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Negative Absolute Temperatures

It is not possible to cool a substance below 0 Kelvin but it is possible to attain temperatures below  0 Kelvin. These temperatures are not cold but quite hot.

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The Upcoming Absolute Zero and the Route Of All Evil Rallies

I got an interesting email this afternoon from Frank Beyer.  Frank is an excellent car rally competitor, nice guy, and further, Frank likes the put interesting rallies together.  130 more words

i still feel her pt.3 - jonny craig.

How far back, can you remember?
Did the ice stop your heart?
Oh wait, that was me
Oh wait that was me
I froze to death… 106 more words


temperatures you should know

Featured image: Thermometer courtesy of Pixabay.com

Any self-respecting individual knows the freezing and boiling points of water, preferably in both scales. If you don’t, they’re 32 and 212 in Fahrenheit and 0 and 100 in Celsius. 211 more words



I am from the void, the void of being, the void of spiritual being, the void of conscious being. I am a spiritually conscious being. 165 more words

Human Being

Absolute Zero

Fact: The coldest place in the universe is right here on Earth.

As we now know, space is actually really hot – or, more correctly, it has a very high temperature. 386 more words


Happiness - A Choice

A choice
Not a
God given right
Glass half full
Or half empty
Does it matter
Absolute zero
A state
Physically impossible
To achieve… 25 more words