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Being in truth

Pagan consciousness is confined within the relative categories of existence and cannot acknowledge the reality described by the absolute categories of being. Neither can pagans develop a proper understanding of nature, which is the expression of undetermined being, since they introduce objectivity and reflection into an actuality that can only be truly apprehended subjectively and immediately, which is to say, as the present moment. 99 more words

Human Being

Taming The Elephant

Suddenly they were all on the attack.  Anne got in the first lick.  “C’mon, Sy, you’re comparing apples and orange peel.  Your hydrogen sphere would be on the inside of the black hole’s event horizon, and Jeremy’s virtual particles are on the outside.” 685 more words

Order and Interest

Imagine you’re standing on the surface of a perfect crystalline solid at 0 Kelvin.

It’s white, it’s perfect, there’s no imperfections, there’s no dents, there’s nothing; absolutely perfect. 94 more words

Absolute Zero

Molecules Chilled Close to Absolute Zero Just Smashed a New Physics Record

Your daily selection of the latest science news!

According to ScienceAlert

A two-step cooling process using lasers has allowed physicists to push molecules of calcium monofluoride down to a record low temperature, busting a barrier that until now has been impassable.

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Moses Boyd announces new EP 'Absolute Zero'

UK jazz musician Moses Boyd has shared details of his new EP.

Absolute Zero is scheduled for release on Friday the 4th of August via Exodus Records / The Vinyl Factory. 200 more words


Blogger Who Has Zero Consistent Readers Refuses to Stop Blogging

“I can’t stop. It’s become a compulsion. I also have this feeling that someday someone really important, like a literary agent, is going to find my blog and I’ll make it big,” said a white male blogger, age 25, who wanted to remain nameless in this article. 456 more words

The Playlist

The month is rolling by fast now that things have heated up and the sun is shinning so let me get you some tasty tunes with a new set of  191 more words