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Nothing could be not much, or hardly anything.

It might also be less than I had intended, or perhaps a few things of lesser importance. 34 more words


notes 4 today: 2016-12-15 (Particle Decelerators; Framing Infrastructure As The Ontastricture; Exo-DNA; Tripping Yourself)

title: Particle Decelerators

Acceleration Seals A Tunnel Narrow

Hundreds of thousands of people choosing to spend hundreds of thousands of their own hours, leaving relationships, abandoning their children, expelling all emotion from their bodies, all for a single obsession, is what particle physics has become. 2,319 more words


Well, it's about time!!!

What time do you get up in the morning? What time do you go to school? How much time does it take you to eat your lunch? 121 more words


Ο Adam Ball παρουσιάζει το Absolute Zero

Την τελευταία ευκαιρία για να δουν από κοντά την έκθεση ”Absolute Zero” του  Βρετανού εικαστικού Adam Ball έχουν οι Κύπριοι, σε μια έκθεση που άρχισε το 2014 και συνεχίζεται μέχρι σήμερα, ενώ στην Κύπρο φιλοξενείται από τις 28 Σεπτεμβρίου στο Κέντρο Σύγχρονης Τέχνης Φάρος. 9 more words



Neutrality is a state of being neutral. It is of the position, in which, no power is transmitted. Neutral motive state of the mind occurs when a person is neither for nor against something in an experiment, collection of data, working on the hypotheses, or practicing mindfulness, besides, thinking about a problem. 330 more words


Why is the earth or anything moving through the Universe so fast, especially at a bone chilling 2.73K? All particles should almost stop, shouldn’t they?

By J.T. Tilly

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What’s going on here? How is everything  going so fast through the Universe? This isn’t perplexing to you?

We can relate to how slow everything is moving in the Universe, we think it’s moving fast as we’ve calculated the Earth to be moving through the Universe at approx. 788 more words

Absolute Zero

Hello and welcome to yet another week of perjury, pretense, and prevarication, here at Factually Deficient! This week, I will answer a question posed by the faithful Tohrinha. 310 more words

Blatant Lies