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Carrying On

I don’t want to read anything.  It’s all just become words on a page, or on a screen, and can only catch my eye for a few moments before all interest flickers away.   152 more words


Virginity in the 21st Century Who Wants the title “VIRGIN MARY?”

It seems that today being a virgin is taboo. Young folks are losing virginity as early as at twelve. Most disturbing is the fact that young children are engaging in sexual activities at the first stage of puberty which they are transitioning from being toddlers. 952 more words

Why buy the cow when you get the milk for free?

But really? We all know that most guys aren’t all that interested in commitment or marriage, they usually just feel obligated to move to the next step after time goes by.   111 more words


33 Day Challenge - Day 4

I’m a little behind on my daily posts. So excuse me while I throw 4 or 5 at you over the next few days.

Day 4… 927 more words

Happiness Is...

33 Day Challenge - Day 2 and 3 Recap

Day 2

Tonight while we watched Kardashians, Mum had a glass of wine. She got up at one point to go into the kitchen and I quickly leaned over and smelled it. 1,242 more words


33 Day Challenge - Day 1

This morning Coby and I started our 33 days off the alcohol. There is a small possibility that with the amount we consumed over the weekend, we may still have traces in our system even towards the end of the challenge ;) safe to say we got in our fill before abstaining. 72 more words

Happiness Is...

Becoming A Teetotaler

      Recently, I decided to become a teetotaler. A person who abstains from alcohol. There is a major reason for this change in my life.

      First off, let me say that my favorite alcohol drink would be wine. 335 more words