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What Does "Abstain From All Appearance Of Evil" Mean To You?

I Thessalonians 5:22 contains an interesting little verse that does not receive anywhere near the attention that it deserves. It says that the Christian is to, 49 more words


Another Patriot Player Refuses To Visit White House

Two more Patriots players are refusing to visit the White House to be congratulated by President Trump on their victory.

From Mic:

“I’m not going to the White House,” the Patriots’ Devin McCourty told 

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Getting by

On a sigh

I do deny

Myself my

Failure takes

Me one step closer

To the station

Of my truth


©K Barr

News is bad for you – and giving up reading it will make you happier | Media | The Guardian

News is bad for you. It leads to fear and aggression. It hinders your creativity and makes you sick. We should stop consuming it, says Rolf Dobelli, who’s abstained for years… 18 more words

Fox News

The Spirit in Our Life #986

19  Do not quench the Spirit. 20  Do not despise prophecies. 21  Test all things; hold fast what is good. 22  Abstain from every form of evil. 165 more words

2017: The Year to Abstain!

As a child the words of Paul were given to me as a guide.  Wanting to see the world and experience its fruit, the explore the world with all 5 senses made much sense, but lacked wisdom.  393 more words


Taqwā and its Benefits

By Hadrat Mawlānā Muhammad Saleem Dhorat hafizahullāh

After the passing of Ramadān, it is important that we remind ourselves of the most important lesson the blessed month left us with, that of bringing Taqwā into our lives and doing our utmost to hold fast to it, until we breathe our last. 1,352 more words

Shaykh Saleem Dhorat