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Jennifer Saunders hopeful that the Absolutely Fabulous movie will begin shooting in Autumn

How exciting! Jennifer Saunders is hopeful that the Absolutely Fabulous movie will begin shooting this autumn.

Speaking to the Loose Women on ITV, the comedian, who played PR chief and lush extraordinaire Edina Monsoon in the smash BBC comedy, also dropped hints about the plot. 148 more words

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TV shows where wine plays a starring role

Today we celebrate those TV shows where wine plays a strong supporting role to all the characters. These characters /shows would not be the same without this signature beverage, and as a result they make us feel less guilty about our own consumption habits! 215 more words

24 going on 13: Becoming Absolutely Fabulous

I can remember being 13 and going through a phase of dressing up as Patsy from Absolutely Fabulous. When my parents had friends over for dinner, I could be found smothering my face in lipstick like it was my only friend in the world (it probably was), gathering anything remotely furry (the guinea pig) and exploiting it as the most quintessentially glamorous item I could pull off, parading myself around the kitchen with a gel pen for a cigarette, mimicking that retro, drunken, narcotic style in its purest form, in a desperate attempt to join the party. 1,271 more words


The Lost Weekend Chronicles--Friday With Fallon!

Hi all! It’s been a whirlwind few days here in the world of Atypical60dom! Thursday I had to get those skunky roots done. And, as usual, Adam from Bleu Mousse Salon in Wayne worked his magic! 1,558 more words

Absolutely Fabulous


  1. I am tired of listening to that girl whine about being unable to lose weight.
  2. You know the girl that I mean.
  3. She is usually avoiding sugar, carbs or gluten; always vacillating between being vegan and vegetarian; and never seen without a health bar and a container of hummus, yoghurt or some invariably vile-coloured concoction (generally described as juice, a shake or a smoothie).
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"And you can forget Samba"

Sushisamba has been around for years but it’s as glamorous as ever.¬†

It’s still chilly in London but we enjoyed gin Martinis on the terrace in front a large bonfire. 14 more words