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Researchers almost achieve Absolute Zero!

Thanks to¬†Elsa’s freezing powers¬†lasers and some advanced techniques, a team of MIT scientists has managed to freeze a molecule to 500 nanokelvins: a temp that’s nearly absolute zero. 208 more words


Education Through Rap

The guy fifth from the left is not even remotely impressed.


What Is Random?

Preston Harold sets us up for his next section of chapter 6 by asking a major question, which needs to be qualified before it can be answered: 474 more words

the negation of everything

Everything negative flows from the idea and primarily from the idea of the individual self which is a negative image of the soul’s absolute being invented by the intellect fallen from contemplation of the absolute reality of good and projected into a relative actuality of good and evil, constructed for millennia by a conspiracy of fallen souls attracted to the negative in existence and enamored of evil. 31 more words


2/22/15 February Frigidity

I will complain a bit about the cold weather, if you don’t mind. I will complain a bit if you do. I want to complain about it and will not be deterred. 1,841 more words

The real world?

When someone speaks of entering the real world it usually denotes a movement of consciousness from a personally constructed imaginarium into the actuality common to a society of human beings. 58 more words