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Infographic: From Absolute Zero to Absolute Hot

BBC Future takes the temperature of our planet – and the Universe – to find the hottest and coldest things ever measured.


Sex: man and woman

There has to be a very strong element of human emotions in the storyline to balance the heavy physics/pure mathematics in Catching Infinity.  Love is all very well but ‘Bridges Over Madison County’ brand of sweet love simply will not work with Catching Infinity’s storyline (the story opens with the death of a baby). 374 more words

Storyline Construction

Around the dial: Parquet Courts, Little Green Cars, Dandy Warhols, and Purses

What’s not to love about Parquet Courts? Is that an Ennio Morricone guitar riff? That sounds like Jonathan Richman’s cousin on vocals. What’s that great piano bit? 396 more words

Around The Dial

The coolest scientist

William Thomson, Lord Kelvin physicist born Belfast 1824 died 1907. President of the Royal Society 1885 – 1890. Interred (near Isaac Newton) in Westminster Abbey… 29 more words

Not a Podcast - Star Wars Current Events

Anthony, Jordan, and Jedi Will return after a brief hiatus to talk about Episode 7 TV spots, Star Wars Battlefront and a few new toy releases.


Japanese Star Wars and the Amazing Takara R2D2s

Anthony, Jordan and Jedi Will take a look at the amazing R2D2s that were released by Takara, the Japanese toy company, in 1978.

Anthony Conte… 39 more words