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2016 In Film (Part 1: The bad)

Okay the title is over simplifying it a lot. These are just films I didn’t like, some aren’t necessarily bad, but were more a victim of hype. 1,497 more words

2016: My Top 10

I heard somebody refer to 2016 as a “dumpster fire.” I don’t really know what that means, but the visual makes me chuckle. And I am rather hopeful because fires inside of dumpsters are contained. 2,613 more words


British TV on DVD

Absolutely Fabulous: Complete Series, 1992-2012. We now have all the seasons and all the specials from this hilarious British comedy series for rent. We also have the 2016 theatrical movie.

British TV On DVD


3 stars

So it’s not a great movie by any stretch — name a movie version of a TV show that is — but it is an “absolutely” fun time if you go see it in a theatre full of fans of the show. 262 more words


The First Day of Xmas

Awesome. We are up and running. As in previous years, I am going to record what I did over Xmas, mainly so I can remember that I had value out of the holiday the next time I’m terribly in need of some time off work. 187 more words


TV Rumor Round-up: Update

Several weeks ago I speculated on the possibility of three great shows all with a possible comeback in their future. Of the three of them, only one has been officially confirmed DOA. 421 more words


Absolutely Fabulous Darling...

I love my job for more reasons than I can be bothered to write but the other day I was reminded just how blessed I am. 250 more words