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Make Me Feel. (a nonfiction story, sterilized to protect the guilty)

-abridged –

You know, every once in a while, you wake up in the morning and you have to ask yourself that all important question: “Where the f#@k am I?” 638 more words

Making No Sense Of The World

My Fiction - The Hobbit: A GM's Tale (Part 2)

By the by, the fraternity in my story is largely based on one of my actual acquaintance. Yes, I went to a nerd school, but this particular fraternity was nerdy even by those standards. 2,655 more words


I WILL GO THERE, TAKE ME HOME: Curated by Gregory McCartney │ MAC, Belfast → 26 July 2015

Artist: Olaf Brezski. Photo: Simon Mills

Artist: Adrian Ghenie. Photo: Simon Mills

Artist: Pieter Hugo. Photo: Simon Mills


Adrian Ghenie, Pieter Hugo… 8 more words

Group Show

Magic Kaito 1412 Abridge Episode 1: Greatest Magician!

I play Kaito’s Mom who shows up starting at 5:57, and again later at 11:21ish. It’s silly and fun. ;) Enjoy!

Final Product

Case Solution for Rosenbluth International Mexico (Abridged)

Complete Case details are given below :

Case Name :      Rosenbluth International Mexico (Abridged)

Authors :           John Kamauff, David L. Ager

Source :             Ivey Publishing… 152 more words


Yu-Gi-Oh Season 2 to Stand Alone

Here’s a question, if you’re remaking a series, where should you start? Episode 1 season 1? No silly! Start with the one with the most inconclusive ending, where old minor characters appear with no context or introduction, and which get’s interrupted near the end by the most well written and important not-filler arc ever! 265 more words