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Absinthe makes the heart grow fonder

Life is who you know.  Keith Gunn introduced us to his wife Jan. Jan plays tennis with a woman whose son works for the San Francisco Opera.   403 more words

The Reverse Engineer

What do you think would be the best profession for someone who is whimsical, illogical, artistic, emotionally distressed and frustratingly sarcastic?  If you answered, “My God – someone that should live above a bar listening to bands that no one has ever heard of drinking absinthe and painting pictures of the horrible things that humans do to themselves,” you are of course, correct.   346 more words


I’m dripping truth
I’m tripping, proof
of something great
behind the veil

Green fairy grins
I end, it begins
to dip and sway
to sleet and hail… 45 more words


Episode 067: Monkey Glands and "Noah"

Suffering from weak constitution, a limp spirit or low vigor? Try Prefer Not To’s revitalizing draught of Monkey Gland, a cocktail so embarrassingly named that Josh and Kate sought Old Testament guidance from Darren Aronofsky’s “Noah.” Join us! 58 more words



“Absinthe” is currently delighting audiences with its special version of fun, cabaret and variety acts, all held together by “The Gazillionaire”.

Billed as having “adult themes”, the banter between the Gazillionaire and his female assistant kept the audience laughing while the stage was being organised between each spectacular act. 162 more words

The Absinthe Fairy on Mushrooms

About six years ago, a buddy and I took shots of absinthe before a New Moon mushroom expedition. Since then I’ve lost my original trip report notes, matured on a transpersonal level, and revised my understanding of psychedelic mechanics several times over. 546 more words

Transpersonal Growth

Pitbull sees Absinthe in Vegas

Pitbull has been in Las Vegas since September 22nd for his limited-time residency at Planet Hollywood, Time of our Lives! Ever since he arrived in the Sin-City, he has been extremely busy with performing, visiting radio stations, doing interviews and breaking ground for his new charter school, … 100 more words