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16 words

Probably thought this post was going to be deep. It’s not. It’s only 16 words deep.

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If I was a bird (with my mind)

If I was a bird with my current mind, I would do incredible things. The first thing I would do is go on Ellen. Just sneak in like a bird can. 528 more words


A walk.

Salty air fills my lungs as I push over the last hill. The suns golden light being split by the leaves on the trees, casting elongated, dancing shadows on the ground behind me. 124 more words



I’m going to send her flowers :) God knows she deserves them. Maybe I’ll send her a book instead, the first in “The Dark Tower Series” by Stephen King. 81 more words

Absolute Madness

My racing heart

Swirls of colour spin in my heart as I realise that every day for the rest of my life is going to be a new adventure. 539 more words


Today's date.

Today, I have a date. An important date with a lady called Allie. I’ve got a surprise day lined up for her. She thinks we are going to a movie and the other culturally clich├ęd bullshit society has fed to us and dubbed as romance. 239 more words


The determined Vacuum

He was a powerful beast. His long snout sucking harder than Charlie Sheens nose snorting coke off a hookers ass. He was a smaller breed, but that made him all the more dangerous to the enemy, the long standing rival, which is dirt. 231 more words