But What If The Establishment Is Yellow And We Don't Want It Changed?

Traditional media extolled the virtues of social media – up until people realized social media allowed them to challenge the establishment.

— David Barua Yap II (@IAmDavidYapII) March 26, 2017


Mainstream News Much Better Than Duterte Bloggers

Of course. For 6 years ABS CBN and Phil Daily Inquirer heaped nothing but praise on Noynoy and that is the way it should be. Mainstream media adopts the agenda of their owners which is money and that is the way of our world. 31 more words


A Love to Last (March 8,2017 Episode)

That kilig factor I feel everytime I see Andeng and Anton together. Grabe kinikilig talaga ako. Napapangiti ako at feeling ko ako si Andeng.

Eto talaga yung mahirap eh, yung pag amin ng nararamdaman mo para sa isang tao. 254 more words

From Googleplex... The Pope did not say it!

KUNG SI KRISTO ay may mga disipulo.

SI SATANAS, may mga disipulo rin.

Karamihan ng mga tao, hindi naman nagbabasa, nagtitiwala na agad sa mga gaya ng GMA NEWS na ibibigay sa kanila ang malinis na balita. 51 more words


My Pre-Tawag ng Tanghalan Experience!

In Philippines, it has been known that every Filipino should know how to sing or probably grew up in a family that knows how to. Music has always been a part in all Filipinos which might also be a reason that if there is a singing contest in national television even on an international scale, everyone watches and supports it. 421 more words

sapphie - the 2017 opening salvo

Scratch that New Year’s Eve post I vowed. On my second post for this blog (and more from me until that bug is quashed), I’ll have to talk about their plans for 2017. 539 more words


sapphie - our year in hindsight, christmas 2016

Image from Jewelpet Sunshine

Since the persistent WordPress bug that won’t let the blog post pages in the new unified site UI show up has caused Lip some headaches, I’ll take over the blog for now. 857 more words