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'Brother and Sister'

Just wanted to include these two images of our Kaden and his sister Megan. It is rare that they get to spend a bit of brother sister time together without the interference of the one and only ‘Mad Harri’ 331 more words


Does It Get Any Better?

I have been posting a lot lately, and for that I apologize — I am not usually so self-absorbed, but am new to my PTSD diagnosis and mostly without support, so I am struggling to get by. 70 more words

five minutes

I set a timer this morning,

a widget to remind as I write.

That was five minutes?

No wonder my pot boils dry.

~ Swann Lavender



As I slowly burn my hands away

Dear fractured heart,
do not fall in love,
For it will bring out the Sun and warm you forever
or axe you into splinters; 63 more words


Selfie Stick, breakthrough in photography or herald of the end of humanity?

I can’t decide.

“Excuse me,  can you take a picture of me/us?”

We’ve all said it, wanting to have the entire party in the picture, or wanting to be in the picture with the scenery or activity,  instead of having a picture just of scenery or activity. 310 more words


to be wholly absorbed

to be wholly absorbed
the bliss of being one

lost in eyes
in a kiss
or an embrace
deep in thought
felt emotion
willed action… 57 more words


Observe but bot absorbed

To observe means we take a new, appropriate mental position in whatever situation, or in whatever relationship, we find ourselves.Observation is a silent skill — a skill we need to learn if we are to assess clearly what positive changes are needed to be made in the self in a particular situation or relationship.  247 more words