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You Are Clearly Not a Drinker

Pregnancy in the early months is sort of strange. A lot is happening but you don’t feel any fun stuff, just weird things like your organs being in new places or your uterus growing. 943 more words

Never Never Land

Part of the Union? - What should socialists argue in the EU referendum?

Can socialists take a principled position in relation to the EU referendum on 23 June, or should we wish ‘a plague on both your houses’? 2,438 more words


Trying To Fight An Addiction?

Addictions of any kind are unhealthy. Let’s see… There are sexual addictions, drug addictions, alcohol addictions, attention-seeking addictions, biting addictions, etc. Some people have addictions that you would never believe existed. 672 more words

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War of the Five Kings

Elections are going to be held on Monday here in the Philippines. I for one am quite excited because it means that I can visit my Facebook timeline without seeing a politics-related post. 84 more words



Acts 15:22-35

It is exciting to see what the Holy Spirit is doing in this world. There are men and women who are starting to believe in Jesus Christ. 926 more words


Eating Blood (1 of 2)

Q. I like my steak rare. I also enjoy “pig red” (pig’s blood) congee. But Gen 9:4 says “Only you shall not eat flesh with its life, that is, its blood.” So can Christians eat blood? 384 more words


Sex For Sale in the Catholic Church

Before you jump on my seemingly ferocious attack and suggestive title that Catholicism is pimping out someone for some weird and new purpose, let me say it’s not what you think. 2,324 more words