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About Absentee Bids At Auctions

About Absentee Bids At Auctions

Auctions are exciting, especially if there is a piece that you have dreamt about owning. Many times people visit auctions in person or online and locate the precise item they have fancied and are unable to attend the auction due to geographical situation that prohibits their attendance, or a double-booking. 744 more words

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How to Bid at Auction, the Fun Way (part 2)

Last week I did an introduction on bidding at auction and why you’d want to choose this competitive route for acquiring art. Today’s post is about which method to bid; whether you want to be present in the room, on the phone, on the computer or ┬áleave an absentee bid. 760 more words

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Coupon & Pre-Sale Advertising for Auction Houses

I continue to be impressed by the graphics that auction house Morton Casa de Subastas, of Mexico City and Houston, puts out. Not only do they entice me with email subject lines that generate interest, whoever is doing their marketing has a firm grasp of the cross-overs between public relations and advertising. 723 more words

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