There Is Nothing Wrong With Supporting What Is Truly Right

If the media seems like they are fawning over Noynoy its because he truly should be loved.


DJ Digong Dantes of MOR 101.9 For Life!

In every school there will always be this one alumnus that will catch us by surprise where he ended up with the coolest profession amongst everyone. 2,621 more words


Not True About ABS CBN

They are only the enemies of the Filipinos who insist their news misinform them with blatant bias. Otherwise ABS CBN makes the pinoy smarter.


Duterte Is Still Horrible 

All these excuses about what he hasn’t done does not make him our kind of guy. We love Leni and Noynoy and he will never be that. 215 more words


2017 Project 365, Day 90: I Acted!

Photo #90: March 31

Oh my goodness, how do I begin to describe this day?! Ah, let me start by thanking my Adober Studios family for an opportunity to try my hand at ACTING! 62 more words

ABS CBN And Inquirer Are GREAT Sources Of Information

Anybody that extols the virtues of our public officials and our candidates does the Liberals a favor and as a result is helping this country. So ignore that senile old man who is claiming that they are “bastos”. 677 more words


But What If The Establishment Is Yellow And We Don't Want It Changed?

Traditional media extolled the virtues of social media – up until people realized social media allowed them to challenge the establishment.

— David Barua Yap II (@IAmDavidYapII) March 26, 2017