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FS4: Being aware of binaries

‘I cannot show you the way to enlightenment, but I can merely show you the path that I took’ – (Buddha’s wisdom? Or so quoted from a friend) 232 more words

Ritual, Relativism, and Absolutism

In the discussion between Absolutism and Relativism, it may prove to be particularly revealing to discuss the nature of religious ritual. Indeed, in my view an inappropriate understanding of ritual is very much at the heart of the Absolutism/Relativism conflict. 682 more words


Tim Farron - God before politics

Tim Farron (the leader of the Liberal Democrats) resigned today stating that he couldn’t reconcile his faith with his party’s politics, which begs to differ why he entered into the party in the first place, know their views on abortion and gay rights. 152 more words


Absolutism and why was it chosen by Europe


Before the 17th century, Europe went through different governmental systems for controlling their countries.  Each of these systems were based on exchanging benefits and spreading power among the government. 622 more words


AN05a_Philosophical Foundations of Absolutism

AN05_Philosophical Foundations of Absolutism

Timeline: 16th – 18th C.

FS: How did philosophy support Absolutism?

Main Idea

During a time of religious and economic instability, monarchs ruled with a strong hand. 740 more words