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Perception Determines Reality

In just reading the title you might gasp and think that I have turned into a Relativist. Fear not though as I remain an Absolutist. That does not mean I suggest that all things be weighed the same but more on that some other time. 874 more words

Is it wrong to pass incremental pro-life laws?

Pro-life debater Scott Klusendorf summarizes a recent debate between a pro-life incrementalist and a pro-life abolitionist. An incrementalist is a pro-lifer who wants to pass laws that save lives right now, while still working for a full ban on abortion. 921 more words



I decided to start with this piece from the original site. It was written in 2009 while I was in the UAE and has been posted in its original form. 704 more words


Day 20: Why am I a sinner?

Acknowledging that you are a helpless sinner is a must step to believe in God. But I, again, find myself troubled with the notion. Yes, I sound arrogant and I am arrogant. 259 more words

A vision into Versailles extravagance and Coppola's film

“Let them eat cake” is a quote attributed to Marie Antoinette, the queen that was able to evocate the same feeling among the French Court and the People: hate. 373 more words


righteousness vs wrongness

Righteousness: can you be righteous if you don’t believe in moral absolutism? Is the antonym wrongness? Should i have used bold or italics for emphasis? 13 more words

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