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Absolutism and why was it chosen by Europe


Before the 17th century, Europe went through different governmental systems for controlling their countries.  Each of these systems were based on exchanging benefits and spreading power among the government. 622 more words


AN05a_Philosophical Foundations of Absolutism

AN05_Philosophical Foundations of Absolutism

Timeline: 16th – 18th C.

FS: How did philosophy support Absolutism?

Main Idea

During a time of religious and economic instability, monarchs ruled with a strong hand. 740 more words


Louis XV

Louis XV

After the absolutist monarch Louis XIV died, his 5 year old great-grandson Louis XV became king. Louis suppressed, but was not able to completely subdue, the parlements. 100 more words

Western Civ 2

Life of an absolute monarch

Looks like it is the year of the state. I have written two articles, one on the nature of the socialist state, and another on the transition between bourgeois and socialist states. 223 more words


Constitutionalism and Absolutism

Contrary to what most may think, Constitutionalism doesn’t necessarily involve a written document. The key idea of constitutionalism is limiting the power of the king. Constitutionalism is based in the fact that the authority of the government comes from some fundamental law. 348 more words

Western Civ 2

Out with absolutism: in with the half-arsed approach to life

Absolutism is defined as the holding of absolute principles in political, philosophical, or theological matters. The zeitgeist is awash with this insidiousness; from our politics, to our approach to education, to our exercise regimes and oh so very evidently in our diets. 628 more words

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