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Men are Indeed Messy

A young and hopeful US Army officer (left) and a stoic middle-aged Eastern German officer (right) square off with expressionless hatred for the other and what he stands for across a thin white line. 723 more words

Absolutely Fabulous

Stealth Corseting - What To Know, What To Wear

I’ve been asked about stealth corseting – that is, wearing a corset invisibly under clothing instead of visibly externally.

Personally I find that wearing an overbust corset is the easiest to stealth with, since I like the smooth lines it gives from the bust to the hips. 146 more words

Absolutely Fabulous

The Golden Rule

Think waaaaaayyyy back to Kindergarten. Remember when you had a lesson on RESPECT, and, if your teacher was cool enough, she taught you how to spell it in the style of Aretha Franklin. 282 more words


MBC part three: Right Time, Wrong Place

The Saturday job at the chemist provided extra work throughout the holidays which in turn provided me with the cash required to clothe myself as a wannabe hippy in flared jeans and a selection of groovy cheesecloth tops and t-shirts. 1,133 more words


worst accents

Of England:

Essex – Fuck this is awful, I never knew because I’ve never watched that crap they put on television based on that area…. but my mother always has the television on full blast and someone off that program was speaking – the most heinous accent to exist, it really is. 567 more words

Get up and spin around!

Get up and spin around!!! It’s another beautiful day. Thank God! He didn’t have to wake up his little princess, but he did it anyways!! Life is beautiful and it is awesome to still have one. 60 more words


The Most Absolutely Fabulousist News...and "More" thoughts!

Happy Tuesday everyone!   This morning brought some “Absolutely Fabulous” news! Edina and Patsy from “Ab Fab” are coming to the big screen!   Yes! A movie about these two marvelous women will be made this year. 720 more words

Absolutely Fabulous