered Yehudah and his brothers, 1,211 more words

Books Of Bible

Matthew 1:1

Matthew 1:1

iBoS: Seal Of Devotion, Blessing Faithful to the created, Cherish children in LIFE GIVER.

Magiera: The book of the genealogy of Yeshue Meshikha, the son of David, the son of Avraham; 993 more words

Books Of Bible

Replacing The "Broke" Mentality with The Law Of Easy In, Easy Out. Cha Ching Creator...~*

Greetings Creator: The video I am sharing here on “the broke mentality,” by Lewis Winfield, is so freaking funny and spot the heck on that, I had to share! 401 more words


The Point of Faith

I believe that faith has a point, though I have often wondered exactly what it is. I believe there is a reason that faith is necessary, though I have often wondered why. 1,437 more words



Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.

Faith is not just some kind of mind or magic power. 166 more words

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