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Book review: The Emperor, by Ryszard Kapuściński

THE EMPEROR : downfall of an autocrat, by Ryszard Kapuściński. Translated from Polish by William R. Brand and Katarzyna Mroczkowska-Brand. New York: Vintage, 1983. 293 more words


When atheists forget about their hypocrisy

You might be a fundamentalist atheist if:

137. You assert that there is no absolute categories of good and evil, that all morals are merely personal, social and evolutionary constructs but then you can still describe Christians and Christianity as absolutely immoral, repugnant and evil and a danger to humanity and not feel even a twinge of hypocrisy at the monumental illogic of your position.

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A Voice in Your Head

All of us have wondered, at some point in our lives: “Who decides what is right or wrong?” Frankly speaking, there’s no way to tell for sure where or when the first concepts of morality arose, but we can all agree that it is a facet of our lifestyle that hangs over us every day; affecting us so profoundly that our actions and behaviour are modified by it. 578 more words


The way is a situated ethics.

However, the Absolute cannot be Absolutely rejected.

A Jaunt into Philosphy 3: Absolutism vs. Relativism

Here’s my third attempt at philosophy. This one on absolutism vs. relativism.

Can it be determined that some actions are right and other actions wrong?  Can one culture’s traditions be morally inferior to that of another?  457 more words


The dangers of devout faith

Religion is a force for all good that has come to this world.

Religion is a force for all bad that has come to this world. 594 more words


Situation Ethics

Hello, hello! Long time no see! The only excuse I have for not posting in over a year is that I’ve been lazy. I just finished my first year of university (which was hectic), but still, the main reason I haven’t posted is because I am an unbelievably lazy person (like seriously…I once started learning Russian because I couldn’t be bothered to do a piece of homework. 1,240 more words