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Blogger Who Has Zero Consistent Readers Refuses to Stop Blogging

“I can’t stop. It’s become a compulsion. I also have this feeling that someday someone really important, like a literary agent, is going to find my blog and I’ll make it big,” said a white male blogger, age 25, who wanted to remain nameless in this article. 456 more words

The Playlist

The month is rolling by fast now that things have heated up and the sun is shinning so let me get you some tasty tunes with a new set of  191 more words


After 100 years of debate, hitting absolute zero has been declared mathematically impossible.

The third law of thermodynamics finally gets its proof.

After more than 100 years of debate featuring the likes of Einstein himself, physicists have finally offered up mathematical proof of the third law of thermodynamics, which states that a temperature of absolute zero cannot be physically achieved because it’s impossible for the entropy (or disorder) of a system to hit zero. 946 more words


It's Finally Settled: Absolute Zero Is Impossible

Just how cold can it get? The answer may be more important than you think: scientists study absolute zero to figure out all the wacky stuff that happens to molecules when the chilly temperatures slow them way down. 437 more words


I S S Will Soon Be the Coldest Place in the Universe..!

What happens when atoms get really, really cold? Scientists know that they slow down as they approach absolute zero, but Earth’s pesky gravitational pull makes it hard to observe what happens once they hit extreme lows.  575 more words


#MusicEveryday - 001

Our first installment of #MusicEveryday is the album Absolute Zero, by Tetrafusion.

Absolute Zero is an instrumental album filled with prog-rock/metal goodness. Classic, old-school keys, mixed with crunchy djenty guitars, and a jazzy, experimental vibe make for Must-Use-Headphones listening. 34 more words


The Stratus Class Dirigibles

When I first arrived in the desert city, raw and untried, eyes wide with wonder, heart filled with longing, and head filled with air just like the myriad dirigibles that crowded the skies, I could never have imagined where my path would lead me. 3,764 more words