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Get ready for a Test and Catch Up!

Before Thanksgiving break, we will take a test on the absolute Monarchs. Most of the test will be online. You will also have an opportunity to catch up since senior photos have caused many of you to miss classroom time. 179 more words

Monarchs Of Europe

All or Nothing

Don’t be an absolutist. The Lord has been working on me with that one, for a long, long time. I still have to catch myself constantly, the urge to sink into absolutism is still there. 394 more words


Despotism is a state of government where a ruler has absolute power. In modern usage despot and despotism is almost always pejorative. The word comes, originally, from the Greek despotes literally meaning ‘master of the house’ and usually translated as ‘lord’ or ‘owner’ (Douglas n.d.). 664 more words



Extremism is the “advocacy of extreme measures or views.” It is seen all throughout history and exists today in the modern world. An example of extremism in history is Adolf Hitler and his actions to wipe out an entire race of people through extreme measures such as burning mass crowds alive or gunning down thousands. 347 more words