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Drown your sorrows & fly away with the Green Fairy

For some people, Valentine’s Day is a happy day of fun and romance, when you cheerfully overpay for food and drink and circulate photographs of delivered flowers, cards and gifts on social media with hashtags like #truelove #happy #spoilt or #smug. 1,575 more words


Chinese New Year cocktail: Jasmine Tail

As you may have seen, I’m working my way through a series of classic cocktails every week, but it’s also super fun to make cocktails for all the occasions that pop up on the calendar. 522 more words


I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve read this book. My sister even comments when I tell her I’m reading it again, and she never comments on my books.

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Desire Time

A fictional narrative illustrating the perils of ‘beer-goggles’

Must also include all ten of these words associated with ‘LOVE’






HATE  273 more words


Poetry & change & cocktail recipes

When someone says, “Poetry changed my life,” you expect to hear of a high-stakes transformation. Former students have told me, for example, how poetry gave them permission to embrace and admit their sexuality. 889 more words


You abstain. I stain, often with gusto.

You are abstruse. I am a struse and proud of it.

You are abrupt. I rupt, especially after spicy meals. 33 more words