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Absolutism in Marsilius of Padua's "Defensor Pacis"

In his Economic Thought Before Adam Smith, Murray Rothbard discusses the political absolutism that coincided with the theological absolutism and voluntarism of the late medieval period. 384 more words

Murray Rothbard

On being human

From “Beginning to See the Light: Religious Conversion across the Ages”, a book review by Gary Greenberg, in Harper’s 2016 March, p. 85f.

“[E]very ideology, no matter how irreligious, entails faith. 538 more words

The Danger of Absolutes in Teaching

I’m writing this from Taipei.

That’s a sentence I never, ever thought I’d write. Oh, the places you’ll go…

I’m writing from Taipei, where I have the pleasure of working with some of my New York colleagues (along with wonderful new ones) on a three week musical theatre workshop for young to middle-aged performing artists. 949 more words

David Sisco

The Dangers of a More Perfect Union

When the Founding Fathers gathered in Philadelphia in the late spring of 1787, they all well understood both the strengths and glaring inadequacies of the Articles of Confederation (1777). 1,055 more words


Hats, Turks, Hearts & Guts

Aug 9 2017

Today we’re talking about the portrayal of Turks and Christians in the Military History Museum (the Heeresgeschichtliches museum), absolutism, baroque, and a number of odd topics to do with the human heart and all its desires. 1,263 more words

The Sacred, the Relative, and the Absolute

Long time readers of this blog will know that I have an interest, or perhaps even an obsession with relativism and absolute moral truth. I was ruminating the other day about the nature of the Sacred and how it relates to both the Relative and the Absolute. 556 more words