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  • Absinthe has been around for a long time even dating back to Ancient Egyptian times in one form or another. There are several Absinthe bars in Prague and it is an experience worth trying but remember this is strong stuff so you may want to read into it first.
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Cocktail of the Week: El Secreto

Everybody loves juicy gossip, so we’re sharing one of our favorite secrets from the bar. El Secreto may look like your typical light, fruity cocktail, but it is made with absinthe—an emerald green liquor that’s been worshiped by artists through the years thanks to its hallucinogenic properties. 131 more words


Turning 46 Gets Weird: Part 2: Pamplona

I got home from the spa appointment, feeling relaxed and content, still riding the high from Z’s visit. That had been the best possible birthday present. 1,821 more words



I walked down the streets of hell
all for a hot voluptuous kiss
the neighbors were quite nice
they told me where to park
regardless of the sunless curse… 143 more words


Copper, the Alchemist, & the Woman in Trousers: Episode 22


Early this year I had a very unpleasant head cold.  So I gave my characters, Felicity and Cornelis, nasty head colds too — and funny, sneezing chaos ensued. 2,972 more words

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A great Bodyshop cleanser.

A fantastic Bodyshop cleanser that really does perform.

I tried this in store and got a sample and quite frankly I’m impressed. My love of cleansers continues and this will be a regular feature I suspect. 218 more words

Sweet poison in a bottle

As much as I appreciate the effects of alcohol, I never found the appeal of getting smashed at someone’s place on vodka shots, or going through bottles of beer. 1,038 more words

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