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Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie

Continuing the spate of big movie outings for popular TV shows, Jennifer Saunders and Joanna Lumley reunite to takeĀ Absolutely Fabulous to the big screen. They kill Kate Moss and chaos ensues which takes them abroad – handy. 107 more words


Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie - Official Trailer 1

Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie, reunites Jennifer Saunders and Joanna Lumley as Edina and Patsy along with the rest of the original cast, including Julia Sawalha as Saffy, Jane Horrocks as Bubble and June Whitfield as Mother. 51 more words



I’m remaining sceptical. Have a look at the trailer below will you.

Now, you think I’d be biased as I’m a big fan of the TV series (although not as much as… 132 more words


Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie

We are beyond excited! Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie, is out in movie theatres in the UK from July 1. If you loved the TV show, you will love the movie. 14 more words


British Home Stories

This week the BHS bubble went pop.

*Yes, Click, I was familiar with the original store having grown up in the 70s, above the glass canopied market in Brixton. 917 more words

Absolutely Fabulous movie trailer has dropped and it's amazing!

The first official movie trailer for the Absolutely Fabulous movie has dropped and it’s everything we expected!

We know that you can expect lots of cameos from the movie and some can be seen in the trailer from stars like Kate Moss, Rebel Wilson, Stella McCartney, Jon Hamm to Emma Bunton who has often popped up in the TV series. 56 more words