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Brief Encounters of the Literary Kind

June L. Laurenson | October 23, 2017

We live in a world that is constantly online, where speed, brevity, and accessibility enhance productivity and provide instant gratification. 846 more words

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Metrics of Progression

These are not details that are always explicitly described. Numbers given here are strong opinions based on the ideas presented in posts like Team Building Basics… 470 more words


Simple G10

Here is a basic outline of building for Giants B10. For a full guide see G10 Guide.

  1. If you are building your first team, work on 
  2. 94 more words

Simple Raid Team

For full description of building for raids, see Raid Guide.

  1. If you are trying to farm raids consistently to further progress, make sure you have R5 unlocked…
  2. 133 more words

Runing Your Monster Box

Some pieces here are ideas to help players maximize the potential of their teams and are not directly discussed in other posts. See Rune Fundamentals… 102 more words