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The dangers of devout faith

Religion is a force for all good that has come to this world.

Religion is a force for all bad that has come to this world. 594 more words


Situation Ethics

Hello, hello! Long time no see! The only excuse I have for not posting in over a year is that I’ve been lazy. I just finished my first year of university (which was hectic), but still, the main reason I haven’t posted is because I am an unbelievably lazy person (like seriously…I once started learning Russian because I couldn’t be bothered to do a piece of homework. 1,240 more words


Justifying Tradition

Tradition plays a large role in the everyday life of the people I teach and interact with here in Panjakent. Often, when I ask about why something is a certain way—from holidays and history to division of labor and raising children—the answer is more often than not “Because it is our tradition.” My follow-up question: “Well, why is it a tradition?” leaves students and others baffled; traditions exist a priori. 1,357 more words


Nope I don't... No, thank you! Thanks for asking, not at this current life incarnation..

Yup I told them …

I don’t want a dog…I’ve had a childhood dog! been there done that.

No no ..it was like i was volunteering… 212 more words


Catching up..an Addiction

Hello fellow Blogtopians 

I miss you.

I haven’t had the energy to write any paragraphs or extended prose.

The truth is….

I suffer from an addiction, newly acquired. 64 more words


Fiscal Military States in Early Modern Europe

According to Nicholas Henshall, historians have long misinterpreted the term “absolutism.”  The term “absolutism” emerged after the fall of the ancien regime and came to describe “a highly centralized and despotic government ruled by an all-powerful monarch authority extended to all parts of the realm and was not subjected to any constitutional, aristocratic, or legal constraints.” (Dunning and Smith, “Moving Beyond Absolutism,” 2006.) For Henshall, this approach is no longer tenable and he argues that “absolutism” in fact never existed – it was a myth.  1,939 more words