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My America | Commonweal Magazine

Some quotes and questions about Catholicism and politics.

“Many… see in Donald Trump’s version of America a comforting affirmation of an order that seems to be slipping from their grasp.”

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The Possibility of Change

When I was a pre-teen, my dad had a very cool girlfriend for a brief time. I don’t remember her name at all (Dineen maybe?) because she was too smart and too cool to be with my father for long (don’t get me wrong, I love him but being able to handle a relationship with strong and smart women was not a strong point for my father). 577 more words


Chuck Norris vs Communism

Very roughly analogous to the corrosive effects that the internet has been to our out-of-touch and typically regressive gatekeepers, so too was VHS the corrodent to the Romanian communist state. 95 more words

Situated Cognition

Taking comfort in platitudes

Currently, a friend of mine’s husband is going through a medical emergency. As he is battling, I am part of a texting conversation that includes updates from my friend’s mom. 273 more words

Musings On Society And Culture


There seems to be a particularly deep peace in the early morning after a summer holiday night. Twenty minutes of fireworks, costing goodness knows how much, the sparkles beguiling but the clouds of colored smoke reminding me, unfortunately, of bomb blasts in distant countries—I was glad to wake to birdsong at dawn. 396 more words


Russian Absolutism: Pure in theory alone

One of the most fondly recounted tales of Russian history is that of Peter the Great’s beard tax. The story goes that Peter, considering beards to be antiquated and out of kilter with his grand European vision for Russia, required all men who wished to remain bearded to pay a tax and carry ‘beard tokens’ around with them, under threat of public shaving (Wirtschafter, 2008, p. 4,627 more words


Quote of the Week: Yukio Mishima "Sword"

He would just have to put up with it; if you couldn’t bear even one single thing through to the end, then you might as well give up entirely. 41 more words